Kyle Gonyou, M.PL. '12

Kyle Gonyou

Kyle describes his work as “change management,” helping to balance the conservation of the community’s 6000 protected heritage properties with the natural growth and development of the city.

“We are conserving the resources we value as a community,” says Kyle, “not just isolated buildings, but landscapes and neighbourhoods.”

He explains that heritage designation for a property must address one of three criteria: physical or design value, historical or associative value, or contextual value.

In London for instance, many of the city’s heritage designated properties are built of “buff brick,” a soft yellow brick common in communities across Southwestern Ontario. London also boasts some excellent examples of early Regency properties, such as Eldon House.

Much of Kyle’s time is spent advising individual property owners making upgrades and repairs to their properties. He also works with municipal officials on long-term planning for the community’s Heritage Conservation Districts. His career advice for MPL students wanting to get into the field? Attend city council meetings and look for volunteer opportunities on municipal advisory committees. It’s a great way to get hands-on experience in the field of municipal planning.