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The Department of Philosophy Colloquium Series is pleased to present

Olivia Bailey, Harvard University

In Defense of Empathy: The Value of Humane Understanding

Critics of empathy argue that we must reject the commonsense conception of empathy as essential to virtuous social life. They contend that empathy runs the risk of enhancing dangerous moral myopia and provincialism, and they suggest that the goods empathy seemed fit to secure for us– knowledge of others' inner lives, judgment of others' emotions, altruistic motivation– are all available through less risky means. In response, I argue that this criticism overlooks empathy's most significant and interesting feature: it is the unique source of a particular form of understanding, which I will call humane understanding. Humane understanding of others is an epistemic good that is non-instrumentally morally valuable. Achieving this form of understanding is itself a way of caring, rather than just a means to promote other caring behavior.

Thursday, January 25, 4:00 pm, Watson Hall 517


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In Defense of Empathy: The Value of Humane Understanding

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