Department of Philosophy



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Graduate Students


Omar Bachour  Moral and Political Philosophy, Marxist Theory
Derek Beamer    
Parish Bhumgara Animal Ethics, Legal and Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy
Joe Breidenstein History of Philosophy and Spirituality, Philosophy of Time
Jeremy Butler    
Johanna Chalupiak    
Owen Clifton    
Frédéric Coté-Boudreau Animal Ethics, Political & Moral Philosophy, Disability Studies
Alexander Cousins    
Harry Critchley    
Torin Doppelt Early Modern (Spinoza), Philosophy and Scientific Method(s)
William Egri    
Tracey Hamilton Animal Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Moral Theory
Sung Jun Han Metaethics, Political Philosophy, Ethics, History of Political Thought
Brennen Harwood    
Arthur Hill    
Thomas Hipkin Political Philosophy, Distributive Justice, Public Reason
Jared Houston Political Philosophy, Climate Change
Lesley Jamieson Moral philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Education
Emily Claire Kotow    
Joshua Landry Bioethics, Clinical Ethics
Kathryn Lawson Indian Philosophy, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Philosophy of Religion, Eastern thought, Continental Philosophy
Michael Luoma Political and Legal Philosophy
Heather MacDonald    
Mary MacDonald    
Stefan Macleod Distributive justice and Egalitarianism, Ethics and Meta-ethics
William Maidment    
Jacquelyn Maxwell    
Curtis Miller    
Jonas Monte    
Josephine Nielsen Children’s Rights, Social & Political Philosophy, Reproductive Ethics, Feminist Philosophy
Heather Poechman    
Hiram Poisot Cervantes    
Arjun Sawhney    
Timothy Skulstad-Brown    
Stephanie Smith Political and Legal Philosophy
Phil Smolenski Political Philosophy, Liberalism, Rawls, Public Reason
Nga-Yin (Agnes) Tam Animal Ethics, Political Philosophy, Social Epistemology, Pragmatism
Aidan Tamasauskas    
Michael Tremblay Ancient Philosophy (Stoicism), Virtue Ethics, Moral Education​
Krista Videchak Multiculturalism, Justice, Applied Ethics, Race Theory, Feminism
Ryan Wilcox    
Hannah Williams Animal Ethics, Critical Social Theory, Political Philosophy
John Woolaver