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Welcome to the School of Religion

Religion plays a major role in shaping and influencing various cultures and historical and political movements around the world.  Thus, understanding religious traditions and their impact on diverse modern issues is vital preparation for building a career in the global marketplace.

The School of Religion at Queen's University offers three-and four-year undergraduate programs in Religious Studies, as well as a twelve month Masters of Arts in Religious Studies.

Religious Studies involves examining the history of religious traditions, comparing the ideas and values of different religious systems, and understanding the place and function of religion in society.  Students of Religion investigate why people are religious, where religion comes from, and how it should be defined and understood.

Religious Studies gives students opportunities to interact with many different local, regional and global issues.

Picture of Theological Hall in spring

Queen's University is situated on traditional Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe territory.

Theological Studies

On 3 November, 2015, the Senate of Queen's University voted to close the Theology programs in the School of Religion. These programs are no longer offered by the School of Religion.