Accessing Exam Accommodations

Questions about quiz, test, or exam accommodations? Access assessment accommodations on Ventus.
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QSAS Intake Guide

Registration opens for fall 2023 accommodations
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noteQ is a newly created peer note sharing service to support students
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Queen's Student Accessibility Services (QSAS)

Queen's Student Accessibility Services (QSAS), in collaboration with instructors and staff, is committed to supporting students with disabilities as they pursue their academic goals. Through encouraging the use of well-implemented Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in combination with individualized academic accommodations, QSAS seeks to work with students and our university stakeholders to remove disability related academic barriers. Learn more about QSAS Vision & Mission.


Academic Accommodations

Outlines various accommodations

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Documentation Criteria

Requirements for registering and verification forms

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Accommodation Management System

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