This is a management system that allows students, instructors, Queen’s Student Accessibility Services (QSAS), and other University stakeholders to communicate easier about accommodations for students with disabilities.

Visual Guide to Registering with QSAS in Ventus

New students should start by following steps on how to register with QSAS.

If you need help navigating the new Ventus Student Portal, visit the support page.


Access Ventus

If you need further assistance or have a technical question, please email us directly.

Classroom (teaching) accommodations

These remove barriers to help students navigate essential classroom.  Once you have applied your classroom accommodations, your instructor(s) will be able to see your approved accommodations in Ventus.

  1. Login to Ventus
  2. Go to “Courses” tab on the navigation bar
  3. Select desired academic term within the drop-down menu and press “Go”
  4. Select desired course from the course list
  5. Select accommodations to apply to the chosen course
    • For first-year students or students not familiar with the needs of the course, it is recommended to apply all accommodations to the class
  6. Press “Apply” to apply all selected accommodations to the chosen course

Assessment (quiz, test, exam) accommodations

Your instructor(s) submits assessment information into Ventus which means you will receive an email notification when an exam has been added. All timed assessment accommodations (quizzes, tests, and exams) will be automatically applied however, not all quizzes, tests, and exams will appear in Ventus.

If a quiz, test, or exam does not appear in Ventus at least 14 days in advance, it means that the quiz, test, or exam will be held in the class and your instructor will provide your accommodations. Speak with your instructor if you have questions about accommodations for quizzes, tests, or exams not appearing in Ventus.

If you choose not to write a quiz, test, or exam in the Exams Office using your accommodations, you must opt-out of the accommodation at least 10 days prior to an assessment. 

  1. Login to Ventus
  2. Go to Assessments on the navigation bar.
  3. Located under Assessments I'm writing with Accommodations you can view your upcoming assessments that have been added by your instructor or the Exams Office.
  4. Click on the red Withdraw button for the assessment you want to opt-out.
  5. Read and click the blue OK button to confirm that you wish to withdraw from taking the assessment with accommodations.
  6. The assessment will now appear as cancelled under Status column.

Find a step-by-step video of this process on the Ventus Support page.

If you are unable to write an assessment for reasons related to your disability (e.g., a flare or exacerbation in symptoms), refer to the QSAS Deferral Process.  If you will not be attending your scheduled accommodated assessment, you must cancel your assessment in Ventus at least 24 hours in advance of the start time.  

You can make changes to your assessment accommodations in Ventus, as long as they are made at least 10 days prior to the assessment date. If you want to add accommodations to your current accommodation plan, please book an appointment with your Accessibility Advisor using the “Book Now” button on your Ventus profile. Your ability to change your assessment accommodations depends on the amount of time between your appointment and the assessment.

Find additional information on assessment accommodations in Ventus.