Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Services

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Health Promotion

The Neil Rossy and Gregory David Health Promotion Hub is a student-focused service that aims to support and improve student health and well-being. Professional staff, volunteers and student staff work to foster knowledge and skills and the policy and environmental supports to help students engage in safer and healthier lifestyles.

  • Need Help Changing a Health Habit?  Book a remote Healthy Lifestyle Appointment

    Professional staff are offering remote Healthy Lifestyle Appointments for any Queen's student who needs help changing a health habit.  Find out more and book your appointment online.

  • Your go to source for health and wellness information

    Find us on social @QueensUBeWell on Facebook & Twitter + @queensuniversitybewell on Instagram!

  • Stuck at Home? How to make the best of social distancing

    Find ways to make the best of social distancing, helpful lower back exercises, a good breakfast cookie recipe and more in the March 2020 issue of CampusWELL.

To help students while studying and working remotely, we will be posting daily wellness tips on various health topics plus sharing links to relevant articles on our social media (@QueensUBeWell on Facebook and Twitter + @queensuniversitybewell on Instagram).  If you want more information, check out the categories below: 

Community Connection
Credible Sources
Healthy Eating
Mental Fitness
Physical Activity