Health Insurance

For Canadian Students

Canadians returning from abroad or new permanent residents need to visit Service Canada with proof of status to get the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

Permanent residents of Ontario will have provincial health insurance coverage called Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Learn more about the OHIP including who qualifies, how to apply, and access the registration form.

Canadian students from outside Ontario are usually covered under their own provincial plans, but be aware that regulations vary. Some provinces/territories require students to submit a letter of acceptance from the university and proof of registration for the current year to receive continued health insurance coverage.

Review the coverage you will have while in Ontario:

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

Students who are not covered under a Canadian Provincial or Territorial Health Insurance plan, including international students and exchange students, are required to have UHIP coverage.

For more information about the enrolment process, visit the UHIP page on the QUIC website

Your UHIP card should be printed and kept accessible as it must be presented to receive medical care at Student Wellness Services, another medical clinic, or hospitals.

Services Not Covered by Health Insurance 

See Price List for Uninsured Services for associated costs.

If you need documents for the following, these are considered a "third-party request" and are not covered:

  • Employment
  • Government legislation
  • Health club, association, or camp
  • Insurance
  • License
  • University admission

Supplementary Health and Dental Plan

Queen's students are automatically enrolled into a supplementary health insurance plan that provides partial coverage for health, vision, dental, and travel.

Supplementary health insurance plans are administered by Queen’s Student Associations:

Opting Out of the Supplementary Health & Dental Plan 

If you have proof of coverage under another plan (not including basic Canadian Provincial/Territorial Health Insurance or UHIP), you can opt out of the supplementary health and dental plan. Opting out will have the fee removed from your fee assessment.

Fall term students can opt out during the Change-of-Coverage Period in September.

  • Undergraduate students, please refer to the AMS website for details
  • Graduate students, please refer to the SGPS website for details