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Thank you for participating in the Spring 2021 U-Flourish Survey!

Stay tuned for initial results and updates! To learn more about our survey findings, visit our student survey page.

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About us

We are a multi-disciplinary group of researchers based at Queen’s and partnering with Queen's Student Wellness to understand how best to support student well-being and mental health.

In September 2018, we began the U-Flourish Student Well-being and Academic Success Study to understand why some first-year students flourish while others do not. Since, we have heard back from thousands of undergraduate and graduate continue to invite these students to participate in our yearly Fall and Winter semester follow-up surveys. Building on this success, U-Flourish has grown to examine how digital resources can improve student well-being and the efficacy of student mental health care. We've also developed a for-credit course available to Queen's students with an optional, evaluative, research component. This course focuses on the different aspects of mental health and seeks to improve student mental health literacy among those who enrol in it.

More recently, the survey study has expanded to include all interested undergraduate and graduate students across programs and years. As well, we have launched new projects relying on digital technology to provide self-guided well-being resources and enhance care for students presenting to Student Health Services with anxiety and depression. We have also guided the creation of a new online elective course available to all undergraduates across programs aimed at improving mental health awareness and positive health behaviour.



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For more information about the U-Flourish Student Well-being Research, please feel free to contact the U-Flourish team at flourish@queensu.ca.

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The U-Flourish has been continuously funded by grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Rossy Family Foundation. We thank the following campus and community partners for providing FLEX credit and food incentives for the student engagement campaign: Queen's University's Division of Student Affairs and Domino's Pizza, respectively.  We also thank all Queen's University Professors, Departments, and student groups that have supported the U-Flourish’s student engagement campaigns.

For the development of the Digital Well-Being Platform, Online Mental Health Course, and integration of digital resources into student care pathways at Student Health Services, we have received funding from the Mach-Gaensslen Foundation.