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"Your success, your well-being"

IDIS 199: The Science of Well-Being, Mental Health, & Resiliency is an online, for-credit course offered as an elective through the Bachelor of Health Sciences Program. The course aims to improve students' understanding of the determinants of mental health and well-being and the importance of success at university. The course includes an optional research component, intended to evaluate the acceptability and effectiveness of the course in supporting student well-being through improved mental health knowledge, positive health-related behavioural change, and improved emotional self-awareness. Students who participate in the research component of the course will receive an additional 2% towards their course grade up to a maximum grade of 100%.


Below are some of the topics IDIS 199 students reported they found most useful to learn about, with word size weighted by how commonly students reported them. 



Click here to view the letter of information for the optional research study component of IDIS 199: The Science of Well-Being, Mental Health, & Resiliency course.

You can enrol in this course during your assigned course enrolment period on SOLUS. To see the complete course description, click here.

If you are interested in participating in the research component of the course, you will be provided with specific instructions from the course instructor.

This course integrates evidence across disciplines including clinical neurosciences, psychology, and psychiatry, and has been designed to improve mental health knowledge and promote positive health behaviour-related change. We hope that this course will deliver universal mental health promotion to undergraduate students and provide them with the tools and knowledge needed to improve and maintain their well-being and mental health throughout their university career.


word cloud

The most important topics students reported learning from IDIS 199, weighted by frequency.


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