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Peer Wellness Coaching (PWC) is a free service for students who want to be more physically active, decrease their sedentary time and/or sleep better.  Trained coaches work 1-on-1 with students and use brief action planning strategies to help develop and achieve goals that are tailored to you.

Our Peer Wellness Coaches are trained in evidence-based models and use a strengths-based, multi-culturally aware lens in supporting you during coaching appointments.

Coaching appointments are available by phone or online (via Zoom or Microsoft TEAMS); students can choose which option suits them best when they book.

Peer Wellness Coaches do NOT provide counseling or therapy. If you are struggling with your mental health, please book mental health appointment with a healthcare professional.

All our Peer Wellness Coaches have completed specialized training and receive ongoing staff supervision.


I am in my last semester of my undergrad degree in Health Studies and Biology. Corresponding with the nature of my degree, I am very passionate about health and wellness, specifically the upstream factors or determinants that influence our health status. Outside of academics, I love photography, hiking and finding new coffee shops in Kingston!


Hi everyone, I am a third-year health sciences major. Some of my favourite hobbies include working out, cooking and playing the guitar. I am super passionate about health and wellness because it is such an essential component to living a happy life and I think that is one of the most important things.


My name is Cassidy and I am in my fourth year of undergraduate studies at Queen's University. I am doing a major in life science and minor in psychology and am planning to graduate this year in 2022. One of my favourite hobbies include swimming. I am passionate about health and wellness, especially mental health because I think that it is incredibly important to prioritize our wellbeing during a time when there are many external factors that can negatively impact our health.


Hi there! I'm a 4th year Life Sciences Majors student and I love to curl up on the couch for a good movie marathon. I'm passionate about health and wellness because having good health is pivotal to helping you achieve your dreams!


Hi, I'm Chelsea, and I'm in my 3rd year of Health Studies (Class of 2023)! I love cooking/baking, hand lettering, pole dance, and playing the trumpet. Health and wellness affect every area of life, and I am SO excited to help others to build self-confidence and self-efficacy in working toward their goals.


I'm a fifth-year biology student with a specialization in biotechnology. I've been apart of the health promotion department since my second year as a PHE and staff, I've loved learning about the different facets of health promotion. This year I am focusing on financial literacy and health with my PHE team. When I'm not doing health promotion work, I love to read, lift weights, and cook.


Hi! My name is Harrison, and I am currently studying 2nd year Health Sciences. I also work as a Peer Health Educator with Student Wellness and now a coach for our new Peer Wellness Coaching program. I believe it is important to normalize discussions around health-related challenges that we students experience and promote healthy habits that we can incorporate into our daily routines to improve overall well-being, including our mental and social health. Outside of school, I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, and trying new things!


Hi everyone! My name is Marco and I'm part of the Bachelor of Health Sciences Class of 2023. I'm from Toronto, and I love to spend my free time skiing, reading, or at the gym. I believe that health and wellness are fundamental to the success of any student and want to play my part in making the Queen's community as healthy and happy as possible. I can't wait to get to meet you all! :)


I’m a Queen’s class of 2022 Life Sciences major with a minor in psychology. In my free time I love to ski and listen to podcasts! I’m passionate about health and wellness because I believe that everyone has the right and should be given the opportunity to live in a state of well-being.


Hi! My name is Rose, I am in my 4th year at Queen's completing my Bachelor of Science in Psychology graduating this 2022. I love baking in my free time because I enjoy being creative and it helps me de-stress. Health and wellness are important to me because in our current society with growing demands and pressures I think what should come first is one's own happiness which I believe to be related directly to one's health and wellness. I am very excited to meet some of you and be in this role.


My name is Tristan and I'm in the 3rd year of my BScH with a major in psychology and a minor in health studies. I love all things outdoors and active, such as hiking, snowboarding, yoga and dance. I believe everyone can strive to achieve health and wellness to live a fulfilling life!


I am in Health Sciences (Class of 2023). My favourite hobby is cooking and I love trying new recipes! Looking forward to making connections with my peers and helping to improve wellness around campus :)

Appointment Overview

Each 10 to 30-minute appointment is a collaborative process between you and your Peer Wellness Coach.  Working with a coach will enable you set specific movement behaviour goals in the areas of light physical activity (step), moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (sweat), sedentary time (sit) and/or sleep. Your coach helps empower you to achieve your goals by identifying barriers and developing strategies to overcome them and maintain motivation.

Schedule an Appointment

Complete this online Peer Wellness Coaching appointment request form.

You will receive an outlook meeting invitation from that contains the Zoom or TEAMs link.  If you requested a phone appointment, this will be indicated in the meeting invite.

If you need to cancel or re-schedule, please decline the meeting invitation with at least 24-hour notice.

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