Prospective Trainees

Student Wellness Services offers training to practicum students, interns, and practicing professionals in the areas of clinical and counselling psychology. Priority is given to students completing their graduate degrees in the Psychology Department at Queen’s University. We offer training opportunities to students completing social work degrees, or to those from a counselling program seeking registration from the College of Registered Psychotherapists.

Professional staff provide confidential, professional counselling to all students at Queen’s University. Our services recognize and support the richness of human diversity and reflect the values of cultural, ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation differences. Trainees can expect a diverse caseload that will test their counselling and therapeutic skills and challenge them to new learning, including:

  • Broad client population (e.g. undergraduate, graduate, ethnic minority, international, and older returning students)
  • Presenting concerns of clients, covering the full range of diagnostic disorders and developmental issues (e.g. identity, individuation, career, relationships); with depression and anxiety among the most common
  • Focus on preventative and early interventions given that the onset of most mental illness and substance use disorders typically occurs during adolescence and early adulthood, which coincides with the very age when many students experience pressures associated with post-secondary education
  • Level of severity of client concerns is comparable to an adult outpatient population

Student Wellness Services is uniquely suited to meeting trainees’ needs to acquire both the traditional interventions aimed at remediation and those focused on development and prevention. Education and supervision of trainees/students are highly valued by Student Wellness Services staff. There is a strong commitment to offering experiences that promote expansion and consolidation of competencies, as well as integration of personal and professional development.

We provide comprehensive training including experience with intake assessment, crisis intervention, suicide risk assessment and management, brief individual counselling for a range of presenting problems and consultation, while working with a diverse student population. Trainees work as a part of a collaborative and supportive multidisciplinary team of psychologists, registered psychotherapists, and social workers.

Training and work experience in this service provides opportunities to:

  • Develop effective, culturally competent counselling skills for use in a wide range of presenting problems
  • Develop and refine therapeutic, diagnostic and risk-assessment skills
  • Acquire consultation experience
  • In some case, acquire experience in conducting groups

Training is based on a scientist-practitioner model grounded in theory and research in clinical psychology. The overall goal of the training is to provide trainees with developmental clinical training, building upon their existing knowledge and skills. Supervision is provided in the form of mentoring and exploration of issues and skills through weekly supervision sessions and guidance as needed. There are also weekly peer support meetings with counsellors which foster clinical knowledge and skills. At the end of the placement, trainees participate in evaluations as required by their educational institutions.

Basic Qualifications

  • Currently enrolled in a Ph.D. or Master’s Program in Clinical Psychology, or Counselling Psychology, leading to a title of “psychologist”
  • Completion of courses in assessment and psychopathology


  1. Provide cover letter outlining your interest in a placement here, your qualifications, and previous clinical training/experience
  2. Provide your CV including a list of courses taken
  3. Provide names of two referees who can attest to your academic/clinical skills and personal attributes

Your application will be reviewed by potential supervisors and a decision will be made subject to suitability. You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your application.

Deadlines for Applications

Please call 613-533-6000, ext. 78264 or email for information on deadlines.