SWS Staff Bios


Cynthia Gibney, BScN, MScN, RN (she/her)
Executive Director

Cynthia oversees a broad range of health, wellness and accessibility-related programs and services. She has extensive experience in the post-secondary and health care sectors and is committed to student well-being. Cynthia continues to develop positive relationships and collaborations with students, staff, faculty and sector-wide networks to enhance services and support students.


Tess Grant, OT Reg. (Ont.)
Occupational Therapist

As an occupational therapist, Tess is focused on supporting students to return to their meaningful activities. This can include completing academic tasks, cooking meals, incorporating time for leisure and so many other activities. She has a collaborative approach and uses the student's expertise to support them in meeting their goals.


Stephen McNevin, BSc MD FRCPC
Consultant Psychiatrist

I provide consultative advice to the family doctors at student wellness services I work in a collaborative care model to extend the capacity of my colleagues in providing front-line mental health care to students.


Anne Duffy, MD, FRCPC, MSc

I am an academic psychiatrist with an interest in understanding the onset of mental illness in young people and how best to support student well-being and mental health. I am also a clinical consultant for students with mental health concerns.



Amber McCart, BA, LLB, MA, RP
Senior Mental Health Counsellor

A warm hello! Everyone's mental health needs extra attention from time to time. I help students notice their strengths, challenge limiting beliefs, and develop new skills so they can successfully navigate through whatever comes their way.


Nadia Sawaya Fehr, M.A Counselling Psychology, R.P.
Embedded Residence Mental Health Therapist

Nadia works to create a safe and inclusive space for all of her clients. Trauma- informed and highly empathic, Nadia uses both person-centered and emotion focused therapies as a basis to her approach. Nadia has worked at Queen's for over 10 years and loves seeing the strength and vulnerability in each student as she walks with them on their journey. 


Solita Hoogendam, BSW, MSW, RSW
Embedded Faculty of Education Counsellor

Solita is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. She provides counselling services at Student Wellness Services as well as within the Faculty of Education. She views health and well-being from a holistic perspective and believes that one's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being are all interconnected.


Jo-ann Ferreira, BSW, RSW, M.Ed.(Counselling Psychology)
Embedded Smith School of Business Counsellor

Jo-ann brings a variety of approaches to her work, depending on what the student needs. She is trauma trained. She tends to look at the person in their environment when figuring out problems and resources/solutions. Jo-ann is from Trinidad and attended University in Canada as a foreign student. She is a dance lover!


Lisa Doxtator
Embedded Cultural Counsellor, Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre

Lisa provides individual and group counselling and offer wellness and cultural programming to Indigenous students. She values an integrative care approach that includes both Indigenous and Western approaches and acknowledges and validates Indigenous students' experiences and histories. She often use a peer-led approach and enjoy seeing the benefit of peer-led sharing circles where students can share their struggles and feel connected. Her services and our cultural programming at 4 Directions Indigenous Student Centre are open to any student who self-identifies as Indigenous, regardless of status or past connections to their culture. We aim to make 4D a safe place where all our Indigenous students at Queen's can come to participate, learn and feel supported.


Terra Sweigard, M.Ed Counselling Psychology, R.P
Embedded Residence Mental Health Therapist

Terra is an avid tv watcher and cat lover who is able to create a safe and inclusive space to explore mental health difficulties and challenges. Terra is trauma informed and works from a person-centred lens using a variety of therapeutic interventions depending on each individual. Terra loves working with students to discover their strengths and develop new skills to move through life.


Caitlin Bruce, BAA (Behavioural Psychology)

As a person who is partially sighted, and a former post-secondary student with a disability, I am passionate about accessibility and inclusion for everyone. My goal is to work collaboratively with students to understand and implement accommodations that will ensure them equal access and full participation in their studies at Queen’s.



Cristina Cardelus, BA, M.Ed

I aim to remove barriers and help you achieve your full potential. My background is in Psychology and Education, and I approach my work with compassion and understanding. I look forward to connecting with you!




I am passionate about helping students focus on their strengths and abilities, rather than on their "disabilities." I aim to build trust with students through empathy and compassion. I believe that all people with disabilities have the same right to equal opportunities.



Caroline Teske, MWS, RSW

I am a Registered Social Worker. I hold a Master of Social Work from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Arts Honours with a Major in Psychology, and a Minor in Sociology from Queen’s University. In my current role, I develop, implement, and support academic accommodation planning for students with disabilities. I strive to create an equitable and inclusive approach to education and services.


Angel Varrette, BAA (Behavioural Psychology)

My goal is to understand students’ individual set of circumstances that, without accommodation supports, would interfere with their participation in post-secondary education. I enjoy working collaboratively with students to develop a comprehensive accommodation plan that addresses their academic accessibility needs at Queen’s.



Mary Buynak, B.Ed, M.Ed

I value a respectful, kind, and compassionate approach to providing accessible services to learning. I strive to actively listen in order to understand each student’s experience and apply my background in education to create a well-rounded view of the academic needs of university students.



Jon Oosterman, BAA (Behavioural Psychology)

I aim to be a positive first point of contact for students who are looking to register for academic accommodations at Queen’s, connecting students with advisors and other resources to help them be successful at university. I believe in the equitable access to university education and all its supports.



Alan Jeans, B.Ed, M.Ed

I value education and learning. As a former teacher, I have witnessed many students develop and grow their confidence, their sense of empowerment, and their self-assurance through engaging with the education and learning process. I believe that the ability to develop confidence, feel empowered, and become self-assured should be equally available and accessible to all. This is what motivates me to do the work that I do.


Monique Dubé, B.Ed, M.Ed

I am a passionate educator who strongly believes in equity and inclusion for students with disabilities. I provide support to students with disabilities by assessing their individual disability related needs, addressing their concerns, and recommending accommodations that remove barriers present in academic settings. I enjoy working collaboratively with students to help them reach their learning potential and experience equal access to learning environments.


Deb Bruce, BA, B.Ed

I aim to provide a welcoming and non-judgmental space for students to share their disability-related needs, experiences, ideas, and concerns. My goal is to provide individualized support that not only removes existing barriers to learning, but also elevates the overall experience of students with disabilities at Queen’s. I work closely with the Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre, and recognize the impacts of race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, and gender identity on a student’s experience of their disability.


Ellen Babb, BA (Psych)

As an Advisor, I help students build an accommodation plan to meet their individual needs, as well as understand and implement their accommodations. My background is in Developmental Psychology, and I have always been passionate about increasing equity and inclusivity in educational settings.



Melissa O'Meara, BAA (Behavioural Psychology)

My aim is to assist students to equalize learning and educational experiences. My goal is to help promote confidence and inclusion for students with disabilities. Connecting students with an advisor and other resources empowers their independence by creating individualized accommodations to their specific needs. With compassion, empathy, and trust, I continue to work collaboratively to advocate and educate others and decrease gaps and barriers.


Hilary Marshall, BA, M.Ed

My goal is to help make education a more inclusive space for all those who want to learn. I believe that everyone deserves equal access to learning opportunities. Throughout the intake process, I aim to provide students accessing QSAS with the resources they need to meet their goals.


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Erin Burns, BAH Health Studies, DIPA Certificate

As a graduate of Health Studies and Physical Activity and Disability Studies from Queen's University, Erin is a passionate advocate for public health, upstream health solutions, and health equity. With years of experience in various roles within Health Promotion, she has honed her skills in project and program management, volunteer coordination, and marketing and communications. These skills allows her to help students pursue their goals and be well at Queen's.

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Beth Blackett, BKin, MA

Beth has always been passionate about taking an upstream approach and looking at how our physical and social environments impact well-being. When it comes to supporting someone who wants to make a health behaviour change, she takes a strengths-based approach to meet students where they are at in that particular moment. She is particularly interested in mental and physical health promotion and the intersectionality between all domains of wellness.

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Riley Walker, BAH

Riley Walker is the Peer Health Outreach Coordinator at Health Promotion. She is passionate about increasing autonomy and knowledge of health and wellness information to students at Queen’s, as our wellness interacts and impacts all dimensions of our lives.