QSAS Vision & Mission


A universally inclusive and accessible educational experience that fosters independence and autonomy for all students with disabilities.


We cultivate accessibility and inclusivity by:

  • Providing opportunity for students to cultivate autonomy, confidence, and self-advocacy skills
  • Developing ongoing partnerships with students, faculty and staff


QSAS seeks to support and empower students experiencing disability related barriers to access and fully participate in their own educational experience. We do this by providing educational supports to students based on their first-person experience of disability and as well as supporting documentation.

What QSAS does do:

  • Work with students and/or their documentation to put accommodations in place that remove barriers to accessing education
  • Develop long term plans to support students in their academics
  • Create Letters of Accommodations
  • Support student navigation of the accommodation system

What QSAS does not do:

  • QSAS does not provide crisis or emergency counselling to students
  • QSAS does not advocate for students on Academic Appeals
  • QSAS does not advocate for Incomplete, Aegrotat, or Credit Standing status for students


QSAS Values