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  • Congratulations to our graduates! Laura Manning (BAH), Stacie Cox (MA), Abigail Curlew (MA), Jenny Ko (MA), Dominic Kucharski (MA), Megha Rao (MA), Brandon Rodrigues (MA), and Santana Stallberg (MA).

  • CTV National Network News: Security concerns facing Olympic Games in South Korea. Dr. Murakami Wood discussed the upcoming Games and how the security will work on CTV's Your Morning.

  • Congratulations to Ashley Hoskin on being recognized as a Rising Scholar in the field of sexuality by The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS)!

  • National Observer: Don't be fooled: racists’ calls for freedom of speech is a total ruse.In her op-ed, Dr. Levine-Rasky the extremists deploy “freedom of speech” as a trick to recruit people and to galvanize a mainstream audience. Do not be fooled by it.

  • Congratulations to Queen’s Sociology PhD student Ashley DePaola on the 2017 Doctoral SSHRC!

  • Congratulations to David Lyon who has been awarded the 2017 Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision by the School of Graduate Studies. The application supported by his students pointed to his achievements as a researcher as well as a graduate student mentor.