Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)
Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)

2017-2018 Strategic Research Plan Renewal Process

For more information about the SRP Renewal process, please visit the 2017 Strategic Research Plan Renewal page.


    2012-2017 Strategic Research Plan

    Guiding Our Future

    In May 2012, Queen’s Senate approved the 2012-2017 Strategic Research Plan (SRP). The SRP identifies four thematic foci that represent core and emerging research strengths through which researchers from across disciplines will contribute to discovery, new insights, and creative works. The abridged Queen's Strategic Research Plan 2012-2017 (pdf, 5.3MB) provides an overview of the SRP, which has been adapted for web on the pages in the menu on the left.

    Through research and scholarship, we will enrich the academic environment, transform the student learning and post-doctoral experience, contribute to the cultural and economic growth of our country, and address many of the world’s greatest challenges.

    Strengthening Queen's Excellence:

    Facilitate collaborative and synergistic research across the University, throughout Canada, and through global partnerships.

    Establish an Institute for Advanced Research/Studies to develop dynamic and evolving programs driven by a community of scholars and researchers responding to important questions and challenges.

    Provide opportunities for students at all levels and in all academic areas to participate in research.

    Identify and develop strong leadership in key research areas.

    Four research themes reflect core and emerging strengths:

    • Exploring human dimensions
    • Creating, discovering and innovating
    • Securing safe and successful societies
    • Understanding and sustaining the environment and energy systems