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[Researchers and community members travelling on snowmobiles to Ulukhaktok]
Learning from the Land
Sarah Flisikowski
The transmission and documentation of traditional knowledge and skills is of great importance to Inuit, especially considering the continuing social, environmental, and economic changes in the Arctic. I am examining how Inuit traditional knowledge is generated and shared through a case study of an existing project in Ulukhaktok called Nunamin Illihakvia, which means "learning from the land" in Inuinnaqtun. Participants from other Inuvialuit communities were invited to travel to Ulukhaktok in February 2020 to participate in cultural activities that promoted discussion on what a cultural learning program should include. This photo shows our first trip out on Queen's Bay together.
Location of photograph:
Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories, Canada
Graduate Student, School of Environmental Studies
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