Postdoctoral Fund

The Vice-Principal Research (VPR) Postdoctoral Fund aims to attract outstanding postdoctoral fellows (PDFs) to Queen’s University and foster greater recognition of trainees as research leaders of the future. Support for PDFs and their contribution to research is an objective of the University’s Strategic Framework and advances research excellence at the University.

The fund provides two years of salary support for up to six (6) PDFs, per competition, who will hold a postdoctoral fellowship at Queen’s University. Each award is valued at $50,000 each year of the funding period for a total of $100,000 per recipient.

The PhD must be complete at the start of the Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Postdoctoral Fund Application intake dates for 2023:

February 28 (CLOSED) and May 1, 2023*

  These are two separate intake deadlines.
A typical postdoctoral fellow start date is July 1.



Applications will come from Queen’s faculty members who will then support PDFs through a newly created research fund. Applications will be assessed on the following three criteria:

  • Quality of the training environment (e.g., training strategy, research facilities, success of past trainees, strategy for diverse recruitment of trainees, access to development opportunities, availability of external research funds to support research activities of the postdoctoral trainee).
  • Quality of the postdoctoral research proposal (e.g., potential for new knowledge, feasibility, equity/diversity/inclusion in research design and practice).
  • Preparation of the postdoctoral fellow for the proposed research (e.g., success in past degrees, research experience, excellence in research output and impact for career stage).

Co-Supervision is encouraged. This includes co-supervision across Faculties. Faculty members who wish to co-supervise a PDF must identify lead administrative Faculty.

VPR Postdoctoral Fund Selection Committee 

Applications will be reviewed by the VPR Postdoctoral Fund Selection Committee, which includes the following members:

  • Deputy/Associate Vice-Principal Research (Chair)
  • Dean of the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (or delegate)
  • Three (3) Queen’s faculty members with experience in postdoctoral supervision
  • Associate Vice-Principal Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion (or delegate)
  • Two (2) Queen’s postdoctoral fellows

The Selection Committee will make recommendations for funding to the Vice-Principal Research.

How to apply? 

A complete application has four elements:

  1. Up to three pages of text prepared by the Queen’s faculty member(s) that addresses the three adjudication criteria:
    • quality of the training environment
    • quality of the postdoctoral research proposal
    • and preparation of the postdoctoral fellow for the proposed research. 
  2. The proposed postdoctoral fellow’s Curriculum Vitae (supplied to the faculty member(s) who submits as part of the VPR PDF application).
  3. The postdoctoral fellow’s research proposal (supplied to the faculty member(s) who submits as part of the VPR PDF application) Maximum 2 pages in length.
  4. Two letters of recommendation (requested by the proposed postdoctoral fellow, supplied to the faculty member(s) who submits as part of the VPR PDF application). 

All files must be uploaded in PDF format.


  For questions please email