Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowships (USSRF)

As part of a pilot program to support undergraduate research at Queen’s, the USSRF program will be expanded for 2023 to support more students and research disciplines. Please be patient as we finalize guidelines and contact information.  Interested applicants should contact potential supervisors and/or departments to learn about the process for submitting and reviewing applications.

Please contact Traci Allen if you require further guidance. See also Program Guidelines, section 7 for Faculty/Department contacts.

New for 2023:

USSRF has been expanded with up to 100 fellowships available (+ 4 projects at Bader College). Projects in any discipline are eligible. We encourage students and supervisors to start discussing projects today!

Additional updates:

  • USSRF projects (Kingston campus) are for 16-weeks at full-time work (8-weeks from May to June at Bader College )
  • The fellowship value has been increased to $9800 (+ vacation pay and fringe benefits)
  • In response to new Tri-Agency funding for Black scholars: USSRF applicants self-identifying as a Black student may be eligible for an Undergraduate Student Research Award instead of USSRF. Please see USRA page for more information.
  • Supervisors (Kingston campus) may support and be awarded more than one USSRF. (no longer limited to one application and project per supervisor)
  • Students who have already submitted a NSERC USRA application may not need to also submit a USSRF application. Please speak with your USRA Departmental contact for more information.

Program Guidelines

View 2023 guidelines


View program FAQs

Application Resources:

Bader College projects are proposed by the supervisor and students choose between the following projects:

Projects Project Titles Supervisors Project Descriptions
Project 1 Generation of exact capillary surface stability curves using elliptic functions Matthew Haynes   View Project 1 Descriptions (PDF 125 KB)
Project 2 Banish the Backlog: Bexhill Museum’s pre-1930’s hat collection Ruth M. Cereceda   View Project 2 Descriptions (PDF 119 KB)
Project 3 Spider Capital – assessing neoliberal economics in Marvel’s Spiderverse Robert Hyland   View Project 3 Descriptions (PDF 130 KB)
Project 4 Learning Theory Project Anna Taylor   View Project 4 Descriptions (PDF 137 KB)

Please speak with your USRA Departmental contact for more information (see Program Guidelines, section 7)


Project Resources: 

Queen’s University Library can help support you in your research, including helping to publish your poster, presentation, publication or data. 

For library support contact  RDM.library@queensu.ca

Please direct enquiries to:

Help Desk Analyst/Trainer - Research Services   allent@queensu.ca   Available on Microsoft Teams for chat, audio or video call (search for Traci Allen)  Support offered: Provides support for Romeo, and general support inquiries Provides training for the research community for Romeo Awards and Certifications (Ethics and Biohazards) modules

Traci Allen

Research Program Coordinator


(final research posters included when available)

Previous Fellowship Awardees