Research Prizes & Awards

At Queen's, we actively promote the success of our researchers by helping them attract competitive awards. 

There are a variety of award "types" available:

  • Internal awards offered through Queen's, including the Prizes for Excellence in Research
  • External awards offered through the tri-council granting agencies and other national or international organizations,
  • Disciplinary, and interdisciplinary awards

Some award competitions solicit institutional nominations by invitation only, and others limit the number of nominations that may be put forward from the university. A variety of nominations are open.

While our primary goal is the submission of these types of awards, we will offer advice and assistance whenever possible to individual departments in the submission of nomination packages for disciplinary prizes.

Note: for information regarding applications for research grants, please contact Research Services.

The Queen’s National Scholar (QNS) program was first established in 1985, with the objective to “enrich teaching and research in newly developing fields of knowledge as well as traditional disciplines.” 

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The Queen's Research Opportunities Funds (QROF) represent a strategic investment in areas of institutional research strength that provide researchers and scholars opportunities to accelerate their programs and research goals. 

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Queen's University researchers have an enviable history of garnering prestigious awards and lead the country in awards per faculty.

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Mona Rahman

Mona Rahman

Research Awards Officer


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