Research Data Management at Queen’s

Well-managed research data is increasingly recognized as an international best practice and as contributing to the reach and impact of research. In March 2021, the Tri-Agency adopted a policy  to promote wise practices of research data management (RDM).

The policy includes three pillars:

A gradual implementation of each pillar is underway.

As a pilot, data management plans (DMP) will be required  for all applications to the five Tri-Agency grants listed below in 2023. View DMP resources.


  • Network Grants in Skin Health, Bone Health and Muscular Dystrophy 
  • Virtual Care/Digital Health Team Grants 
  • Data Science for Equity 


  • Subatomic Physics Discovery Grants (individual and project) 


  • Partnership Grants Stage 2

Research Services and the University Library will support the research community in the preparation of DMPs for these grant applications.

Requesting Feedback on Institutional Strategy

To develop a draft of Queen’s institutional strategy, an ad-hoc committee was created: the Research Data Management Implementation Committee (RDMIC) (please see membership below). After considering the policy, gathering information, and discussing capacity and needs for RDM at Queen’s, the RDMIC developed the first draft of Queen’s institutional strategy and is now inviting feedback from the research community. A copy of the institutional strategy draft may be viewed here.

View the draft institutional strategy


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An institutional strategy helps to articulate RDM services, infrastructure, and wise practices, and to envision the future of RDM at the institution. 

Data management plans and the deposit of research data are increasingly required for funding applications and/or journal submissions, and therefore, an understanding of RDM wise practices is essential for data stewardship, research impact and funding. 

Of note, the Tri-Agency does not mandate that data be shared. Research communities will determine what is appropriate for deposit in particular areas and disciplines of research.  

The Tri-Agency recognizes that research data created by and with First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities and organizations are managed according to research data management principles developed and approved by these communities and organizations

RDM Implementation Committee

Implementation Committee

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