Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Institutional Grant (SIG)

This funding opportunity is offered through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). 

These annual grants allow Queen’s University to fund small-scale research and research-related activities by our faculty in social sciences and humanities.

These funds are awarded through our own merit review processes and are intended to help Queen’s strengthen research excellence.

Funding is available for grants to a maximum of $7,000 (one-year grant). Funds are intended to help researchers apply for an external grant and as such it is expected that potential applicants will apply once every few years. Funding can be requested under one of the following two granting programs:

  • SSHRC Explore Grants:
    • Supporting researchers at any career stage to allow for small-scale project development or pilot work;
    • Fund student participation in projects
  • SSHRC Exchange Grants: 
    • Encourage collaboration and dissemination of research results both within and beyond the academic community through small-scale knowledge mobilization;
    • Allow researchers to attend or present at conferences to advance their careers and promote the exchange of ideas

Applications Deadline:

February 15, 2025

SIG Application Form

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SIG Guidelines

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SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG) Awardees

In February of 2024, 17 social sciences and humanities researchers working on small-scale research and research-related activities. Through this fund we were able provide a total of $112,138.79 to the 2024 awardees.

  • Ajay Agarwal (Geography and Planning)
  • Alyssa King (Law)
  • Antonia Behan (Art History)
  • Dean Burry (DAN School of Drama and Music)
  • Douglas Friesen (DAN School of Drama and Music)
  • Gregoire Webber (Law)
  • Ian Matheson (Education)
  • Jacob Brower (Smith School of Business)
  • Karen Dubinsky (Global Development Studies/History)
  • Kristin Moriah (English)
  • Meena Krishnamurthy (Philosophy)
  • Pamela Beach (Education)
  • Reena Kukreja (Global Development Studies)
  • Richard Reeve (Education)
  • Saad Chahine (Education)
  • Thomas Abrams (Sociology)
  • Tiina Kukkonen (Education)

In June of 2023, approximately $53,000 was awarded to 16 researchers for small-scale research and research-related activities.  

  • Adrienne Shannon (DAN School of Drama and Music)
  • Alana Butler (Education)
  • Amitava Chowdhury (History)
  • Benjamin Bolden (Education)
  • Brooke Linden (Health Sciences, DBMS, Rehab)
  • Craig Walker (DAN School of Drama and Music)
  • Elaheh Fata (Smith School of Business)
  • Elizabeth Baisley (Political Studies)
  • Emily Pelstring (Film and Media)
  • Karen Ye (Queen's Economics Department)
  • Kip Pegley (DAN School of Drama and Music)
  • Megan Welton (History, Classics and Archaeology)
  • Qanita Lilla (Agnes Etherington Arts Centre, Fine Arts)
  • Quinn Albaugh (Political Studies)
  • Sarah Waisvisz (DAN School of Drama and Music)
  • Scott MacKenzie (Film and Media)