Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Institutional Grant (SIG)

This funding opportunity is offered through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). 

These annual grants allow Queen’s University to fund small-scale research and research-related activities by our faculty in social sciences and humanities.

These funds are awarded through our own merit review processes and are intended to help Queen’s strengthen research excellence.

Funding is available for grants to a maximum of $7,000 (one-year grant). Funding can be requested under one of the following two granting programs:

  • SSHRC Explore Grants:
    • Supporting researchers at any career stage to allow for small-scale project development or pilot work;
    • Fund student participation in projects
  • SSHRC Exchange Grants: 
    • Encourage collaboration and dissemination of research results both within and beyond the academic community through small-scale knowledge mobilization;
    • Allow researchers to attend or present at conferences to advance their careers and promote the exchange of ideas

Applications Deadlines:

February 15, 2023
June 15, 2023
February 15, 2024

SIG Application Form

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SIG Guidelines

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SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG) Awardees

Offered through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, approximately $160,000 was awarded to 25 researchers for small-scale research and research-related activities.  

Congratulations to our SIG February deadline awardees: 

  • Cherie Metcalf (Faculty of Law) 
  • Dean Burry (DAN School of Drama and Music) 
  • Eddy Ng (Smith School of Business) 
  • Eun-Young Lee (School of Kinesiology and Health Studies) 
  • Gabriel Menotti Miglio Pinto Gonring (Film & Media) 
  • Gongtai Wang (Smith School of Business) 
  • Ishita Pande (History) 
  • Jacob Brower (Smith School of Business) 
  • Jingyu Zhang (Smith School of Business)
  • John Burge (DAN School of Drama and Music) 
  • Jordan Shurr (Faculty of Education) 
  • Joseph Kangmennaang  (School of Kinesiology and Health Studies) 
  • Kesha Fevrier (Geography and Planning) 
  • Kilian Atuoye  (Global Development Studies) 
  • Kristin Moriah (English) 
  • Lee Airton (Faculty of Education) 
  • Marian Luctkar-Flude  (School of Nursing)
  • Maxwell Hartt (Geography and Planning)
  • Michael Murphy (Political Studies)
  • Michele Morningstar (Psychology) 
  • Ming Xu (Economics) 
  • Mons Chan (Economics) 
  • Nenad Radakovic (Faculty of Education) 
  • Nicolas Lamp (Faculty of Law) 
  • Qian Zhang (Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining)