Queen's Data Champions

The Queen's Data Champions promote the use of wise research data management (RDM) practices at Queen’s University. 

Involving membership from the Centre for Advanced Computing, Information Technology Services, the Queen’s University Library and the Vice-Principal Research Portfolio, the Queen’s Data Champions (qDC) team intends to enable the research community to strengthen its ability to fulfill the requirements outlined in the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy  (2021), including data management planning and data deposit.  

The qDC team proudly acknowledges the support of funds from The Digital Research Alliance of Canada’s (the Alliance) Data Champions Pilot Project.

Our Mission 

The Queen's Data Champions (qDC) team strives to address the needs of the research community in the stewardship of research data that aligns with national and international practices and initiatives. To action this pursuit, the qDC team engages with the research community to: 

  • Build an awareness of and implement RDM "wise practices” (Calliou & Wesley-Esquimaux, 2015), through training activities and resources;  
  • Tackle identified discipline specific RDM challenges; and  
  • Contribute to a robust culture of research data management locally, regionally, and nationally.   

Foundationally, our work is guided by the following elements: 

  • Community engagement – active participation of the research community 
  • Continuity – multi-phased approach that evolves with the needs of the research community 
  • Open data - following the principle of "as open as possible, as closed as necessary" and aligning with FAIR principles and the Tri-Agency policies.  
  • Outreach – to different disciplines and research collaborations 
  • Scalability – repurpose resources for regional and national levels 

Knowledge Mobilization

Coming soon 

Coming soon 

Research Data Management Brown Bag Information Sessions


Upcoming Queen's Data Champion's Events

Meet the qDC team

Alicia Cappello

Engineering & Science Librarian, Queen’s University Library


Elise Degen

Communications & Relations, Centre for Advanced Computing


Matt Clapp

Manager, Data Platform Services, Information Technology Services


Meghan Goodchild

Research Data Management Librarian, Queen’s University Library / Scholars Portal


Rebecca Pero

Information and Project Coordinator, Vice-Principal Research Portfolio


For more information or to get involved, please contact Alicia Cappello, RDM Librarian at  alicia.cappello@queensu.ca.   

More information about the Alliance pilot project and the awardees can be found in the Data Champions Pilot Project Call .  

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Queen's Data Champions are supported in part by funding from the Digital Research Alliance of Canada. 

Calliou B, Wesley-Esquimaux C. 2015. “Chapter 1: A wise practices approach to Indigenous community development in Canada.” In Voyageur C, Brearley L,Calliou B. (eds) Restorying Indigenous Leadership: Wise Practices in Community Development. Banff, AB: Banff Centre Press.[1]