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Resources for Research at Queen’s (R4R@Q) series

R4R@Q is here to acquaint Queen's researchers with the resources and people who are here to help.

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Lifespan of a Research Grant

Navigate the lifespan of your grant

Indigenous Research

Indigenous research is conducted by or with First Nations, Inuit, Métis or other Indigenous societies and individuals while engaging with Indigenous knowledge systems in a culturally appropriate manner. 

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Integrating EDII in Research

  • Unconscious Bias & Best Practices in Peer Review
  • Researchers Preparing Grant Applications
  • Compelling ideas and resources
  • Additional Resources
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Research Integrity

  • What is research integrity?
  • Important Resources on Integrity in Research
  • Differentiating Terms
  • Additional Resources
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Research Promotion

The research promotion team at Queen’s works with faculty and students to mobilize research outputs and impact to a variety of different stakeholder groups. 

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Additional Resources

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