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Queen's Research Discovery Network (QRDN)

What is the Queen's Research Discovery Network?

The Queen's Research Discovery Network (QRDN) is a gateway for discovery of Queen's research and expertise. As a networking platform, the QRDN breaks down traditional silos on campus, facilitating interdisciplinary connections between researchers and sparking new engagements with groups in academia, industry, the media, and communities on the local, national, and international stage.

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 Build a Powerful Public Profile

 Are you an early-career researcher? 

Build your network at Queen’s, attract prospective graduate students, and find shared resources on campus to accelerate your projects!

 Are you an established researcher? 

Showcase your research and expertise, and increase your discoverability to industry, the media, local organizations, and more!

Success at TIME

Since 2017, the Translational Institute of Medicine (TIME) has leveraged a discovery network to showcase the breadth of translational research and state-of-the-art technologies at Queen’s, and to maximize opportunities for its members to collaborate and share expertise. TIME’s network will be joined with the Queen's Research Discovery Network, allowing its members to discover and connect with researchers across the university.

Translational Institute of Medicine Network Front Page

Key Features and Benefits

Depiction of how the information on a research discovery network profile is indexed and discoverable by searches of the network.

Profiles Optimized for Discovery

Automatic indexing of all profile content makes you, your research groups, and shared resources easily discoverable on the network.

Interdisciplinary Connections

View your research connections map to discover experts across the institution who share your research interests.

A map depicting the connections a researcher has with other researchers at Queen's.

The simple and streamlined interface of the CV management module of the research discovery network.

CV Management

Create and export academic or funding CVs quickly and easily, using funding CV templates with built-in error checks.

CCV Sync

Manage your Canadian Common CV (CCV) through the Queen's Research Discovery Network, enjoying a more intuitive and streamlined interface. 

Shared Resources

Browse profiles for shared resources on campus to find state-of-the-art equipment that will accelerate your projects, and post your own equipment profiles to increase the return on investment.

A map depicting where on campus shared research equipment is located.

A world map depicting where researchers have done fieldwork.

Research Places

Show where you have conducted research and fieldwork, and what expertise you have in regions around the world!