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Modernizing Tools for Research at Queen’s

Project Vision

Research administration systems should be research focused and facilitate transparency across the research funding lifecycle, while also meeting operational, policy and compliance requirements. To this end, we will provide an integrated research administration system that aims to not only enhance the customer experience and increase operational efficiency, but also improve data input, sharing and reporting capacity, enable workflow visibility, and enable researchers and the institution to meet research requirements without increasing administrative responsibility to users.  


We are excited to share that research administration activities currently supported by TRAQ and Topaz Elements will be shifting to a modernized suite of applications. This new hub, which will revitalize your research administration experience, is supported by Cayuse , an international leader in digital research administration. 

The one-stop Cayuse portal will provide access to: 

  • All research compliance (human ethics, biohazard safety, animal oversight) 
  • Animal operations (e.g., inventory and procurement)
  • Sponsored research workflows (grant applications and contracts, partnership and other agreements)

Additional exciting features of the new system:

  • Functional dashboards for simple navigation and tracking of user files and to-do lists
  • User-friendly smart forms will enable increased efficiency for everyone
  • Increased visibility on the status of compliance protocols and awards/contract files as they progress through the workflow
  • SSO (single sign-on) for all Queen’s users will reduce password burden

See sample images of the Cayuse system below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs have been prepared based on common questions about the modernization of the Tools for Research at Queen’s (TRAQ) and Topaz Elements systems.

If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact the TRAQ Help Desk by email at

Cayuse. Only the implementation project is referred to as TRAQ 2.0. Until all Cayuse modules are launched, we will continue to use the system name TRAQ to refer to those modules still powered by Process Pathways (the original TRAQ vendor). Once all Cayuse products are launched, the acronym TRAQ will no longer refer to the system you use to access your research administration tasks. Emails generated from the new platform will come from Cayuse (or Cayuse Administration).

A: TRAQ (Tools for Research at Queen’s ) is an e-submission system that was implemented by the Vice-Principal Research Portfolio to streamline research-related administrative processes. This platform will be phased out in 2022, and replaced by the new integrated platform currently referred to as TRAQ 2.0. 

A: Topaz Elements is the electronic platform currently used by the University Animal Care Committee (UACC) and Animal Care Services (ACS) for eprotocol management and animal operations. This platform will be phased out in 2022 and replaced by the new integrated platform currently referred to as TRAQ 2.0.

A: TRAQ is currently used by researchers to electronically submit documents required for various stages of the research administration and compliance lifecycle (e.g., grant proposals, Notices of Decision, research agreement review requests, compliance applications (GREB, HSREB, Biohazards)). In general, these submissions support a process that ensures research at Queen’s is compliant with internal and external policies and regulations.

If you are a reviewer/committee member or signing authority, you may also access, review, and approve applications electronically through the system. 

The next evolution of TRAQ to be implemented with the TRAQ 2.0 project will also include procedures related to the use of animals in science (protocol management and operations).

A: If you currently use TRAQ or Topaz Elements, then you will more than likely be affected by the project. If you do not yet use either system, but are a researcher at Queen’s and will apply for research funding as a PI, may have Departmental Signing Authority responsibilities (e.g., Department Head), and/or you plan on conducting research that requires Ethics, Biohazard or Animal protocol approval, then you will likely require a profile in the new system.

Please visit the TRAQ   websites for more information on each of these systems.

A: The current TRAQ solution (ROMEO) will no longer be supported past 2023. We have also heard from the research community that this platform is the source of frustration and confusion. When our current TRAQ vendor was taken over by Cayuse in 2018, we recognized an opportunity to upgrade to a modernized suite of research administration solutions not previously available from Process Pathways (the original TRAQ vendor).

The transition to Cayuse products allows Queen’s to capitalize on greater functionality/usability and incorporate integrations to streamline research administration processes while also remaining compliant with regulations and requirements faced by researchers and the Institution.

Combining the management of research administration for animals in science within the same tool is part of the streamlining process. 

A: We continue to work with the vendor to ensure the new platform provides an improved experience for all users at Queen’s – from administrators to researchers. Current timelines, which may shift as we take the time to fully assess customizations, prepare for and complete user acceptance testing and implement upgrades released by the vendor, continue to include a staggered transition from Topaz and Romeo to Cayuse. Animal Oversight and Operations will be introduced on the new platform first, followed by Biohazard  and finally followed by Sponsored Projects. Training and support will be available to ensure you can be successful using the new system.

See Implementation Stages below for the proposed staggered implementation.

A: Opportunities for consultation will be communicated as they become available. Everyone is encouraged to submit questions or feedback to the TRAQ Help Desk by email at

Steering Committee

Meet the steering committee

Product Implementation Leads

Meet the leads

We will work with the Cayuse Professional Services Team to build the TRAQ 2.0 suite. Implementation will occur over 3 phases, with implementation timelines varying between products.

graphic showing implementation timelines

CURRENT - Platform and Products NEW - TRAQ 2.0 (Cayuse platform) TENTATIVE ROLLOUT
Topaz Elements Protocol Management Animal Oversight Winter/Spring 2024
Topaz Elements Operations Vivarium Operations Winter/Spring 2024
ROMEO Biohazards Hazard Safety Winter/Spring 2024
ROMEO Awards Sponsored Projects TBD
ROMEO Human Ethics TBD TBD

Images are for sample only and may not fully represent the final functionality of the Queen's system.

1. Landing page: My Tasks and navigation to other modules

Sample of the Cayuse landing page with dropdown navigation menu

2. Sponsored Projects (i.e. Awards) dashboard

Sample of the Cayuse Sponsored Projects dashboard

3. Human Ethics dashboard

Sample of the Cayuse Human Ethics dashboard

 4. Hazard Safety dashboard (similar to Animal Oversight dashboard)

Sample of the Cayuse Hazard Safety dashboard.