Papers of Alan Geoffrey Cock (1926-2005) relating to his William Bateson Biography Project 

Alan Cock is of interest for many reasons. He is a son-in-law of a colleague of Tschermak, one of the "rediscoverers" of Mendel's work. He repatriated, curated and catalogued the papers of the geneticist William Bateson. He wrote several important papers on Bateson and made a start on the definitive biography, which was published in 2008 (coauthored with me). He corresponded and/or collaborated with many important mid-late-20th century figures - mainly scientists and historians. 

     The Cock papers in the Queen's University Archives (listed below) provide a key to the provenance of the William Bateson papers which are primarily located in the Cambridge University Library, with copies at the John Innes Centre (Norwich, UK) and in the Queen's University Archives (Alan Cock's personal copy, further curated by myself). 

     In the early, pre-history, phase of his career, Cock's work with Morten Simenson provided a fundamental underpinning to the graft-versus-host reaction (Immunology 1958 volume 1, 103-110). In the 1960s he and Stephen Jay Gould were leaders in studies of animal growth and form (allometry) (Q. Rev. Biol. 1966 41, 131-190). The following papers illustrate both Alan's dedicated scholarship and the great difficulties faced by biographers in the pre-internet era. The correspondence with Rona Hurst is a particular delight. A brief biography of Alan may be found in the Mendel Newsletter (June 2009) (Click Here)

Donald R. Forsdyke, November 2008

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A. Correspondence Relating to "Repatriation" and Processing of the Bateson Papers (BP) (1-26)

B. Correspondence Relating to Alan Cock's Publications on Bateson (1-10)

C. Essays, Lectures, Addresses and Displays (1-13)

D. Draft Chapters (1-29)

E. Draft Papers (1-8)

F. Notes on Coleman Microfilms made in Baltimore ("BPB") (1-9)

G. Notes (circa 1973) on BPN (Bateson Papers Norwich) (1-5)

H. Notes on BPH  (AGC's "repatriated" papers; Bateson Papers Hancock)

I.AGC's Listing for Section H of Bateson Papers


A. Correspondence Relating to "Repatriation" and Processing of the Bateson Papers

  1. With F. A. E. Crew (Animal Genetics, Edinburgh)

    1. From AGC (19th April 1970). AGC has Bateson-Punnett poultry notebooks from Dept. of Genetics, Cambridge, and has Reports to the RS Evolution Committee.

  1. With William Coleman (First major WB historian, apart from C. Beatrice Bateson.)

    1. To WC 18th Jan 1972. AGC relates his interest in WB.

    2. To WC 20th Jan 1972. AGC comments on WC's Centaurus paper on WB and shows new awareness of Coleman's "Baltimore" microfilms of WB papers.

    3. To WC 20th Mar 1972. Request for permission to see microfilms. Puts out feeler for collaboration on the book.

    4. From WC 24th Mar 1972. WC gives permission, but says AGC must also ask Gregory Bateson (GB). Sends his listing of the Baltimore letters. Says he has moved on from WB studies to an earlier interest - biology in France 1750-1850.

    5. To WC 10th April 1972. Has written to GB in Hawaii .

    6. To WC 26th June 1972. Has had no reply from GB.

    7. From WC 5th July 1972. Gives addresses for contacting MCB, including her Hancock "summer home."

    8. To WC 28th Nov 1972. Has had reply from GB. Has copy of Baltimore microfilm.

    9. From WC 5th Dec 1972. Advises seeing other WB papers at Hancock.

    10. To WC 6th Feb 1973. AGC has examined JI (John Innes) materials in boxes A-H.

    11. From WC 27th Jan 1975. Regrets not having met AGC during recent US visit.

    12. To WC 4th Feb 1975. Informs him of the "repatriation" agreement for Hancock papers.

    13. From WC 15th Feb 1975. Hopes BPH will go to Cambridge Univ. Library.

    14. To WC 17th Mar 1975. Has mislaid a letter from CJH (Herringham) 1895.

    15. From WC 14th April 1975. Does not have the letter.

    16. From WC 29th Nov 1977. Asks for JI address.

    17. To WC 29th Nov 1977. Genetical Society has appointed Brian Harrison of JI as its archivist, and AGC has sent his copy of BPB microfilm to the JI for photocopying. AGC disagrees with WC's view of WB.

    18. From WC 12th Dec 1977. He is sending his materials (including Doncaster letters) to the JI.

3. With Gregory Bateson (son of William Bateson and spouse of Margaret Mead)

a.       To GB (Hawaii; 22nd Mar 1972). AGC states intentions and gives his qualifications. Requests permission to see Coleman's BPB microcopies (reels).

b.      To GB (Hawaii, 10th June 1972). Reminds of his request.

c.       From GB (California, 30 June 1972, postmarked 7th July). Hedging about permission, being unhappy with his recent experience with Arthur Koestler.

d.    To GB (30th Aug 1972, 2p). Repeats request for explicit permission and gives more on his qualifications (including discovery with Morten Simenson of the graft-versus-host reaction in chickens). Judging from GB's reply (next letter), AGC may have expanded the final letter (or added an attachment). Associated with the photocopy of the typed letter are handwritten notes (3p) decribing AGC's recent paper on WB.

e.       From GB (? Sept. 1972) Doubts assuaged. Has written directly to APS Librarian.

f.        To GB (24th Nov 1972, 2p). BPB microfilm has arrived.

g.       From GB (?Dec 1972, 3p handwritten). Links "presence and absence" to "mind."

h.       To GB (13th and 16th Feb 1973, 3p). Recent car accident. Asks permission to examine Hancock papers (BPH).

i.         To GB with copy to MCB (1st Oct 1973, 2p). Repeats request to view BPH. Tells of opening communications with Rona Hurst who has 234 letters from WB, and of the St. John's College collection of letters of WHB (WB's father).

j.        From GB (17th Oct 1973, 2p, typed). Gives permission to view BPH. Notes S. Butler. [Note JI computer in November 2007 lists "Letter no : 4312   From : BATESON G   To : COCK AG   8 JAN 1974", but this is not present in AGC papers. It is probably the tape recording AGC made with GB.]

k.      To GB (15th Aug 1974, 2p) enclosing a draft chapter for WB biography. MCB has agreed to facilitate examination of BPH in Dec 74 - Jan 75. Discloses his own problems with bipolar (manic-depressive) illness.

l.         From GB to Rona Hurst (21st Aug 1974) copy sent to AGC. Concerns the CCH papers.

m.     From GB (3rd Sept 1974, 3p). On WB and feminism. On WB meeting CBB. On manic depression and "double bind."

n.       From GB's secretary Judith Van Slooten (9th Sept 1974) on her own manic-depression research.

o.      To GB's secretary Judith Van Slooten (5th Nov 1974) on his manic-depression.

p.      From GB's secretary Judith Van Slooten (undated reply) on her manic-depression.

q.      From AGC to GB (4th Nov 1974, 2p). On manic-depression and "double-bind."

r.        From AGC to GB (11th Dec 1974. handwritten from Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard). Is examining the papers and would like to visit him in California .  

s.       From GB (19 Dec 1974). Welcomes visit in January 1975.

t.        AGC to GB (2nd Jan 1975). Says he wishes to tape their conversation.

u.       To GB's secretary Judith Van Slooten (28th Jan 1975). AGC's suitcase stolen and has lost copy of letter to GB dated 15th Aug 1974, please resend.

v.       From GB's secretary (5th Feb 1975).

w.     To GB (5th March 1975, 2p with handwritten postscript). The repatriation of BPH (5 parcels) has occurred.

x.       To GB (19th May 1975). Wants to return some valuable pamphlets of J. C. Schaeffer 1752.

y.       From GB (23rd June 1975). Yes, please return the Schaeffer materials.

z.       To GB (6th Aug 1975). Pamphlets not yet sent. Has communicated with Lily Newton.

4. With Mary Catherine Bateson (Kasserjian) daughter of Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead

a.       To MCB (17th Oct 1973) Introduced himself and requests visit to Hancock.

b.      From MCB (12th Nov 1973). Will not be back from Iran until late 1974 and does not want boxes opened in her absence. Agrees in principle. 2 or 3 people have already contacted her since Coleman. Thinks papers should go to an archive.

c.       To MCB (6th Dec 1973). Wellcome Grant has come through. Would take the materials to Harvard to examine. Prepared to wait. University of Cambridge Library would be best archive. John Innes does not have staff for careful curating; indeed, some WB materials have already been lost from the JI.

d.      To MCB (24th Jan 1974). AGC's previous letter mis-addressed and returned to him. AGC encloses and has amendments. Discusses possible time of visit.

e.       From MCB (10th Feb 1974). Will authorize AGC to take Hancock papers himself to examine at Harvard, but he may find difficulty identifying correct boxes, although Woody might help. Let me know what you decide.

f.        To MCB (5th March 1974). Depends on whether DH confident he can find the right boxes.

g.       From AGC (5th Mar 1974) to DH ("Woody," the tenant at Hancock) asking if he can locate boxes containing BPH in absence of MCB (Kasserjian).

h.       To MCB (12th July 1974) No reply from DH, so will plan to visit in December when she will be present.

i.         From MCB (20th July 1974). Confirms Dec. 16 fine. At the end of visit MCB will make "a final decision" on archiving the BPH.

j.        To MCB (7th Oct 1974) Revised dates of arrival and departure.

k.      From MCB (12th Nov 1974). Discussing dates.  

l.         To MCB (5th Mar 1975). Reports BPB have arrived. Sends copy of Report to Wellcome Trust.

m.     From MCB (19th July 1984) Acknowledges new letter and thanks for papers.


5. With Cambridge University Library (A. E. B. Owen)

a.       To Owen (30th Jan 1973). Query about holdings on WB.

b.      From Owen (9th Feb 1973) Various flysheets relating to degrees for women and Greek and about 10 letters from WB to various correspondents.

c.       To Owen (7th Feb 1975). Announces repatriation of BPH. Enquires about best indexing method.

d.      From Owen (25th Feb 1975; handwritten). Has been ill. Thanks AGC.

e.       From Owen (28th Feb 1975). Happy for the BPH to join the materials on C. C. Hurst. If a collection arrives with a coherent reference system it is usually left as such.

f.        To Owen (5th March 1975). Unclear whether GB is making "indefinite loan" or "outright gift." Asks him to thank GB and MCB. Of the 5 boxes of paper, the first is mainly the materials taken by W. Coleman for microfilming (i.e. BPB). Also has cassettes of interview with GB.

g.       From Owen (7th March 1975). Wants to know basis of the donation. Happy to take early delivery of first box, and to receive the cassettes.

h.       To Owen (13th May 1975). First box needs more sorting, but will bring some materials.

i.         From Owen (16th May 1975; postcard).

j.        From Owen (29th Jan 1976; postcard). Thanks for a letter. Discusses time of meeting.

k.      From Owen (19th Mar 1976). He is about to "accession" papers delivered by AGC in February. Has not written letters of thanks to GB and MCB, since still does not know the basis of the donation.

l.         To Owen (2nd April 1976). GB is a forgetful correspondent. Proposes that CUL should proceed on the basis that the papers are an outright gift.

m.     From Owen (20th April 1976). Will proceed on that assumption.

n.       To Owen (30th June 1976). Details of lists of materials. More ready soon.

o.      From Owen (16th July 1976; postcard). Thanks for further gifts.

p.      To Owen (18th March 1977). Cataloguing going slowly. Will be taking copies of some letters from Mendel's nephews to WB to present to the Mendel Museum at Brno, Czechoslovakia.

q.      From Owen (21st March 1977; 2 postcards). Will get photocopies of the Mendel-relevant materials for AGC to take.

r.        To Owen (26th March 1980). Note concerning the Siarus document from Russia.

s.       From Owen (8th May 1980). Returning duplicates of material already donated by R. Hurst.

t.        To Owen (17th June 1981). Wellcome Trust funds and secretarial support are speeding up the cataloguing. Also JI director agrees to do the photocopying at the JI for the JI and AGC, and will then forward the originals to CUL. AGC authorizes Owen to release to JI, for copying and return, sections G1 and G2 that CUL already has. The JI has already copies sections A-F from the Coleman microfilm.

u.       From Owen (23rd June 1981). Notes that AGC may be making later additions to sections G1 and G2.  

  1. With Rodney E. Donaldson (for Lois Bateson, 3rd wife of Gregory Bateson)

    1. From RED (30th Nov 1983; 1p). Concerning remaining materials in family possession, following death of GB (1980), he is "literary executor." Encloses a list of the materials (8p) plus copy of a formal letter (1p) to librarians (JI and American Philos. Soc, Philadelphia; APS) concerning their possible purchase of the William Bateson library of books.

    2. To "Bob" (?Olby; 13th Dec 1983) forwarding the above. AGC had believed there were no more WB-relevant materials.

    3. To RED from Dr. J. P. W. Young (16th Dec 1984). Has recently taken over from Brian Harrison as "scientific advisor to the archivist" at the JI. Is replying to "your letter of 30 November to Rosemary Harvey, as she is away." JI Trustees advised of the impending sale.

    4. To RED from Rosemary Harvey (4th Jan 1984; copy to AGC not noted). Expresses the interest of the JI Trustees in acquiring WB's scientific library. Also the JI would like to receive other WB-relevant materials for its archives. Cataloguing incomplete since AGC has not yet sent all the materials.

    5. From RED to J. W. P. Young and Rosemary Harvey (9th Jan 1984). Thanks for 16th Dec letter.

    6. To RED (20th Jan 1984; 2p). Has taken early retirement from U of Southampton. Will hopefully be continuing to write papers and work on the WB biography. Will try to impress on JI the importance of the materials. AGC's main JI correspondent, Brian Harrison, has just retired. Computer catalogue of papers not yet completed by JI.

    7. From RED (7th Feb 1984). Apologises for incoherence over phone. Encloses correspondence (above) received from JI people. Sympathetic concerning AGC's illness.

    8. To Peter Young from AGC (27th Feb 1984). Encourages JI to acquire WB library. Has had no reply from JI concerning AGC's offer to donate materials relating to Senebier.

    9. From Young to AGC (5th March 1984). Negotiations for further WB/CBB papers are in progress. The library acquisition is still under consideration. Grateful to receive the Senebier materials. Cataloguing held up pending receipt of further BPH materials.

    10. To MCB from AGC (26th March 1984). Saw her letter in Brit. Med. Journal. Encloses his recent papers on WB and Anna Bateson.

    11. To RED and LB (30th Mar 1984). AGC out of hospital and well. Relates interest in GB's "double bind" hypothesis concerning schizophrenia. Are there any spare copies of W. H. Bateson's "Six Sermons"?  

  7. With John Innes Institute (1972-9)

    1. To Roy Markham (24th March 1972). Planning a book on WB and seeking to know of JI materials. Could JI assist purchase of the BPB microfilm for pounds40-50?

    2. From RM (29th March 1972). Come and see what we have and then we will discuss the microfilm.

    3. To RM (10th April 1972). Will visit.

    4. To RM (5th May 1972). Thank you for visit in April. The U. of Southampton Librarian may help with the cost of the microfilm.

    5. To RM (6th July 1972). Wants to revisit JI.

    6. From RM (11th July 1972). Librarian (Mrs. Atchison) on leave and will not be back until September at earliest.

    7. To RM (31st Oct 1972). Has still not received the BPB microfilm. Is JI still willing to help with cost ($90).

    8. From E. Atchison for RM (3rd Nov. 1972). JI Trustees will purchase for AGC.

    9. To EA (23rd Nov 1972). BPB microfilm has at last arrived. Invoice awaited.

    10. From EA (27th Nov 1972). JI has new microfiche reader.

    11. To EA (6th Dec 1972). Technical details of reading by microfiche.

    12. To RM (26th Jan 1973). Please thank Trustees.

    13. To EA (26th Jan 1973). Puzzled about the people William Coleman encountered when he visited JI in 1966. Notes JI has materials in boxes labeled A to H, and Baur letters are in A1.

    14. From EA (13th Feb 1973) Bill for accommodation during AGC's visit

    15. To D. A. Hopwood of JI Dept. Genetics (undated). As an officer of the Genetical Society could he send out a circular asking for input on WB materials (i.e. reminiscences).

    16. From DAH (5th June 1973). Did not know of AGC's interest. Will mention to GS Committee.

    17. To DAH (3rd July 1973). Sample sentences of what might be included in a circular.

    18. From DAH (20th July 1973). Committee has agreed to circular and AGC may examine the GS's past minute books, kept at the JI.

    19. To EA (7th Dec 1973). Plans visit to see minute books. Has had interview with C. D. Darlington, who tells him that JI has WB correspondence with Ruggles-Gates and Maynard Keynes. Wellcome will finance AGC to visit USA for BPH.

    20. From EA (6th April 1974; handwritten). Arrangements for AGC visit.

    21. From EA (22nd July 1974; handwritten). Bill for accommodation.

    22. To EA (27th Feb to 3rd Mar 1975; 3p). Encloses report to Wellcome Trust on his visit to USA and gives news of the "repatriation" of BPH to go to Camb. Univ. Library. The JI record on attending to safety of documents is not good - examples given. The JI had recently had its WB book collection valued at pounds250,000 and GB had no idea how they came in possession of the JI. WB correspondence has few allusions to book collection (in contrast to art collection). Probably WB purchased with JI Institute funds.

    23. To Peter G. Markham (17th Jan 1977). AGC to visit on 27th.

    24. From Brian Harrison (15th July 1977). US enquiry on role of Martin Beijerinck in the Mendel rediscovery.

    25. To BH (19th July 1977; 2p). Beijerinck not in the WB papers.

    26. From BH (21st July 1977), writing in his "new role of archivist." The above enquirer was Joshua Lederberg. More enquiries on WB from the USA. Would like to have the BPB microfilm. JI could copy it then return for AGC's use.

    27. To BH (2nd Aug 1977; 2p, handwritten). Encloses materials (Coleman's and AGC's indexes) and will send microfilm.

    28. From BH (15th Sept 1977). Has microfilm and copies will also go to CUL before returning to AGC. Aims to get all WB letters bound and indexed some day.

    29. From P. G. Markham (14th Oct. 1977). Concerning AGC's seminar at the JI Centre.

    30. To PGM (9th Nov 1977). 27th Jan OK.

    31. From PGM (9th Jan 1978). Please confirm date OK.

    32. To PGM (10th Feb 1978). Thanks for entertainment. Congratulations on continued interest, care and development of WB collection.

    33. From BH (14th Feb 1978) Liked AGC's seminar. Listened to GB interview tapes.

    34. From BH (15th Feb 1978). Some problem with the returned tapes.

    35. From EA (23rd Nov 1978). Moving ahead full steam but still await AGC to send BPH.

    36. From EA (14th Dec 1978). Proposed computer program for searching WB letters.

    37. To Joseph Hutchinson, JI Trustee (30th Jan 1979). Requests JI financial support for his indexing and cataloguing of the BPH.

    38. From BH (20th March 1979). At last Trustees giving full support. Computer indexing. Letters "being recorded by an ex-JI librarian and she is doing a first class job." Need AGC's materials. Time "pressing since we have the services of the ex-librarian for limited period." [AGC pencil: "Rosemary Harvey."]

    39. From BH (24th March 1979). Continued Trustee support and Mrs. R. Harvey has agreed to complete the project. Pressures AGC for the BPH materials.

    40. To Mick Johnson (14th Sept 1979). Trying to get a grant so that he can complete work and pass on the BPH materials to JI. AGC would like to use the new computer index when available. Send information on the computer program re: compatibility with the U. of Southampton computer facilities.  

    41. To BH (17th Sept 1979) On specimen searches by the new computer index.

    42. From BH (5th Oct 1979). MJ will be sending a copy of the program.

    43. AGC's handwritten chronology of developments 1979-82.

    8. With John Innes Institute (1980-1992)

    1. To Roy Markham and JI Trustees (22 April 1980; 2p). Progress at JI impeded by AGC's slowness due to lack of support, and seeking their help.

    2. From D. R. Davies (28th April 1980). Notes death of R. Markham.

    3. From Clerk to Trustees (17th June 1980). Issue held over for new Director.

    4. To R. Woolhouse (17th June 1981). Thank you for offer of copies of the WB papers held at JI. Now have Wellcome Trust support and salary for an assistant for 6 months. We now have "over half" BPH catalogued and ready for transfer. Have authorized CUL to release materials AGC has already deposited there. Still interested in computer database. Wants to deposit Senebier materials at JI Centre.

    5. From BH (20th July 1980). Director has cleared release of computer program for AGC's personal use. Still seeks folders (two in G1 category, 13 in G2 category, one in G8 category).

    6. To BH (28th July 1980). Sections G1 and G2 deposited at CUL 2 years ago. Gives details of various files. Section H has materials from miscellaneous sources collected by AGC (e.g. Kew Gardens).

    7. To Rosemary Harvey (23rd July 1981 ?1980). Nice to meet with you at last. Is seeking a Mendel celebration letter he has lost.

    8. From RH (24th July 1981) Encloses the WB 1910 letter from Brno .

    9. From RH (6th Nov 1981). Encloses photocopies of BPH.

    10. From RH (24th Nov 1981) Thanks for letter of 10th Nov.

    11. From RH (8th Jan 1982) Photocopies of BPH dispatched in 4 boxes. Notes some discrepancies relating to certain files. Thank you for sending the originals to photocopy.

    12. To RH (15th Jan 1982) The four boxes have arrived and AGC awaits the special oversize filing cabinet he has ordered.

    13. To RH (6th May 1982; 3p) Filing cabinet arrived. Answers point-by-point the discrepancies.

    14. From RH (13th May 1982) Ready to accept further WB materials.

    15. To RH (5 Dec 1983) Hopes to bring rest of WB materials in January.

    16. From RH (6th Dec 1983) Now have bigger computer.

    17. To RH (6 Dec 1983; 2p, handwritten) Offprints of AGC's papers.

    18. From RH (15th Dec 1983) Thanks for offprints. Brian Harrison has retired.

    19. To RH (3 Feb 1984) AGC has been in hospital so "last of the Bateson Papers" not yet sent. Enclosed copy of the Donaldson letter. Thinks JI Centre should acquire Bateson's scientific library. Annotations in books invaluable.

    20. To Woolhouse (12th June 1984) from RH, who presumably sent copy to AGC. About 25% of the BPH have not yet come. AGC has health problems. What do you think is the best thing to do?

    21. From RH (18th June 1984) Lists sections of BPH not yet received. Can the JI be of any help in collecting these? They will then photocopy and send AGC a photocopied set.

    22. To Micheal Sleigh, Univ. of Southampton (18th June 1984) from Harold W. Woolhouse, Director of JI. Forwards RH's note of 12th June and asks for his help. The letter is annotated by Sleigh and forwarded to AGC.

    23. To H. W. Woolhouse (29 June 1984) Sections G1 and G2 already at Cambridge, so AGC thinks RH has plenty to get on with. Perhaps due to misinterpretation of AGC's telephone remarks, RH's account of his illness is "garbled."

    24. From RH (20th Dec 1984) Sections G1 and G2 photocopied and ready for AGC to collect his set.

    25. To RH (8th Feb 1985) More materials enclosed.

    26. From RH (23rd May 1985; 2p) Progress report and further queries. Will shortly be adding the Lipset collection to JI collection.

    27. From RH (6th June 1985) Looks forward to AGC's visit. Some queries on papers WB collected for a Mendel biography.

    28. From RH (18th June 1985) Arrangements to meet Woolhouse.

    29. From Woolhouse's secretary (1st July 1985) concerning dates of visit.

    30. Unsent letter to Woolhouse (early July; handwritten; 1p) Primary purpose of visit to bring final set of BPH and clear up remaining issues. Notes topics he wishes to explore with Woolhouse (? Incomplete).

    31. To RH (2nd Aug 1985) Change date of visit for health reasons.

    32. From RH (6th Aug 1985) Robert Olby has visited. Director will be away.

    33. To RH (3rd Sept 1985) Has use of room at the Univ. of Southampton for another year.

    34. From RH (12th Sept 1985) Lists number of sheets comprising A-F of BPB. Not responding to AGC's printouts of certain files until cataloguing complete.

    35. From RH (1st Oct 1985) Information on how to search the Bateson letters by computer.

    36. To RH (6 Feb 1986; 2p) Enclosed materials discussed by phone, includes a 7p "Southampton-Norwich Concordance. Being notes on Rosemary Harvey's" contribution to the Mendel Newsletter No. 25, 1985. Need to agree on standard nomenclature. To sort this out need something for next Mendel Newsletter "preferably under our joint names." List of AGC's WB publications up to Dec 1985.

    37. From RH (18th Feb 1986) Will discuss when we next meet. Making collection of writings about WB.

    38. To RH (15th May 1986) AGC is now officially fully retired but has a small room.

    39. To RH (16th May 1986) Enclosed unpublished AGC lecture given to a medical audience, which includes Bateson-Aiken pedigrees, for RH's collection of writings about WB. We need to get together regarding joint Mendel Newsletter.

    40. From RH (29th May 1986) Does not wish to contribute to Mendel Newsletter.

    41. To RH (23rd June 1986) For Mendel Newsletter AGC wanted to simply clear up the discrepancies as noted in his "concordat". Encloses copy of another unpublished talk on WB.

    42. To Peter Young (24th June 1986) Hope to visit JI in July. Problem of computer compatibility between Norwich and Southampton. Still awaits the tape that was promised by Brian Harrison 5 years earlier (copy of letter enclosed).

    43. To RH (3rd July 1986) Encloses copies of letters from Diane Paul (21/6) and Beth Carvill-Horrocks (24/6) and hopes RH will supply materials. Both letters emphasize need to clarify classification systems between various repositories.

    44. To Harold Woolhouse (4th July 1986; 2p) Seeks meeting during AGC's visit. Sending program and data tape had been delayed, on Woolhouse's advice, until they had been completed. But AGC's lack of knowledge of what is in the JI computer index is delaying AGC's work. Dual system of classification is creating confusion in the literature.

    45. From RH (10th July 1986) Has sent photocopies to Diane Paul. Has AGC got any more BPH for the JI? Will see AGC during visit 17-18 July.

    46. To RH (25th Sept 1986). Sorry had to cancel visit. AGC has sent remaining "bits and pieces" from BPH, plus some more section H materials. No need to send section H to Cambridge Univ. Library.

    47. From RH (7th Oct 1986) Thanks for "bits and pieces". The photocopies made for AGC are being sent off.

    48. To G. N. Cantor for British Society for History of Science record of work in progress (6th April 1987; 3p). Project formally titled "The William Bateson Papers", with AGC as "project leader" and RH as "archivist."

    49. From RH (1st Sept 1987) Concerning section "H" which AGC borrowed from other libraries, AGC had sent envelopes with H1a - H1l, H2a, H2b, and RH has photocopies and catalogued. Should "H" now be returned to AGC or sent to CUL? Notes there are some gaps in BPB (the Coleman microfilm set).

    50. To RH (15th Oct 1987; 2p) Giving up room at Southampton University. Notes on section H (no reason why RH should not send to CUL), section E (Kammerer), and section I (RH has only sent him photocopies of the photos and has not returned the originals or photographic reproductions of the originals, some of which are his own personal property and not from BPH). Should AGC raise the latter issue with the JI Director? RH has sent a set of photographs of the Hapsburg portraits, which are decidedly peripheral.

    51. From RH (21st Oct 1987) Notes there are gaps in section E of BPB. Regarding section I, the original photographs are sent on to the CUL. JI has some prints which RH could send, or does AGC want back the originals from CUL?

    52. To RH (27th Oct 1987) Your copies should be as good (or better) than the originals. Please accumulate and send AGC prints from the JI negatives.

    53. From RH (30th Dec 1987) Enclosed find prints of the section I photographs.

    54. To RH (20th April 1988) Has acknowledged (31st Dec 1987) the receipt of the package of prints from the JI. Has got a word-processor, but has to get used to 'the unfamiliar beast.'

    55. From RH (13th May 1988) Computer cataloguing nearly completed. Only 50 more letters to do.

    56. From RH (14th Sept 1992) Thanks for Aug 12th letter and enclosed papers.   

    9. With Funding Agencies

A.     Kellogg Foundation

    1. Report on the Tenure of an Agricultural Reseach Council Fellowship (20 May 1954; 6p) An example of AGC's "pre-history" life in Fowl Genetics.

B.     Corpus Christi College and Churchill College

    1. To Master (3rd Jan 1972, 2p). Application as visiting sabbatical scholar at Leckhampton to work on book on WB.

    2. From Master (5th Jan 1972). Acknowledge receipt.

    3. To Master (29th Jan 1972). Developments. Have discovered WB letters and papers are in possession of his son GB, and a selection are in APS, Philadelphia.

    4. From Master (2nd Feb 1972). Acknowledge receipt.

    5. From Master (7th March 1972). Reject application.

    6. To M. A. Hoskin, Churchill College. Enquiry regarding research fellowship.

    7. From MAH (9th May 1972) Sorry no.

C.     Science Research Council

a.       To SRC (12th Feb 1972) Is History of Science fundable?

b.      From SRC (16th Feb 1972) Almost certainly not. Suggests Nuffield and Wellcome Foundations, or Royal Society for the small sum needed to purchase Baltimore microfilm.

D.     American Philosophical Society - Philadelphia

a.       To APS (19th Feb 1973) Request for application forms.

b.      From George W. Corner for APS (26th Feb 1973). Application forms enclosed.

c.       To APS (26th March 1973) Application enclosed.

d.      Rough typed page probably related to application.

e.       From APS (30th March 1973) Application received.

f.        From APS (6th June 1973) Decision deferred pending AGC's other UK application results.

g.       To APS (26th June 1973) Markham had said JI Trustees unlikely to fund. Had deferred applying to Wellcome, but will now apply.

h.       From APS (11th Sept 1973) Has AGC yet heard from Wellcome Trust?

i.         To APS (22nd Sept 1973) Wellcome Director will inform APS directly of the result, but this may not be before the APS decision meeting of 5-6 Oct.

j.        To APS (4th Oct 1973) Further delays.

k.      To APS (3rd Dec 1973) Wellcome Trust has granted AGC pounds760 to examine WP papers in USA, so AGC is withdrawing APS application.

l.         To APS (6th Dec 1973) A postscript thanking APS for its trouble.

m.     From APS (13th Dec 1973) Grant cancelled.

n.       To APS (11th Oct 1974) Needs supplement of $200 to cover costs of visit.

E.      Wellcome Trust 1973

a.       To Wellcome (24 March 1972) Would like to request pounds40-50 to purchase BPB microfilm from APS. Refers to W. Coleman's Mendel Letter of November 1968.

b.      From Wellcome (5th April 1972) Need formal application with details of book and whether publisher found.

c.       To P. O. Williams of Wellcome (27th June 1973; 2p) Microfilm has been purchased through John Innes Trustees. Now wish to travel to USA to examine further WB materials and enclose formal application. Regarding the intended book: "although concentrating mainly on his scientific work, it will be a study of 'the whole man' and, I hope, readable to non-specialists." Have not yet found a publisher.

d.      To Trustees of Wellcome (27th June 1973) Wish to examine non-microfilmed BPH in USA. Need pounds760. Has been offered working space in Agassiz Museum at Harvard. Encloses CV.

e.       From POW (16th July 1973) Enclosed Travel Grant application form.

f.        Draft application (22nd Sept 1973; 2p) entitled "The Genetics of Growth and Form. The History of Genetics. Writing a Biography of William Bateson."

g.       Memo to S. H. Crowdy (25 Sept 1973) who had to cosign, but was ill.

h.       From POW (1st Oct 1973) Application received.

i.         To POW (4th Oct 1973) Regret delay due to Crowdy's illness.

j.        From POW (30th Nov 1973) Grant of pounds760 approved.

k.      To POW (4th Dec 1973) Will need to delay US visit since M. C. Kassarjian is away.

l.         From POW (12th Dec 1973) Delay OK.

m.     To POW (19th Dec 1973) Will keep you informed of travel plans.

n.       To POW (12th Aug 1974) Plan to travel 16th Dec 1974. Any help with inflation?

o.      From deputy for POW (15th Aug 1974; 2p) No help with inflation.

p.      To Finance Officer (21st Oct 1974) Request for funds.

q.      From Finance Officer (5th Nov 1974) Cheque enclosed.

r.        To POW (6th Feb 1975; 1p) Enclosed Report (3p) to the Trust. Notes that GB and MCB have agreed to papers being repatriated to CUL. Tape recordings of conversions with GB in California. Makes case for deposition in CUL and not in Wellcome collection.

s.       From POW (21st Feb 1975) Thanks for report. Please inform Wellcome librarian.

t.        To Wellcome Librarian (1st April 1975)

u.       From Wellcome Librarian (9th April 1975)

v.       From Wellcome Unit for History of Medicine, Oxford (23rd May 1975) AGC's application for position declined.

F.      Wellcome Trust 1978, 1980, 1986

a.       To Finance Dept of U. of Southampton (6 March 1978; 4p) Application for pounds13, 706 signed.

b.      From Wellcome (9th March 1978) Application received.

c.       From Wellcome (30th May 1978) Application rejected.

d.      Grant Application for pounds3,522 (7th Aug 1980; 6p). The "dilemma my temporary custodianship of the papers has placed on me - - ." The need to catalogue and index delays writing of the book. JII now actively cooperating (Mr. B. Harrison and former JI librarian, Rosemary Harvey, working part-time at home).

e.       U of Southampton memo on application (15th Aug 1980)

f.        From Wellcome (21st Aug 1980) Application received.

g.       From Wellcome (8th Jan 1981) Application approved for pounds2,000 to enable AGC to make microfilm edition and computer index of WB papers.

h.       To Wellcome (29th Jan 1981) States how funds will be allocated.

i.         From Wellcome (2nd Feb 1981; 2p)

j.        Correspondence relating to appointment of Miss C. M. Newhouse (3rd Feb 1981).

k.      To CMN (5th Feb 1981) appointment for 6 months, or a year half-time.

l.         To CMN (18th Feb 1981) Confirm appointment beginning in March.

m.     To Secretary of History of Medicine Panel of Wellcome (15th Dec 1981) CMN has completed her 6 months. Main bulk of BPH taken to Norwich for photocopying in July and they will then transfer originals to CUL and return a second set of copies to AGC at Southampton . In due course, JII will provide AGC with "a tape of the programme and input of their computer-based index." Now need a storage cabinet that will cost about pounds108.66.

n.       From A. R. Hall, Coordinator of History of Medicine Program (6th Jan 1982). Please use remainder of grant to purchase the cabinet.

o.      From ARH (26th Feb 1982) Invitation to meeting of grant holders in June.

p.      To ARH (5th March 1982) Will speak at the meeting on "William Bateson's place in the history of genetics."

q.      To Secretary of History Panel, Miss R. Tilden (28th May 1982) Can guests come to the meeting?

r.        Final Report to Wellcome Trust (3rd June 1982; 3p). Notes CMN's excellent work. Most photographs found among the BPH with some added photographs of buildings freshly taken by AGC. Miss Harvey the JII archivist is not held up for want of material. Cabinet purchased out of the original pounds2,000 grant to take the JII photocopies in Southampton .

s.       From ARH (14th June 1982) Thank you for report.

t.        To Corpus Christi College. Application for Senior Research Scholarship 18 Sept 1986.

u.       Grant Application (mailed 13th Oct 1986; 8p) for "Biography of the geneticist William Bateson - -". "Cambridge University Press have provisionally agreed to publish my biography, but no contract yet exists." Has tentative plans for 3 further books on WB. AGC needs a year in Cambridge and application is subject to being chosen as Senior Research Scholar by Corpus Christi College .

v.       To Wellcome (2nd Feb 1987) Corpus Christi College have declined. Thus regretfully declines the Trusts "generous offer of a grant of pounds3,500."

G.     Social Sciences Research Council and British Academy and Royal Society

a.       To SSRC (16th Aug 1976) Enquiry as to scope.

b.      To SSRC (15th July 1979; 1p) Enclose draft application for pounds9,860 (8p).

c.      To British Academy (25th Feb 1980; 6p) Application.

d.      From British Academy (29th Feb 1980) Acknowledge receipt.

e.       From British Academy (28th May 1980) Reject.

f.        To Royal Society. Application (April 1985) for pounds510.

g.       From RS (17th Jan 1986) Application approved.

h.       Report to RS (15 April 1988; 5p).

   10. With Librarians other than at CUL and APS (American Philosophical Society)

    1. To Berkeley, University of California (11th April 1972) Enquiry concerning Goldschmidt-WB letters.

    2. From P. E. Hanff, UCB (3rd May 1972) Pleased to supply for AGC's personal use.

    3. Newnham College (2nd May 1972) Interested in Saunders and others related to WB.

    4. From Ann Phillips, Librarian at Newnham (5th May 1972) ERS known as "Becky"

    5. To AP (30th March 1973) Plans to visit.

    6. To AP (2nd Sept 1976) AGC has mislaid notes he made on visit. Requests more information on Anna Bateson.

    7. From AP (31st May 1979) Thank you for the article on Anna Bateson.

    8. To Royal Entomological Society Librarian (13th July 1973) Note you have some WB letters.

    9. To Linnean Society Librarian (13 July 1973) Note you have some WB letters.

    10. From RES (20th July 1973) Yes, please visit.

    11. From Gavin Bridson, Linnean Society (25th July 1973). Few WB materials here. Elected FLS in 1909 and offered resignation in 1922 because German journals resumed laggardly.

    12. To GB (27th July 1973). Request for photocopies.

    13. From GB (25th Aug 1973) Photocopying not feasible.

    14. To GB (31st Aug 1973) Will visit and copy by hand.

    15. To Muller Archives, the Lilly Library, Indiana University (5th Oct 1973).

    16. Kew Gardens (7th Nov 1979) query regarding David Prain.

    17. From Kew (14th Nov 1979) List of relevant materials.   

    11. With APS Librarian

    1. To APS (12th Feb 1972) Request for a copy of the Coleman microfilm (BPB).

    2. From William P. Bell for APS (3 March 1972) Need permission from Gregory Bateson and Coleman.

    3. To WPB (22nd Aug 1972) GB seems to give permission but not explicit.

    4. To WPB (31st Oct 1972) GB has told AGC that he has written directly to APS.

    5. From APS (7th Nov 1972) We have sent diazo copies of our microfilm.

    6. To APS (22nd Nov 1972) Microfilms have arrived.

    7. To APS (5th Oct 1973) Wishes to purchase materials described in Mendel Newsletter no. 5 and correspondence between C. Davenport and WB.

    8. From APS (10th Oct 1973) Details 220 pages of tables of contents relating to Blakeslee, Davenport, Demerec, Dunn, Goodale, Jennings, Morgan, Riddle, Shull.

    9. From APS (26 Oct 1973) Count of WB items in the APS manuscript collection.

    10. To APS (undated) AGC asks for a more restricted set.

    11. To APS (5th Nov 1973) Would like permission to take quotations from some letters.

    12. From Margaret Miller (15th July 1977) concerning survey of sources for history of biochemistry and molecular biology.

    13. To MM (21st July 1977) Do not yet have a firm date for completion of my name index of the WB papers.

    14. To APS (26th March 1980; 2p) Request for copy of the letter from W. Agar to E. B. Babcock (1947). Hopes to put the entire WB collection on microfiche. Would APS be interested in purchasing a copy when ready?

    15. From APS (11th April 1980) enclosing photocopy of Agar letter (2p). When will the WB microfiches be ready?

    16. From Beth Carroll-Horrocks for APS (24th June 1986) Has had queries from Diane Paul. Is the name index ready yet? How does the material we have here related to your material? Lipset sent the "Bateson Family Papers" here in 1980, a microfilm of which has been sent to the JI.

    17. To Beth Carroll-Horrocks for APS (4th July 1986) Also has query from Diane Paul. The name-index referred to in Mendel Newsletter 14 was never completed because the JI was establishing a computer based index. Also the microfiche project has been abandoned and paper copies made.

    12. With Individuals Close to Main Protagonists

    1. To Joan B. Box (daughter of R. Fisher) (5th Dec 1973) AGC sends her paper critical of Fisher's attitude to WB. Did RF believe that WB was a reviewer of RF's 1918 paper?

    2. From JBB (23rd March 1974) Spirited account of her father, who knew that reviewers were Punnett and Pearson.

    3. From Dame Mary Cartwright (30th Dec 1984; 4p hand-written), who knew G. H. Hardy and his interest in post-war reforms and chauvinism. Replies to AGC's "long letter." Item is accompanied by AGC's "unsent" reply (2p). Also added is photocopy of her review of AGC's paper on the International Research Council (2p).

    4. To D. Winifred Doncaster (3rd July 1973) Asking about the 16 diaries of her father Leonard Doncaster, which she has. Could AGC visit and see?

    5. From DWD (8th July 1973) Half the set were written when he was at school, but AGC is welcome to come.

    6. To DWD (11th July 1973) Will visit probably 6th Aug.

    7. To E. B. Ford (12th Nov 1973) Request authentication of a Darlington story.

    8. From EBF, Department of Zoology, Oxford (14th Nov 1973). Relates anecdote of meeting Leonard Darwin in Piccadilly.

    9. To EBF (19th Nov 1973) What this implies. Thanks for permission to quote.

    10. To Lily Newton (16th July 1975) Query reminiscences?

    11. From LN (23rd July 1975; 2p, hand-written) Relates how her husband Frank Newton got appointed. Stresses WB's sense of humour. Tells about WB's courtship of CBB.

    12. To LN (28th July 1975) AGC already knew the courtship story.

    13. From LN (2nd Aug 1975) Tells tale of Christmas dinner and coloured pigs.

    14. From Helen Pease (14th March 1973) Congratulations to Sybil on her marriage.

    15. From Helen Pease (25th April 1977) Thank you for papers.

    13. With Rona Hurst 1973-74

    1. From RH (9th Sept 1973; 5p of single spaced type plus a short handwritten addendum) Had noted AGC's interest in Genetical Society Newsletter. Has 234 WB letters. Tells the Hurst story. In last decade after RH's retirement from teaching, she has collated the Hurst correspondence, etc, and produced a manuscript The Evolution of Genetics but not being able to find publisher will shortly be depositing in CUL. Proposes a meeting.

    2. To RH (6th Nov 1973) Is finding her manuscript fascinating. Encloses copies of Hurst's letters from the BPB that RH does not have.

    3. From RH (12th Nov 1973; 2p) Delighted with the letters. Has written to CUL which will be pleased to accept the Hurst items. RH has done much of the curating which will save the CUL staff much work. An item on the new letters will be added as Appendix at the end of RH's manuscript.

    4. To RH (22nd Nov 1973; 2p) Could I keep the copy of your manuscript you have loaned me? Discusses the question of the ownership of the Bateson papers.

    5. From RH (1st Dec 1973; 1p) The copy RH loaned AGC is "not a 'spare' but my own personal copy." RH typed 3 copies herself. The main copy will go to CUL. The second copy is the 'press' copy for prospective publishers, and the third, which AGC has, is her personal copy.

    6. To RH (19th Dec 1973) Promise to send you back your copy in early January. My application for funds to travel to the USA has been approved.

    7. From RH (20th Dec 1973; 2p, hand-written) I am finally packing up the materials to send to CUL.

    8. Card by AGC summarizing telephone conversation with RH (16th Jan 1974) telling her first part of her manuscript sent off. The manuscript had initially been viewed favourably by the daughter of the geneticist Kenneth Mather at CU Press, but the project was taken over by Dr. Winter who was less encouraging.

    9. From RH (21st Jan 1974) Manuscript arrived safely. Wonderful if AGC could get some of the US WB material back to Cambridge. If the papers are "just in a house it certainly seems precarious." Should I write to MC Bateson? (Calls her Charlotte in error)

    10. To RH (4th Feb 1974) Sending off the remainder of Chapter 9 and Chapters 10-12 by recorded delivery today. Sorry to be so slow. Gives MCB's address, but it is up to RH to decide whether she should write.

    11. From RH (8th Feb 1974; 2p, hand-written) The letters are now at CUL. Will not write to MCB at present (she is in Iran).

    12. From RH (14th Feb 1974) The package arrived to today with with sections 23-26 intact

    13. From RH (15th March 1974) from Crawley Hospital with anaemia.

    14. From RH (5th April 1974; 2p, handwritten) Out of hospital.

    15. To RH (9th April 1974) Chapters 13, 18-20 posted today. AGC still has Chapters 21 and 22.

    16. From RH (13th April 1974) Package arrived safely.

    17. To RH (24th May 1974) Chapters 21 and 22 sent by recorded delivery. Now all chapters returned, AGC expresses great gratitude.

    18. From RH (31st May 1974; 2p, hand-written) Thank you for returning full manuscript. RH is finishing writing up the Hurst letters. Can match WB's with Hurst's and 'they make quite a good story.' RH willing to loan AGC a copy of the 65 page typescript. Given that GB has not given formal approval, would it be OK for RH to put in the CUL at this stage?

    19. To RH (5th June 1974) "Ownership rights" complicated. Gives addresses of GB, Coleman and APS. Would appreciate loan of new typescript.

    20. From RH (12th June 1974; 2p, hand-written) Enclose the Appendix for the Manuscript. I think the best thing is for me to approach GB.

    21. From RH (7th July 1974; 2p, hand-written) Adds top sheet for the Appendix, which is not on its way to CUL. RH has told Owen at the CUL that he has them only for safe-keeping until question of permission worked out. Notes on the Hurst rose work. "What a pity Bateson could not see the new advances, but he was always so bent on his wave theories and producing something no one else had thought of - though he might yet be vindicated in part by the typologists."

    22. To RH (11th July 1974) Thank you for the top page of your Appendix.

    23. From RH (17th July 1974; 1p, typed) Owen agrees that GB is the important person to contact concerning 'rights'.

    24. From RH (28th Aug 1974; 2p; handwritten) Has received letter from GB (copy enclosed). Sad that there is not more material on other workers such as Locke. John Gilmour, just retired form Cambridge Botanic Gardens, suggests RH publish a note on the newly deposited materials.

    25. From RH (2nd Sept 1974) enclosing letter from W. J. Bell of APS (26th Aug 1974) stating that GB has written to the APS, which is keen to help.

    14. With Rona Hurst 1975-1980

    1. From RH (12th Feb 1975) Delighted at AGC's coup, the repatriation of BPH.

    2. From RH (11th March 1975; typed) Coleman has persuaded RH to contribute to the Mendel Newsletter. Notes AGC's interview with GB and that she has received letters from him. Still writing up the rose cytogenetic work.

    3. To RH (13th March 1975) The BPH have now arrived. Book writing going slowly. Cambridge University Press (Dr. Winter) have rejected having seen the chapter on Women's education at Cambridge .

    4. From RH (17th March 1975; typed) Thoday advised she send her article to Heredity rather than the Journal of Genetics now based in India. Sad about CUP. John Hurst, her archeologist son, had his work on Deserted Medieval Villages delayed 5y.

    5. From RH (24th April 1975; typed) Inclined to send the second copy of the Hurst Collection manuscript to America (APS Library). Her articles in Mendel Newsletter and Heredity should be out soon. CUL has been enquiring about Hurst 's experimental notebooks which RH has.

    6. From RH (7th May 1975; handwritten) AGC approves of APS location. RH has written to GB. The earliest Hurst notebook is dated 1901. RH is "hooking them up" with the papers in C. C. Hurst's 1925 book.

    7. From RH (15th Oct 1975; handwritten) RH is still sorting out the CCH papers for CUL. The APS were delighted to have the copy of her manuscript. Wishes she had written more in the Heredity article.

    8. From RH (12th Nov 1975; handwritten, 2p) RH is now back to rose cytogenetics, "the whole genus, not just a few species as is the case in most cytological researches," which leads up to the Hurst book The Mechanism of Creative Evolution. Glad AGC approved of her articles. RH may send another to Heredity.

    9. From RH (24th Feb 1976) 4 boxes of materials (Burbage and Cambridge) off to CUL. Now continuing the rose work. The papers of Redcliffe Salaman, who worked with Hurst, have been sent to the CUL by his son.

    10. From RH (10th May 1976) At last all the Hurst material is at CUL except for "oddments." 68 files on the rose cytogenetic work. We did Salaman's cytology for him "for 2 years or more."

    11. From RH (18th May 1976) Punnett was not interested in RH's show of Hurst letters put on at the 50th anniversary of the Genetical Society. Describes her continuing rose work.

    12. From RH (23rd June 1976) Thoday (later Prof. of Botany at Bangor) has come across his own father's notes from Bateson lectures of 1905-6.

    13. To RH (9th July 1976; typed) AGC is "slightly huffed" with Thoday for not telling him about the lecture notes. Will write seeking photocopies. Bateson's notes for the lecture he gave were rather cryptic.

    14. From RH (29th Sept 1976; 2p, handwritten) Lists now typed and sent to CUL with copies to the APS library. RH has sent new notes for Mendel Newsletter and Heredity.

    15. From RH (29th March 1977; 2p, handwritten) RH found a new packet of important letters which are forwarded to CUL. Currently working on Rosa fossils.

    16. From RH (24th May 1977; 2p, handwritten) Thank you for the Mendel card from Brno. The set of letters "kept back for lecturing purposes" sent to CUL and APS. Dr. Bell of the latter very interested in one from Davenport, and he found 13 Hurst letters among the Davenport papers (1904-34), and 7 from Davenport to Hurst (typed copies of which we have the originals plus one).

    17. From RH (6th Sept 1977; 2p, handwritten) Thank you for your article in Mendel Newsletter. RH is preparing Index for her manuscript in the CUL. Owen has been to visit (their first meeting).

    18. From RH (29th Nov 1977; 2p, handwritten) APS manuscript has set them looking for letters from Hurst to Americans. Dr. Bell very enthusiastic. Her son will visit in the course of a lecture tour.

    19. From RH (8th May 1978; 2p, handwritten) Has been in hospital. Index unfinished. Described her son's US trip [John Gilbert Hurst, 1927-2003].

    20. From RH (4th Aug 1979; 3p, handwritten) AGC has sent her his recent papers. Hurst knew Mary Bateson best of the WB sisters, since she researched the Leicester records (near Burbage). Founding of the SEB did not concern Hurst who was "working on the correlation of the Rosa work with Morgan's cytogenetic work." Rose interest is high and people from Cambridge Botanic Garden visited recently to take cuttings from her garden. They spent summer 1926 with rose people in Switzerland, whose "cytological results fully confirmed their systematic work - - and all became very pro-Morgan in consequence!"

    21. From RH (26th Dec 1979) Shocked by attack on WB in recent TLS review of book, "having known the Batesons pretty well myself in the 20s - they were always just normal Edwardian people - I was brought up the same myself."

    22. From RH (6th Feb 1980; 2p, handwritten) Cambridge Bot. Gard. taking more specimens.

    23. From RH (10th Feb 1980; 4p, handwritten) Remarks on Darlington and Huxley. Worked on roses with Gordon Rowley and Anne Wylie, the latter having confirmed the Hurst 's cytology work on her return to New Zealand. RH is honorary vice-president of the Rose Society. Hurst worked out a formula for human intelligence, which Rona used in the course of her 18 years teaching at Christ's Hospital.

    24. To RH (19th Feb 1980) Thanks for Hurst 1933 paper on intelligence which AGC returns (attached annotated photocopy (2p) of part of that paper). AGC has become a non-person to Darlington. AGC takes D's information on WB "with a pinch of salt."

    25. From RH (23rd Feb 1980; 5p) Praise of W. Wilks, whom RH never met. Hurst discovered dominant and recessive characters in orchids in the 1890s. Describes tragedy of losses in the 1st World War. Notes the bad genetic predictions on intelligence prior to 2nd World War. 

    15. With Stephen Jay Gould

    1. From SJG addressed to AGC in Edinburgh (6th Jan 1965). There is a forthcoming paper of SJG and colleague (White) in American Naturalist, but AGC has "effectively made many of our points already" in his new fowl paper on the allometric equation in Genetical Research. Please send a reprint and any others in the series that may appear in future. [Some rough AGC notes (1p) on the SJG paper are attached.]

    2. To SJG from new address at Southampton (16th Jan 1965) AGC is encouraged "that you have come independently to the same general viewpoint," and looks forward to the American Naturalist paper. In a review sent to Quarterly Review of Biology 6 months ago AGC discusses 'the fallacies and muddles so prevalent in much of the literature, Kidwell et al included.' AGC has failed to make Kidwell 'see the light.'

    3. From SJG (30th March 1965) Thank you for reprints. Note your work on dosage compensation "a problem that interests me greatly." Enclose the paper "on interpretation of the coefficient term in the allometry equation. .. I think you have hit on the best solution - - ."

    4. To SJG (15th May 1965; 2p) No further news from Quarterly Review of Biology. Hope at Southampton to move from fowl to crustaceans [Artemia]. Idea and term "positional differences" due to Reeve (1940).

    5. From SJG (11th March 1966; postcard, handwritten) Your QRB paper "a beautiful job." We are "both expatriate in our review articles. I have an allometry review in the current Biol. Rev! ... Works are mainly complementary - mine virtually ignores genetics per se and emphasizes evolutionary allometry."

    6. To SJG (21st Dec 1966) thanks for card of 3rd Nov. Have seen your Biol. Rev review which complements AGC's "very neatly." "The reason for my expatriate publication is quite simple: Munro Fox rejected an earlier version of my article practically by return of post, without even sending it to a referee!" The QRB was submitted "in July 1964."

    7. From SJG (13-th March 1967; handwritten) Excuse long delay in answering. Suspects that Fox tends to publish only work he has solicited. What does AGC think of Sneath's attempt to quantify D'Arcy Thompson's transformed coordinates?

    8. To SJG (21st June 1967; typed, 3p plus graph). Not "convinced that the story is as simple as you imply." Mentions Istambul conference.

    9. From SJG having moved to Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard (5th Nov 1967; 2p, typed). Please note my new address. Your letter went to Columbia, then to Bermuda, back to Columbia, then here. Thank you for analyzing my snail data. My large work on the Bermudan snails is finally submitted. "I have adopted your criterion of homeomorphy for allometric growth."

    10. From SJG (2 April 1969) Max's Istambul junket is coming off.

    11. To SJG (29th April 1969) Roll on Istambul.

    12. To SJG (29th March 1972) Hoping to get some of the fowl "Growth and Form" stuff ready for publication. First two components in principle component analysis make anatomical sense. AGC began a rough draft ("a few caveats and rejoinders") to SJG's recent paper in American Naturalist. Has moved on to biography of William Bateson. Unlucky getting scholarship at Corpus Christi (AGC's old college). Any possibility of Harvard? To whom should AGC apply?

    13. From SJG (7th April 1972; 2p, typed) Gives name of head of History of Science Dept., Everett Mendelsohn, and SJG and Ernst Mayr are both adjunct members of that department. EM is busy writing a book on the history of biology "with a strong emphasis on the early days of genetics. As a naturalist, he has a fairly strong prejudice against the early Mendelians." SJG mentions his own review of "Koestler's latest diatribe against modern evolutionary theory for Science - his vindication of Paul Kammerer. Was Bateson really that nasty a man?" Discusses principle component analysis.

    14. To SJG (8th June 1972; 2p, typed). Recent visit to Norwich more interesting than expected with material that will "interdigitate very usefully with 'Bateson Papers, Baltimore' which are on microfilm at the American Philosophical Society. - - Nobody has yet gone through the Norwich materials carefully, and much of it hasn't even been sorted and catalogued. So first priority for my Sabbatical is now to spend a term at Norwich ." AGC needs written approval for copy of BPB from GB, who lives in Hawaii and is difficult to get hold of William Coleman, who made BPB; acknowledged help from GB's daughter who is married to Kassarjian. Apparently there is someone of that name at Harvard. Could SJG try to get AGC an address? Has Mayr found a publisher?

    15. To SJG (10th June 1972; 1p, typed) Post-script in answer to SJG's question whether WB "was really that nasty a man." No. Refers to Festing-Jones biography of Samuel Butler, as evidence that WB was not a bigoted anti-Lamarckist. Looks forward to seeing SJG's review.

    16. From SJG (16th June 1972; 1p, typed) Kassarjian no longer at Business School. Mayr likely to publish with Harvard University Press.

    17. To SJG writing from Norwich (23rd March 1973). GB answered and AGC has copy of BPB. But Coleman advises for complete picture need to see papers in possession of Mrs. Kassarjian at Hancock, which is near Boston. Is applying for funds for visit. Can he give SJG's name as referee (form enclosed) and could SJG find space for him to sort the papers? Plans a "scientific biography" of WB.

    18. From SJG (30th March 1973) Have submitted the form to the APS. Pleased to provide space, probably in Mayr's section.

    19. To SJG (11th Dec 1973) Wellcome Foundation have come up with travel funds, but Mrs. Kassarjian will not be back from Iran until late 1974.

    20. From SJG (6th Feb 1974) Congratulation on the Wellcome news. We could arrange to keep the papers safely here while you examine them, but SJG sees the advantage of waiting for her to return.

    21. To SJG (4th Sept 1974) Will come for 6 weeks beginning December 16th.

    22. To SJG (7th Oct 1974) Dates now Nov 28th to Jan 9th. Copy of this to Mayr just in case you should be away. "Serious doubts as to whether I ought still to be on speaking terms with you." Notes SJG has labeled WB "a very nasty man," in his review of Koestler's book. Disputes this, but SJG forgiven.

    23. From SJG (30 April 1975; 1p, handwritten) Thanks AGC for sending book for Jesse.

    24. From SJG (16th July 1984) Good to hear from you after so long. SJG's health now better.

    25. From AGC to Wallace Arthur (21st Aug 1984) A letter for him from SJG put in AGC's envelope.

    26. To SJG (23rd Aug 1984) Delighted on SJG's better health. Francis Galton's concept of "positions of organic stability" was not mentioned in SJG's chapter. Probably Galton was thinking of within species variation "but would not have been blind to the longer term."

    27. From SJG (5th Sept 1984) Sorry for correspondence mix up. Knows Galton's metaphor only from WB's writings. Could AGC direct SJG to original text.

    28. From Wallace Arthur (11th Sept 1984) Could you send me the paper Gould enclosed.

    29. From AGC to Wallace Arthur (5th Nov 1984; 2p, handwritten) Apologises for delay in forwarding the Gould reprint. "There is a worth-while story to be told about Bateson's views on evolution, but whether I shall ever find the 'time, cash, strength and patience' to tell it, I sometimes doubt." Mentions trouble with Peter Bowler (Belfast).

     16. With David Lipset

    1. From DL, Palo Alto (16th Sept 1975) Request for interview with AGC.

    2. To DL (1st Oct 1975) Have limited materials on GB. Most relevant items are a letter from WB to GB just after the death of Martin Bateson, and one about the Kammerer Cambridge meeting.

    3. From DL (10th Oct 1975) Could you send a photocopy of WB's letter to GB after Martin Bateson's death that GB sent to you. DL plans to use this event "as the axis upon which to balance some sort of integrating argument."

    4. To DL (4th Nov 1975) Has found the WB-GB letters.

    5. From DL (23rd Feb 1976) Failed to meet AGC during DL's brief UK visit. Names several people he interviewed. Wonders how WB got onto Blake. Indicates an early interest of his mother, Annie Bateson. "Along similar lines, I wondered who, if anybody, put W. B. onto Samuel Butler?" Did Butler know WB? What was WB's sense of Butler, purely scientific?

    6. To DL (10th May 1976; 2p, typed) Regrets delay in replying. Blake's works were generally well known. Speculates on a Butler link to WB and thinks they never met.

    7. From DL (30th July 1976) Tells about Mary Adams, a young potential cytologist interviewed by WB. Annie Bateson's book of poems (100p), mostly written 30 years earlier, was privately bound and is dated 1903. GB had a long correspondence with William Coleman. DL thinks Coleman's word "conservative" applied to WB is unfortunate.

    8. To DL (13th Aug 1976) Has "mixed feelings" about Coleman's paper.

    9. From DL (11th Nov 1976; 2p, typed) Now a first year graduate student in anthropology, but may switch to history of science. Queries C. Beatrice Bateson's family background and who WB's friends were. Lists some mentioned by GB. Why so little contact with d'Arcy Thompson? Very excited reading Butler.

    10. From DL at La Jolla (10th Feb 1979; 1p) Biography of GB nearly ready. Enclose Preface (9p).

    11. To DL (undated) AGC sends congratulations on the GB biography and thanks DL for the copy sent by Prentice-Hall 2 months ago of which he has read about half. AGC agrees with Coleman that WB did not like Butlers link between memory and heredity. Since the Colenso story told by Darlington, AGC has investigated it to some extent and has some doubts as to its veracity.

    12. From DL (8 Sept 1980) There may be apocryphal aspects of the Colenso story. DL has persuaded the APS to put the GB letters on microfilm with a copy for the JI. Perhaps a copy of the BPH which AGC put into the CUL should also go to the APS?

    17. With Biohistorians or Sociologists (A-D)

    1. To Garland Allen (2nd Dec 1980) letter later withdrawn

    2. To Garland Allen (8th Dec 1980) Previous letter withdrawn

    3. From Garland Allen (15th Dec 1980) Unable to shed light on the Sturtevant paper sent by Morgan to WB in 1914.

    4. From Vassily Babkoff, Moscow (23rd June 1981) Thanks AGC for reprints. There are probably letters from WB in the Vavilov files in Leningrad .

    5. To Babkoff (22nd July 1981) Thanks for reprints. Note you will be at the Brno meeting.

    6. From Babkoff (11th Nov 1981; 2p, handwritten) Busy on manuscript on the rise of evolutionary genetics in Russia.

    7. To Babkoff (16th Dec 1981; 2p, typed) Supports idea of editing a collection of essays on the history of genetics.

    8. From Babkoff (31st March 1982; 1p) An essay on WB would be interesting.

    9. From Peter Bowler, Belfast (12th April 1983) Having read AGC's article on WB in Annals of Science, writes to inform AGC that PB's forthcoming Eclipse of Darwinism is 'considerably at variance with yours, and more in sympathy with Coleman's approach.' PB considers WB an 'idealist.'

    10. To PB (29th June 1983) It may be a matter of terminology.

    11. From PB (5th July 1983) Writes of "complex interactions of value-systems that shape evolutionary thought around 1900," and "older ways of thinking were being preserved in a less obvious way." Book now out and perhaps you will let me know your thoughts after reading it.

    12. Copy of unpublished letter to The Times dated 8th Jan 1982 and now forwarded to PB. The term 'Darwinism' should not be applied both to evolution and natural selection.

    13. From PB (3rd Sept 1983) Thank you for copy of your Times letter. Sorry you are having problem getting a copy of the book.

    14. To F. B. Churchill, Editor of Mendel Newsletter (10th Sept 1976) Can I submit article on whereabouts of the WB papers? May meet you at the Edinburgh Congress.

    15. From FBC (27th Sept 1976) Please submit your supplement to our earlier Coleman article on WB.

    16. To FBC (21st March 1977) Herewith my article.

    17. From FBC (16th May 1977) Your article will be in next Mendel Newsletter.

    18. From FBC (14th Nov 1980) Thank you for your recent contribution on Rona Hurst and Gregory Bateson.

    19. To Ronald W. Clark, Kensington, London (14th Nov 1967) AGC notes he is seeking reminiscences of J. B. S. Haldane. "Skeeterpot" and "Skeeterpottery."

    20. From RWC (15th Nov 1967) Grateful for load of letters and any reminiscences.

    21. To RWC (18-20th Nov 1967; 2p, typed) AGC's reminscences of JBSH.

    22. From RWC (21st Nov 1967) Thanks.

    23. From RWC (11th Dec 1967) Herewith return your materials with thanks.

    24. To Lindley Darden (20th Sept 1977; 1p, typed) Request reprint of WB paper. Two "small points" arising discussed.

    25. From LD (29th Sept 1967) Thank you and nice meeting you in Edinburgh .

    26. To John Durant (29th Jan 1982) Noted his article on the 'Arkansas monkey trial.'

    27. From JD (5th Feb 1982) Enclose typescript (5p) of the December article in The Guardian. Could AGC send materials for a paper he is writing on Creationism?

    28. To JD (26th Feb 1982; 2p, typed) Encloses a selection of WB's 1922 press-cuttings. The forgotten hero is F. E. Dean.

    29. From JD (5th March 1982) Will see AGC at November meeting of BHSH.

    18. With Biohistorians or Sociologists (E-L)  

    1. From A. W. F. Edwards (25th Nov 1985) Request for reprints.

    2. To AWFE (12th Feb 1990) Application to attend Fisher Centenary Meeting.

    3. To P. N. Froggatt, Belfast (11th June 1971) AGC asks for reprint and introduces himself. PF's paper did not note that Galton "was a thorough-going Batesonian."

    4. From PNF (16th June 1971) We did not consult primary information when preparing our paper. While vaccilating, ultimately Galton chose the Ancestrian view.

    5. To PNF (7th July 1971; 2p) Galton in 1892 discounted any role for continuous variation.     

    6. From PNF (23rd July 1971) Correspondence with his 'two lieutenants' Pearson and Weldon show him as a protagonist of continuous variation, but it is difficult to pin him down.

    7. From PNF (12th Dec 1973) Thank you for the reprint from JHB. PNF's ignorance of the field led him to appreciate WB's nuances.

    8. To PNF (19th Dec 1973) AGC will try to avoid partisanship in his WB biography.

    9. From PNF (8th Jan 1974) Rejection of Fisher's 1918 paper led him to place it in the R. S. Edinburgh, rather than the Phil. Trans. R. S., but PNF had not been told that it was Punnett, not WB, that was referee for the R. S.

    10. From Jonathan Harwood (25 Nov 1983) Met 10 years earlier when AGC visited Donald MacKenzie in Edinburgh. Is seeking letters between WB and E. Baur.

    11. To JH (27th Feb 1984) Regret delay. News came in December 1983 from Lois Bateson "of yet another, small cache of W. Bateson papers and books." Refers JH to Rosemary Harvey who is preparing the JII computer index. There is a small notebook in which CBB transcribed letters from the collection of a Berlin library in 1927. Mentions Adela Baur of San Diego State University.

    12. From JH (27th March 1984) Mrs. Harvey has been most helpful. JH has met Adela Baur.

    13. From David L. Hull (10th Oct 1968) Next term teaching on philosophical problems in biology.

    14. From DLH (12th Aug 1976) Could AGC review paper for JHB? Difficulty over the term "continuous variation."

    15. To DLH (25th Oct 1976) In 1894 WB's thoughts seem crystal clear, but become muddled after 1900.

    16. To Dan J. Kevles (27th Oct 1976; 2p) AGC has learned from B. Norton that DK plans major work on "the social history of genetics." Tells of his own work and asks for reprints.

    17. From DJK (4th Nov 1976) Only in exploratory stage.

    18. From DJK (16th June 1977) Requests information about the various WB collections. Will be at the Edinburgh meeting.

    19. From DJK (14th Oct 1977) Has visited JII and has further questions about the WB collections.

    20. To DJK (9th Nov 1977) AGC describes the listing of files.

    19. With Biohistorians or Sociologists (M)

    1. From Donald A. MacKenzie (1st Aug 1973) APS Librarian says that AGC has WB materials that DAM, "a research student", would like to see.

    2. To DAM (28th Aug 1973) Will lend you the reels of the Coleman microfilm, but please keep no more than a month. Gives description of some reel contents.

    3. From DAM (29th Aug 1973) I will be away so do not send until end of September.

    4. AGC note to himself (2nd Oct 1973) Rolls B and C of BPB sent with extract of Coleman's guide to the reels.

    5. From DAM (4th Oct 1973) Thank you.

    6. To DAM (18th Oct 1973) AGC will be visiting parents-in-law in Edinburgh. Proposes meeting.

    7. From DAM (undated) Please to meet with you.

    8. From DMA (5 Nov 1973) Loaned microfilms not returned

    9. To DAM (29th Jan 1974) Still has not been able to get copy of W. Provine book. Darlington has sent some WB letters.

    10. From DAM (18th Feb 1974) Darlington did not load any WB papers to DAM. Has been on visit to Harvard. Saw some WB-Davenport correspondence.

    11. To DAM (22nd Feb 1974) Sends photocopies of Darlington letters - AGC's error.

    12. To DAM (26th March 1974) On the refereeing of Fisher's 1918 paper.

    13. From DAM (28th March 1974) Currently studying Pearson. Sends unpublished early Fisher note.

    14. To DAM (1st April 1974; handwritten) Sends the referee reports.

    15. From DAM (25th June 1974) Worried about copyright.

    16. To DAM (19th July 1974; 2p, typewritten) Comments on DAM's new paper.

    17. From DAM (2nd Aug 1974; 2p, typewritten) Have amended draft based on AGC's useful comments.

    18. From DAM (13th Aug 1974) Please come and meet Barrie Barnes when you are in Edinburgh .

    19. From DAM (21st Aug 1977) BB and DAM are revising their paper and need to consider AGC's criticisms of Coleman more study.

    20. From DAM (9th Sept 1977) Several others skeptical of Coleman's account.

    21. From DAM (19th Sept 1977) Thanks for papers. Darlington referred to WB's alcoholic binges. DAM notes AGC's recent controversy with Darlington .

    22. From Lilian A. C. Perieira Martins, Brazil (20th March 1995; 2p, typed). Doing Ph.D. in History of Science on "classic period" in genetics, with thesis on "the chromosome theory of heredity: foundations, criticism and acceptance." To go to Cambridge, UK for one year in April, when will visit the JI and would like to meet AGC.

    23. To LACPM (4th May 1995) Pleased to meet with you.

    24. From Otto G. Meijer, The Netherlands (8th July 1983) Thank you for your detailed letter. Concerned with Mendel's use of statistics and sends draft papers.

    20. With Biohistorians or Sociologists (N)

    1. To Bernard J. Norton, Shoreham, Sussex (28th Aug 1973) AGC has learned from RS Librarian that BJN may be submitting article on the Evolution Committee of the RS.

    2. From BJN (12th Sept 1973) Still on project, but difficulty getting WB-Weldon correspondence. Wonders how important it was for genetics.

    3. To BJN now at Univ. of Pittsburgh (2nd Oct 1973; 2p) Sets out importance of the Evolution Committee under 4 headings: Finance, Publication, Contacts, Prestige.

    4. From BJN (10th Nov 1973) Refers to various papers and Koestler's book.

    5. From BJN (18th May 1974) Back in UK. Would like to meet.

    6. From BJN (1st June 1974) Have dispatched RS Evolution Committee microfilm.

    7. To BJN (6th June 1974) I will return the microfilm soon.

    8. From BJN (28th June 1974) Arrangements for BJN and Allen Birnbaum to meet AGC at Southampton .

    9. To BJN (11th July 1974) Thank you for microfilm and Pittsburgh teaching schedules. Sorry Birnbaum not coming to Southampton .

    10. From BJN (31st July 1974) Struggling with Sturtevant paper on reduplication. Would like to look at "the Bateson film."

    11. To BJN (undated) We are away for a holiday in Scotland and you could borrow the Bateson microfilms for this period.

    12. From BJN (undated) Thank you for letter of 14th Aug. Lost in Coleman's paper. Unsure what it was WB "was pushing."

    13. To BJN (4th Nov 1974) The copy of roll C of the microfilm has just arrived. There are a few bits of roll B which would interest you.

    14. From BJN (8th Nov 1974) Many thanks for sending the microfilm. My cheque is enclosed.

    15. From BJN (14th July 1975) Asks for another photocopy of the reviews of the Fisher 1918 paper.

    16. To BJN (15th July 1975) Herewith the photocopies. Do not worry about the costs.

    17. From BJN (28th Aug 1975) Egon Pearson and I will write something on the Fisher 1918 reviewing. Good news about the WB papers.

    18. To BJN (10th Sept 1975) States intention to publish the Bernard symposium. The new WB stuff is "an embarrassment" since it will need cataloguing..

    19. From BJN (17th Sept 1975) I will be seeking job next year.

    20. From BJN (15th Aug 1976) Would appreciate loan of the Jinks volume on the early history of genetics in England.

    21. From BJN (2nd Sept 1976) I met Sewall Wright at the International Biometric Conferences in the USA. Also discussions with Kevles who is planning study on social history of genetics. Please sent the Jinks volume and I will photocopy parts.

    22. To BJN (9th Sept 1976) Herewith Jinks. I am half through a draft response to Coleman's paper.

    23. From BJN (7th Dec 1976) Appointed to Lectureship at Leicester University on history and social relations of science.

    24. From BJN (6th April 1977) Thanks for fascinating offprint.

    25. To BJN (26th Nov 1981) On press-cuttings relating to WB's Toronto address as of interest to the BSHS meeting on 'Evolution and Religious Belief.'

    21. With Biohistorians or Sociologists (O-W)

    1. From Robert C. Olby (14th Feb 1974) Thanks for reprint on WB. Busy with book and have not been able to give it full attention.

    2. From RCO (12th July 1975) Short note enclosed on WB's introduction of Mendelism and would appreciate AGC's comments since it has not been finally accepted by BJHS.

    3. To RCO (25th May 1976) Thank you for putting me in touch with Ian Shine, of Kentucky, who has just visited. AGC's book on WB going slowly partly due to the surfeit of materials now available.

    4. From RCO (15th June 1976) Will not come to the British Society meeting in Southampton in July.

    5. To RCO (16th Nov 1982; 4p, handwritten) My paper on WB, evolution and the fundamentalists will be at the May meeting of the BSHS.

    6. To RCO (20th Aug, with addendum 26th Aug, 1985; 4p, typed yellow paper) Thanks for advanced copy of paper on WB's introduction of Mendelism to England. AGC uneasy about Beatrice Bateson's story. Master's review in Gardeners' Chronicle important. AGC lists several points which occurred to him while reading. WB went on breeding F1 generations, not F2 generations right up to September 1900. AGC's father-in-law (by first wife) had been a colleague of Tschermak. AGC doubts Tschermak's understanding of what he had observed. Reflections on Tschermak's character. Was WB a good lecturer? AGC has had not reply from Thoday, whom he asked for a copy of his father's lecture notes.

    7. From RCO (29th Aug 1985) Honoured to receive your letter. I am prepared to defend Tschermak as a major figure in the "triple rediscovery" story. Works of Cambell, Kottler and Meijer now give a much clearer picture.

    8. To RCO (undated) Thank you for copy of your new edition, especially the appendices. AGC now starting "full retirement" and is in smaller room at U of Southampton. AGC has given RCO's name as a referee in application to the RS for a small grant.

    9. To RCO (19th Sept 1986) Have named you as referee in application to Corpus Christi for Senior Research Scholarship. Next week plan to send off 'the very last batch' of the WB papers.

    10. From RCO (24th Sept 1986) Thanks for letter of 18th Sept. Have written to Miss Gaskell. Hope the application is successful.

    11. To RCO (19th Nov 1987) Congratulations on 'Bateson's Introduction - -'. Correction about his supposition on the availability of Mendel's paper in Cambridge. Enquiry after Bernard Norton's work.

    12. From RCO (31st Nov 1987) Made same mistake over paper availability. Still working on project on the foundation of genetics as a discipline in the UK. Please keep me informed on your work.

    13. To RCO (3rd June 1988; 5p, typed) Need to outline what I intend doing next on WB. Tackling a full-scale biography seems remote, but AGC has lesser books in mind. 1. Reissue of Margaret Bateson on women's employment. 2. Update of Letters from the Steppe. 3. Collected WB letters to Beatrice. Relates their courtship and role of Mrs. Herringham. Also mulling over possible papers, (a) on Mendels' honesty, (b) on Kammerer, (c) on Popperian and Baconian styles of science, (d) reanalysis of apparent irregularities in Sturvenant's linkage data.

    14. From RCO (13th July 1988; 1p, typed). Urges AGC to publish in piecemeal fashion, so "your priority, wherever it may be, is protected." I will keep you informed on my work on the first generation of Mendelians.

    15. From RCO (written 25th Aug, received 15th Sept, 1988; 1p) Intrigued by AGC's remarks on Sturtevant. Kammerer analysis is probably the most achievable. Visited the JI last week and is particularly interested in Baur and Doncaster.

    16. To RCO (10th March 1989; 2p, typed). Gossipy letter. The 16 volumes of Doncaster diaries are "wholly personal" not scientific.

    17. From RCO (17th March 1989; handwritten) Queries what computer facilities will be needed when AGC visits. RCO will have to get in touch with Doncaster's daughter.

    18. From RCO (9th May 1989) Enclose preprint of accepted paper in BJHS and another on the Development Commission. RCO is looking for a 1909 letter from Farmer. Asking Rosemary Harvey how to cite WB archives.

    19. From RCO (17th Jan 1990) Thanks for letter of 2nd Jan. Planning a meeting on the reception of Mendelism in different countries that should take place before the 1992 Haldane Centennial.

    20. Note for RCO saying he is away in USA (24th Sept 1992).

    21. Card (undated) from RCO saying photocopy is enclosed (undated).

    22. To William Provine (25th March 1974) Apologetic for not citing WP's book since had difficulty getting a copy. AGC's interest in WB has flourished into a projected biography.

    23. From Nils Roll-Hansen (29th April 1983) Request reprint of Annals of Science paper. Hopes to come to BSHS meeting in May.

    24. To P. G. Werskey, Science Studies Unit, Edinburgh (29th Jan 1972) Comments of some of his recent articles on Haldane and Koestler's Midwife Toad.

    25. From PGW (2nd Feb 1972) Haldane deeper than J. Huxley. Please send final form of your WB manuscript.

    26. To PGW (25th March 1972) Encloses reprints.

    22. With Various other Groups (General Correspondence, B)

    1. From Barrie Burnet, Genetics, Sheffield (28th April 1982) Discusses proposals for topics at International Congress of Genetics in 1983.

    2. From BB (17th Jan 1986) Request reprint of 1973 paper.

    3. To BB (24th Jan 1986) Still stands by the paper, except perhaps the Bacon-Popper part. Very happy since has just got RS research grant, nearly 4% of the entire RS budget for History of Science (which is small).

    4. From BB (28th Jan 1986) Does AGC still have copy of Bernard paper?

    5. To BB (5th Feb 1986) Encloses copy of AGC's Bernard Symposium paper. AGC is "fuming with the John Innes people over lack of cooperation - - They are assembling a Bateson Archive, together with an elaborate computer-based index of the papers."

    6. From BB (18th Feb 1986) Thanks. BB is getting more into ethology.

    7. To Peter L. Besag (undated) Responding to last week's phone query on WB's eugenic views. WB's message is less to take a position than to make clear that biological facts cannot be ignored.

    8. From Peter L. Besag (21st July 1981) Thanks for letter. The excerpts you mark are right to the point. PLB has visited JI and Cambridge .

    9. To Peter L. Besag, California (25th Aug 1981; 2p, typed) Thanks for July letter. AGC on WB's more jingoistic letters from Siberia. Prof. Adela Baer might help on social prejudices of geneticists.

    10. From PLB on Christmas Card (?Dec 1981). You may be right on your interpretation of WB's remarks. It is difficult for a non-English person to assess their humor.

    11. From Adela Baer, San Diego, but now in London (11th Dec 1978) AB is geneticist studying prewar eugenics in Germany. Wishes to visit AGC and examine some papers he has described in Mendel Newsletters.

    12. To AB (22nd Dec 1978; 2p, typed) Many of the items AB mentioned have now been sent to CUL, but AGC still has some and would welcome a visit.

    13. From AB (26th Jan 1979; handwritten) Gives quote from Erwin Baur at first meeting of the German Genetics Society in 1921. Has seen Hans Gruneberg at University College .

    14. From AB (3rd Jan 1979) Plans to visit AGC on 11th Jan.

    15. To AB (30th Jan 1979) The day of discussion was pleasurable. Thanks for information on Baur and Lotsy, whom AGC had not realized to be Dutch.

    16. From AB (6th Feb 1979). Thanks for address of Ursula Philip. Bentley Glass had drawn her to AB's attention.

    17. From A. S. Bearn (19th June undated) Regarding telephone conversation with AGC, Garrod gave WB full credit for alerting him to significance of consanguinity in recessives.

    18. To Lady Marjorie Bawden (5th Feb 1980) Thank you for letter concerning the history of women's education at Cambridge.

    23. With Various other Groups (General Correspondence, F-H)

    1. To Margaret Forster, London (18th Jan 1989; 8p, typed) On the WB-Beatrice romance.

    2. To MF (15th March 1989; 1p, typed) Thanks for card. Can you suggest a periodical that might take the WB-Beatrice romance story?

    3. To L. V. Giddings, Hawaii (9th May 1977) Thanks for reprint request. Discusses difficulties of getting copies of books on WB.

    4. From LVG (9th Sept 1977) Interested in WB with respect to creationist controversies of the 1920s.

    5. To LVG (20th Sept 1977) Expands on WB's Toronto address.

    6. To J. S. L. Gilmour, Cambridge Botanic Gardens (11th Oct 1973) Concerning the University's proposed sale of part of the Gardens.

    7. From JSLG (25th Oct 1973) Has retired from BG Directorship. Knew "Miss Saunders so well." Has forwarded letter to Archivist.

    8. To JSLG (5th Nov 1973) The 17 acres of the 1904 CU flysheets corresponds well with the 20 acres in your article.

    9. To JSLG (8th Nov 1973) The Archivist, Miss Peek, has clarified the issue. [ACG does not ask for reminiscences of ERS.]

    10. J. B. S. Haldane as Editor of Journal of Genetics.1. Corresp. Re: The Interpretation of Autosexing (AGC's replies lost) From JBSH (12th Feb 1952) Suggestions for revisions of AGC's paper.

    11. J. B. S. Haldane 2. Corresp. Re: Half-and-half mosaics in the fowl. From JBSH (25th Aug 1952; 3p) Suggestions for revisions of AGC's paper, with penciled notes on p2 and 3). From JBSH (21st Nov 1953; 2p) Accepts paper in principle, but has several major criticisms. Letter signed by J. M. Smith in absence of JBSH. To JBSH (26th March 1954) Encloses revised typescript. To JBSH (13th May 1954) Has noted errors and asks if it is too late to insert. Will return to UK from USA in June. From J. M. Smith (14th July undated) Paper has gone to press. From J. M. Smith (27th Sept undated) Encloses proof of paper. To J. M. Smith (4th Oct undated) Refers to JMS's note of 14th July and AGC's letter to JBSH of 13th May. From J. M. Smith (6th Oct undated) Had not noted AGC's return to UK, so mails delayed. To J. M. Smith, Assistant Editor (20th Oct 1954; 2p) AGC encloses corrected proof and makes some comments thereon.

    12. J. B. S. Haldane 3. Corresp. Re: Haldane's 1960 review in Journal of Genetics 57, 153-158. To JBSH (16th Nov 1960; 2p) JBS has referred to "Assayeva and Cock's observations," but AGC does not know the former's work and asks for reference. Discusses Billingham and Medawar's transplantation work. From JBSH (22nd Nov 1960) Just off to Ceylon. Forgets reference. Thinks Assayeva was a pupil of Serebrovsky. To JBSH (25th Nov 1960) It was Serebrovsky who discovered "the ticking business" in poultry. Discussion of duck egg colours.

    13. From Max K Hecht of American Museum of Natural History now on sabbatical in France (12th Jan 1967) Asks for reprint of AGC's QRB paper. The papers of AGC and S. J. Gould "have certainly opened a reevaluation of the entire problem of allometry." Will be visiting UK in spring and would like to meet.

    14. To MKH (18th Jan 1967) Thanks for letter of 12th. Remarks positively on SJG's review. Welcomes MKH's visit.

    15. To MKH (22nd Feb 1967) Professor L. Brent welcomes your visit to the Department and asks for a seminar (expenses paid).

    16. From MKH (4th March 1967) Many other plans. Hopes something can be worked out.

    17. To MKH (8th March 1967) Gives some dates.

    18. From MKH (7th April 1967) Could speak on 29th May on Coral Snake Mimicry.

    19. To MKH (12th April 1967) Topic great. Suggests a few days later.

    20. From MKH (28th April 1967) Crowded itinerary and cannot manage the visit.

    21. To MKH (4th May 1967) Suggest a more convenient date.

    22. From MKH (28th May 1967) Just returned from "grand tour." Could meet AGC in London.

    23. To MKH (28th Sept 1967) [No indication that they met] Projected NATO Symposium in Istambul. Have you any information on this? AGC has written to S. J. Gould "pointing out a possible fallacy in the argument of his Bermudan snail paper, but no reply so far."

    24. From MKH (14th Oct 1967) Istambul plans still vague.

    25. From MKH (18th June 1968) Asks for input on NATO conference program.

    26. To MKH (22nd July 1968; 2p) Suggests slight reorganization of program and appends list (2p) of names and addresses of participants to consider inviting.

    27. To MKH (18th Jan 1969) Any more news on conference plans?

    28. From MKH (22nd Jan 1969) NATO grant approved and going to send AGC formal invitation.

    29. To MKH (4th Feb 1969) Accepts invitation to Istambul.

    30. From MKH (19th May 1969) Student revolts at Queen's College (CUNY) have disrupted things. Program nearly finalized. S. J. Gould speaking on "allometry and growth." The choice of AGC's topic (30 min allowed) is up to AGC.

    31. To MKH (5th June 1969) Encloses outline of AGC's talk. Could follow that of SJG since AGC's is "a complementary viewpoint with less emphasis on the dimensional-functional restraints than he is likely to give."

    32. From MKH (7th June 1969) Encloses abstract of SJG's talk. Please send yours.

    33. From MKH (29th Sept 1969) Please send abstract and comments on the conference for MKH's final report to NATO.

    34. To MKH (30th Oct 1969) It was a first class conference. Revised abstract enclosed.

    24. With Various other Groups (General Correspondence, H-M)

    1. To Mary Hesse of Cambridge Department of History and Philosophy of Science (28th Feb 1983; 2p, typed) Having taken "voluntary severance" from the University of Southamptom, AGC has reduced salary and is seeking to relocate.

    2. From MH (4th March 1983) Short, non-hopeful, letter.

    3. To MH (10th March 1983) AGC has not made his motives clear. He was wishing to establish an informal relationship with her department. Notes her support of Coleman's position, which AGC now regards as "comprehensively demolished."

    4. From F. B. Hutt, Ithaca (8th Jan 1971) Has acknowledged AGC's contribution in article about Punnett.

    5. From FBH (21st Jan 1974) Enjoyed AGC's defense of WB against Fisher.

    6. To Sir Joseph Hutchinson with a copy to Professor Thoday (3rd May 1972) Describes plans for WB book and seeks personal reminiscences and advice on how to arrange 6 month sabbatical in Cambridge.

    7. From JH (9th May 1972) Does not think he can help. Met WB only twice.

    8. E. B. Lewis and AGC's storm in a teacup. To Archival assistant at CalTech (6th Mar 1980; 2p) AGC has a problem with Sturtevant's early results on linkage. To EBL (30th Sept. 1980; 2p). Letter to Archivist returned as undeliverable. Repeats argument.

    9. From EBL (10th Oct 1980) Your analysis reminds me of Sturtevant's own love of detective work. Will contact Judith Goodstein the Archivist.

    10. From Judith R. Goodstein (11th Oct 1980) Describes some of Sturtevant's notebooks. Regrets earlier letter did not come to her attention.

    11. To JRG (undated) Would like to buy a film of the Sturtevant notebooks. Laments the difficulties of his own archival duties.

    12. To EBL (24th Oct 1980; 1p) Reminiscences.

    13. From EBL (5th Nov 1980) Not hopeful that the notebooks have the data for which AGC is looking.

    14. To EBL (2nd Dec 1980; 2p) Has noted that WB and RCP rejected Sturtevant's paper for the Journal of Genetics, and suggests a "plausible scenario." Attaches photocopy of WB letter to Morgan declining the paper (1p).

    15. To EBL (8th Dec 1980) The photocopy of the Sturtevant paper has arrived. All AGC's speculations are without foundation. AGC apologizes all round.

    16. To Jens Meyring (26th Mar 1987; 3p, handwritten) Comments on a 1933 Ragnvald Blix cartoon.

    17. To Roger Miles of British Museum, Natural History (27th Oct 1981; 4p, typed) Concerning the need for a new home of the mass of materials in the Cambridge Museum of Zoology of relevance to early history of genetics.

    18. From Elfed Morgan, Birmingham (3rd Sept 1979). Wants to know more about Wallace's letter to Bernard defining species.

    19. To EM (7th Sept 1979) Refers him to AGC's Bernard Symposium paper.

    20. To Ernst Mayr (1st Nov 1973) Concerning his plans to examine BPH. Some disagreement on some of Mayr's points. WB regarded himself as a "naturalist." Believed Weldon and Poulton supported each other in their anti-Bateson positions.

    21. From Mayr (9th Nov 1973) Mayr's interpretations "are subjective." Looks forward to meeting AGC when he visits.

    22. From Kenneth Mather, Vice-Chancellor of U. of Southampton (2nd Oct 1967) Thanks for extracts from WB-Punnett notebooks.

    23. To KM (9th Jan1969) Would Heredity be interested in a paper on the Bateson-Punnett notebooks, which were left by Punnett in the Storey's Way Poultry Genetics Unit and handed on to the Department of Genetics by Pease when he retired.

    24. From KM (10th Jan 1969) I no longer edit the journal, but I imagine the present editor would be interested. Uncertain as to what advice to give regarding formal permissions to reproduce.

    25. From KM (29th Dec 1970) Cannot recall publishing with Fisher on dogs.

    26. To Dick (?) with copy to (or Dick is) J. R. Martin, Dept of Applied Biology, Cambridge (23rd March 1972) Hopes to visit soon.

    27. From Dick (29th March 1972) Suggests approaching Sir J. Hutchinson.

    28. From Dick (20th April 1972) Hutchinson has just phoned and he would like to help.

    29. To Dick (4th May 1972) Have written to Hutchinson and Hoskin of Churchill College.

    30. From Dick (30th Nov 1973) Thanks for your WB paper. Draws AGC's attention to Fisher's daughter and gives her US address. 

    25. With Various other Groups (General Correspondence, N-S)

    1. From Singo Nakazawa (24th March 1981) Liked AGC's Pilgrimages article.

    2. To SN (undated; 2p, typed) Confirms WB's later disillusionment with genetics, since it was not "helping to elucidate problems of evolution and embryology and indeed seemed to be moving further away from these problems."

    3. From SN (10th June 1981) Introduces himself.

    4. To SN (26th Nov 1981) There should be a session on History of Genetics at the 1983 International Congress of Genetics. The Japanese Society should write it advocating this.

    5. From SN (8th Dec 1981) My friend Motoo Kimura is President of the Genetics Society of Japan and you could write to him. SN has written paper in Japanese concerning AGC's note on WB's disillusionment.

    6. From Diane Paul (21st June 1986) DP is researching the reception of Mendelism in the USA and is seeking AGC's advise on sources.

    7. To DP (3rd July 1986; 2p, typed) Advice given.

    8. From DP (8th July 1986) Has received some materials from Rosemary Harvey. Will give your regards to Steve Gould.

    9. To Ralph Riley (24th March1972) Concerning a farm worker who knew WB at Grantchester.

    10. From RR (30th March 1972) Someone once made notes on Ernie Muggleton's reminiscences.

    11. To Jimmy Sang (8th March 1973; 2p) AGC describes his WB source researches and funding problems, and describes his car crash.

    12. From JS (3rd Sept 1976) Thanks for copies of the Hogben-WB letters. Helen working with Whitehouse in Cambridge .

    13. From JS (26th Jan 1988; 2p, handwritten) Still has an office and laboratory at the U. of Sussex .

    14. To Ian Shine, Lexington, Kentucky (28th June 1976). Sends some WB materials.

26. With Various other Groups (General Correspondence, S-W)

    1. From Curt Stern (27th Feb 1954) Short note admitting to have spread "Darwin-Lincoln misinformation."

    2. To CS (6th March 1963; 3p, typed) Long query letter on dosage compensation and sex chromosomes.

    3. From CS (26th June 1963; 2p, handwritten) On dosage compensation, but 'cannot focus my mind.'

    4. To CS (25th July 1963) Hope to see you at the Hague meeting. Has example in birds of a hypomorph without dosage compensation.

    5. Sterns letter to Reeve (21st Jan 1964; 3p, handwritten) On AGC's paper on dosage compensation that appears to still be under review. Has comments on specific paragraphs. Brings up sensitivity "on priority" re: H. J. Muller.

    6. To CS (19th Feb 1964; 3p, typed) Reeve has shown AGC his letter and AGC appreciates the comments. AGC found CS's claim to priority in discovery of dosage compensation quite convincing. I believe Reeve will send you the revised copy.

    7. From CS (11th March 1964) CS is in general agreement.

    8. To CS (2nd Oct 1967; 3p, typed) Refers to AGC's recent letter about "the Bateson-Punnett extracts." Notes Stern and Sherwood have excluded Tschermak as "rediscoverer" in "any more than a trivial sense." Relates AGC's family connection with that of Tschermak. AGC turns to 'begging' mode. Describes his own review in QRB as "the best thing I have yet published," and the study of growth and form as "my first and central scientific love." Asks for help: (1) concerning the Scientific Program at the Tokyo genetics conference, AGC's previous contribution got in the wrong section - it should be in the section on developmental genetics: (2) concerning an "invited" contribution which would help with the funding aspect.

    9. From CS (11th Nov 1967; 2p, handwritten) Has sent copies of the relevant parts of AGC's letter to M. Kimura with 'a positive statement.' Correns referred to Mendel in an 1899 paper. It is significant that WB had the 3:1 ratios as early as 1898 and yet had to wait for an explanation to be provided.

    10. To CS (8th Nov 1969) Replying belatedly to the 1967 letter. AGC did not get to Tokyo, but did get to a recent conference in Istambul. A fellow geneticist, Bernard John, is now head of AGC's department.

    11. From CS (2nd Dec 1969) Remembers CS's "misuse of Darwin 's non-consanguinous parents."

    12. From CS (17th Jan 1973) Thanks for reprint on WB. CS is preparing paper on Tschermak's minor role.    

    13. To Robert Stigler (25th Jan 1972; 2p, typed) Describes intent to write WB biography and discussed Kammerer episode. Does KS have personal recollections?

    14. From RS in German (21st March 1972; 3p).

    15. To RS (10th April 1972) Discussion of suicide rates among Jews versus non-Jews

    16. From RS in German (17th April 1972; 2p).

    17. To J. M. Thoday (5th Nov 1969; 2p) AGC is one of the few who can decipher the Bateson-Punnett notebooks and intends to write paper. Had seen the notebooks when they were still at the Storey's Way laboratory.

    18. From JMT (14th Nov 1969) Yes, imagines Heredity would be interested in AGC's paper. The Department of Genetics gives permission. Pleased to provide photographs of the pages AGC needs.

    19. To JMT (4th May 1972) Paper will appear in Journal of the History of Biology. The matter has "whetted my appetite" and now AGC aims to write a biography of WB. To this end AGC is exploring ways of spending a year at Cambridge. Encloses copy of his letter to Sir. J. Hutchinson.

    20. From JMT (15th June 1972) No accommodation in the Department of Genetics but AGC is welcome to use their library resources.

    21. To JMT (14th July 1976) Has been told by Rona Hurst of Thoday's father's notes of WB's lectures.

    22. From R. J. Wood, Manchester (13th May 1975) RJW is writing a paper on Darbishire and seeks information.

    23. To RJW (16th May 1975) There are 26 WB-Darbishire letters.

    24. From RJW (13th June 1975) Congratulations on getting the microfilm. Darbishire was closely associated with Cossar Ewart during his years in Edinburgh .

    25. To RJW (20th June 1975) Encloses the Darbishire materials.

    26. From Alexander Weinstein, Harvard (23rd May 1978) Encloses reprint of his Mendel paper. S. J. Gould has told him AGC is working on Bateson biography. AW met WB when he visited Morgan and later when AW visited Cambridge.

    27. To AW (6th June 1978) Thanks

    28. To Bedford College (27th July 1973) Enquiry concerning C. Beatrice Durham.

    29. From Bedford College (8th Aug 1973) Confirm CBD graduated in 1883.

    30. To Bedford College (3rd Sept 1973) Do you know what she took degree in?

    31. From Bedford College (13th Sept 1973) Not able to help.

    32. To Registrar London Univ. (18th Sept 1973) CBD degree?

    33. From A. H. Wesencraft, Reference Librarian (1st Oct 1973; 2p, handwritten) Encloses Calendar of Bedford College (1p) showing her presence at BC in the session 1883-4. It was usual for students to leave without taking a formal degree.

    34. To AHW (15th July 1975) Enquiry concerning Henry M. Bernard.

    35. To AHW (21st July 1975) 2 of HMB's papers are from the Royal College of Science.

    36. From AHW (21st July 1975; 2p, handwritten) Gives details of HMB and suggests that, as a clergyman, he was unmarried.

    37. To AHW (28th July 1975) AGC notes that 2 papers were coauthored with Matilda Bernard. 


B. Correspondence Relating to Alan Cock's Publications on Bateson

1.      Interviews by AGC [Note the interview with Gregory Bateson is on two tapes.]

    1. Nora Barlow

1.      Interview (3rd May 1973; 1p, handwritten note)

2.      From NB (8th May 1973) Thanks for returning the WB photographs.

    1. M. B. Crane

1.      From AGC (28th April 1973) Enquiry.

2.      From MBC (3rd May 1973) Suggests time

3.      From MBC (12th Feb 1974) Thanks for reprint of paper.

    1. F. W. Bateson

1.      To FWB (10th July 1973) Patrick Bateson suggested you might have information.

2.      From FWB (12th July 1973; postcard) Suggests AGC also interview Darlington. Mentions a review of a book by Gregory Bateson.

3.      To FWB (26th July 1973) Will try to see you and Darlington in one trip.

4.      From FWB (? July 1973; postcard) My father (Pat's grandfather) was WB's first cousin.

5.      To FWB (2nd Oct 1973) Have not forgotten my intention to visit you.

6.      From FWB (5th Oct 1973) Gives dates when he will be away in USA.

7.      To FWB (28th Jan 1974) Still intends to visit. Encloses a WB pedigree that AGC has also sent to Darlington .

8.      From FWB (2nd Feb 1974; 2p handwritten) Thanks for pedigree and the offprint of a paper. He has copy of the privately printed Six Sermons by the Reverend W. H. Bateson, D.D.. Comments on some "insane" and "criminal" relatives that "we weren't allowed even to know of." FWB is descended from Frederick Septimus Bateson, who was William Henry Bateson's youngest brother. FWB was at Charterhouse school with the two eldest WB sons (John and Martin).

    1. C. D. Darlington

1.      To CDD (1st Aug 1973) Enquiry

2.      From CDD (10th Aug 1973; 2p, handwritten) Suggest AGC does much homework before meeting him.

3.      To CDD (2nd Oct 1973; 2p, typed) AGC has done most of the 'basic homework,' but it takes about 6 months to get a letter answered by Gregory Bateson. AGC has so far had one response from his Genetical Society notice, from Mrs. C. C. Hurst, who has offered to lend a copy of her unpublished manuscript The Evolution of Genetics.

4.      From CDD (10th Oct 1973) Suggests date for meeting at Oxford. Makes disparaging remarks about C. C. Hurst.

5.      From CDD (at interview 2nd Nov 1973) A point-by-point list of notes on AGC's paper by CDD. "P. 14. Surely B. is right about discontinuity betw. Spp?"

6.      AGC's notes on interview (6th Nov 1973; 3p, handwritten). CDD labels as "charlatans" the 4 leading exponents of chromosomes in the 1920s: Heslop Harrison, H. Gwynne-Vaughan, Ruggles Gates, John Farmer. Negative comments on Hurst and MacBride and "the women surrounding WB at JI."

7.      To CDD (19th Nov 1973) Note on WB's Scottish ancestry (via his mother).

8.      From CDD (22nd Nov 1973) Donald MacKenzie is also working in the area, as is P. G. Werskey who has examined the CDD archived letters. CDD has some WB letters from Keynes in 1910.

9.      From CDD (11th Dec 1973) Sends photocopies of letters.

10.  To CDD (21st Dec 1973) Chat about races.

11.  From CDD (25th Feb 1977; 2p, handwritten) Enquiry as to how the WB biography is progressing, reminded by Ian Shine's biography of T. H. Morgan.

12.  To CDD (8th March 1977) AGC is confronted with the task of "sorting and cataloguing" the WB materials and is a "slow writer," currently concentrating on papers, not the biography. CDD should not delay publishing anything on WB on AGC's account. Has approached several publishers who gave a "frosty response."

13.  From CDD (6th April 1977) Unfamiliarity with German microscopes made the WB generation resistant to chromosomes.

    1. Burnal C. Lane

1.      To BCL (9th Sept 1977) Miss Daphne Gould has mentioned BCL's long association with Anna Bateson, and had lent AGC a copy of BCL's poems. Would like to meet him to help with article AGC is writing for Hampshire.

2.      From BCL (15th Sept 1977) Suggests dates to meet.

3.      AGC's pencil notes (1p) of conversation (24th Sept 1977) Has copy of Keat's poems given to AB by G. Dale in 1885.

4.      From BCL. Christmas card mentioning AB's fondness and skill at music.

5.      From BCL (undated) Photocopies of two poems (2p). 

    1. Richard Eric Hottum of Kew Gardens

1.      AGC's notes on interview (15th April 1980; 5p, handwritten) Mainly AGC's questions and notes on documents (presumably held at Kew ). 

    1. Sir John Rawlins

1.      To JR (1st July 1980) Letter (2p, handwritten) commenting on their meeting, with notes (2p) on Geoffrey Keynes and J. B. S. Haldane.

    1. Sir Geoffrey Keynes

1.      To GK (6th July 1981) Encloses part of a paper and asks for interview.

2.      From GK (8th July 1981) Can see you 14th July.

3.      AGC's list of questions for GK (2p, in pencil).

4.      AGC's notes on interview (1p, pencil).

5.      From AGC (26th Oct 1981; 2p) Thanks for noting that WB's interest in Blake was mainly through his art.

    1. P. P. G. Bateson

1.      To PPGB (18th April 1970) AGC reports his studies on the Bateson-Punnett notebooks and requests "as a matter of courtesy" for some Bateson family consent.

2.      From PPGB (29th April 1970) Believes "C. B. B." in notebooks is not Beatrice, but C. B. Bridges.

3.      To PPGB (23rd May 1970) Does not think Bridges around that early.

4.      To PPGB (30th May 1970) Notes that Beatrice signs herself "C.B. B."

5.      To PPGB (22nd Dec 1971; 2p) Encloses a copy of his submitted paper. AGC is now considering a WB biography and is interested in the possibility of a year at Cambridge on a visiting fellowship.

6.      From PPGB (13th Jan 1972) Is sure the Bateson family would welcome a WB biography, "particularly now that Arthur Koestler has made him out to be an intolerant bigot." Refers to Gregory Bateson and Professor Thoday as sources.

7.      To PPGB (24th Jan 1972) Has discovered William Coleman's Centaurus paper (1970) which indicates the Coleman microfilm at the APS and implies the originals are with Gregory Bateson in Hawaii.

8.      To PPGB (27th March 1972) Corpus Christi will not award visiting fellowship. Hopes to see PPGB in Cambridge in April.

9.      From PPGB (10th April 1972) Visiting fellowships at Churchill look most promising.

10.  AGC's notes on conversation with PPGB on 1st May 1973 (6th May 1973; 1p handwritten) Knew WB's brother Edward well in his dotage. Gregory Bateson has a strong love-hate relationship with WB. Recommends AGC meet PPGB's father and Lady Barlow.

11.  From PPGB (9th May ?1973; 1p, handwritten) Refers to phone conversation. Asks AGC's opinion of the Lipset biography of Gregory Bateson.

    1. Sir Andrew Huxley

1.      From AGC (4th Aug 1982; 6p, handwritten notes on letter) Taking into account AH's interest in the history of science, this is "unashamedly a begging letter" related to AGC's taking voluntary severance from the University of Southampton and has problems which the AUT is looking into. Having got some salary AGC seeks a research fellowship with a nominal stipend and is looking for support from someone who recognizes the importance of biohistory. Would appreciate AH's advice.

2.      From AH as President of the Royal Society (13th Aug 1982) RS has not fellowships of the kind AGC seeks, but he can apply for a research grant.

3.      To AH (15th Feb 1990; 2p, typed) Wishes to meet to discuss WB. Will be in Cambridge for the Fisher Centenary Celebrations and encloses publications.

4.      From AH, Master's Lodge, Trinity College (19th Feb 1990) Happy to meet with you on 24th March.

    1. Gregory Bateson Two small tapes (8 Jan 1974). 1. Sessions 1,2. 2. Sessions 3, 4.


2.    Toronto Address Papers

a.       To Journal of Heredity (4th June 1986) Submission letter stating why AGC thinks the paper is suitable for the journal. Asks for waiver of page charges. There is a second paper to follow, which will deal with the forgotten "martyr" F. E. Dean.

b.      To B. C. Kuhn (31st March 1987) Receipt acknowledged 1st October. Could you be delaying because I have not sent the second paper?

c.       From Stephen J. O'Brien, new Editor (8th April 1987). Thanks for enquiry. Health problems of previous editor led to delay. Will get back to you.

d.      To SOB (21st May 1987) Thanks for 8th April letter.

e.       From SOB (12th June 1987) Reviews are favorable and paper is accepted for publication. Please consider comments (enclosed; 2p) and revise as you see fit.

f.        From M. M. Rhoades, reviewer, to SOB (9th May 1987) Positive.(Copy included in error in 12th June mailing.)

g.       From SOB (18th June 1987) Acknowledges submission of the second paper.

h.       To SOB (3rd Aug 1987; 2p) Presses for the figure, included as an option in the first paper, to be included. Asks for waiver of page charges for the second paper.

i.         From SOB (13th Jan 1988) Reviews are favorable and second paper accepted. Please consider comments (enclosed; 4p with AGC's query in pencil, "Garland E Allen?") and revise as you see fit. One reviewer (1p) questions AGC's "Bateson faced his Toronto audience buoyantly," and thinks WB needed to put "on a brave front" and "eat crow." No mention of page charges.

j.        To SOB (5th Feb 1988) Asks whether figure will be included. Does not ask about page charges. 

3.     Siarus [R. Harvey 2009 suggests "Siarus" may be anagram of "Russia"]

a.       To I. Michael Lerner (22 May 1975) Copies promised (by telephone) in January are enclosed (and have sent to Dohzhansky as you suggested). Copies are also in the Coleman BPB now in APS Library, so are in the public domain.

b.      To Theodosius Dobzhansky (25th May 1975) Has found "Siarus" document among BPH. Thinks documents should be formally published.

c.       From TD (29th May 1975) Author of Siarus and presumably of the letter is Vavilov's first wife (whom TD did not know). TD traveled with Vavilov in California in 1931. No strong reason not to publish.

d.      From IML (3rd June 1975; postcard) TD sent me a copy of his letter. Publication can do no harm, but doubts interest in the topic. Suggests Survey as possible target journal.

e.       To TD (8th Aug 1975) Had not known that Vavilov married twice.

f.        To IML (8th Aug 1975) Repeats above and says will write to Leo Lobedz.

g.       To Leo Lobedz, Editor, Survey (2nd Sept 1975) Would this be of interest?

h.       From Assistant Editor (4th Sept 1975) Acknowledge receipt. AGC notes on letter "25/ll/75 reminder".

i.         From Barry Mendel Cohen (26th Sept 1975) Ph.D studies on N. I. Vavilov and seeks information. Has seen APS letters. Mentions a biography of Vavilov by Reznik.

j.        To BMC (13th Oct 1975) Thanks for reprints and references.

k.      From BMC (17th Oct 1975) Believes Sairus document is a "hot" find, since it would "knock a hole" in the current view that Vavilov was a Bolshevik supporter. Indicates possible collaboration if AGC decides to publish.

l.         To BMC (24th Oct 1975) Lerner and AGC think Siarus document not written by Vavilov, who may not even have known of its existence.

m.     From BMC (2nd Nov 1975) Yes, possible that S. I. Vavilov, not N. I. Vavilov, is author. Presents some evidence that NIV was anti-Bolshevik. BMC thinks NIV is the author.

n.       To BMC (18th Nov 1975; 2p) Continues speculation. No word from Lobedz.

o.      From BMC (21st Dec 1975) Is in contact with Dr. G. H. Coons regarding Vavilov's attitudes.

p.      To Leo Lobedz (9th March 1976) Reminder that he has not replied. Indicates probable collaboration with BMC.

q.      To BMC (15th June 1976) Phoned Lobedz. Still delaying and AGC feels inclined to submit elsewhere. Any ideas? Photographs appended

r.        From BMC (21st June 1976) Suggests other journals and thanks for photographs.

s.       To Slavonic and East European Review. (?30th June 1976) Any interest?

t.        From Slavonic and East European Review (5th July 1976; handwritten) No.

u.       to James R. Miller of Slavic Review (20th July 1976) Any interest?

v.       From Slavic Review (27th July 1976; postcard) Manuscript received.

w.     From JRM (20th Sept 1976) Not in our policy to publish documents.

x.       From BMC (3 April 1977) Encloses reprint.


  4.   Anna Bateson

a.       AGC's penciled notes (1p) on AB's municipal involvement.

b.      From Rev. S. A. Outhwaite (undated) Note of AB's funeral for AGC.

c.       AB's obituary from The Times (5th June 1928) Clipping from the Fawcett Library.

d.      AGC's ink notes (2p) on AB.

e.       AGC's written draft paper on AB (undated; 16p on back of Bernard Symposium typescript).

f.        To Hampshire Editor (7th Sept 1976) Thinking of 2 part article. Encloses draft of first part.

g.       From Denis Stevens Hampshire (11th Oct 1976) Account of AB's family and early life would not be suitable. Please 'telescope' and emphasize her Hampshire years.

h.       To DS (21st Oct 1976) Can do.

i.         To County Record Office, Winchester (7th Dec 1977) Query on AB.

j.        From Hampshire Assistant Archivist (8th Dec 1977) Have some records and you are welcome to visit.

k.      To Curator, Red House Museum , Dorset (15th Sept 1978) AGC has photograph of her horse and light cart, likely to be at Christchurch circa 1920. Has the museum any material?

l.         To DS (1st Dec 1978) Paper submitted with photos.

m.     From DS (12th Dec 1978) Accepted for Hampshire.

n.       Clipping from New Milton Advertiser (24th Feb 1979) "Memories have been revived of Miss Anna Bateson - -"

o.      From Burnal Lane (18th May 1979) "You have done a good job."

p.      From Burnal Lane to Hampshire 20, no. 1, p. 24 declaring that he is the Bernal Lane of AGC's article and including poem on AB.

q.      From Winifred Rashley (21st May 1979) This 94 year old remembers AB and Miss Daphne Gould.


     5.  Cambridge University Press

a.       To CUP (21st Jan 1974) AGC requests permission to have photocopies made of WB's 1902 Defence and C. C. Hurst's 1925 Experiments in Genetics.

b.      From Denise Barlow (25th Jan 1974) In your proposed biography of WB will you take material from these, or just cite?

c.       To Denise Barlow (28th Jan 1974) At present AGC is seeking permission to photocopy. The final biography will probably take materials from these. Permission for this will be sought in due course. The publisher may be CUP since Dr. Alan Winter has asked for 2 draft chapters.

d.      To Denise Barlow (12th Feb 1974) A tongue-in-cheek response to something DB wrote.

e.       To Alan Winter, Science Editor, CUP (8th Nov 1974) At a discussion in Spring 1973 AW asked for 2 draft chapters. Now encloses (a) "one tolerably complete chapter (IV)" and two at "about the half way stage;" (b) Chapter titles and synopses; (c) AGC's recent J. Hist. Biol. Paper. AGC possibly may be able to repatriate the WB papers. 

f.        From AW (14th Nov 1974) AW is consulting "an advisor."

g.       From AW (9th Jan 1974) Advisor believes there will be little interest and so "for marketing reasons the Press cannot offer to publish your book."

h.       To AW (27th Jan 1974) Puzzled. WB "is a sufficiently well known figure for the book to need no justification in respect of the interest of its subject matter."

i.         From Peter Silver (11th April 1984) CUP wants to commission a history of genetics.

j.        To PS (18th April 1984) Can we meet?

k.      From PS (26th April 1984) "The William Bateson volume certainly sounds an attractive proposition - particularly in the light of his Cambridge connections."

l.         From PS (16th May 1984) Can you review a book for our new journal BioEssays? "I have received further encouragement concerning your William Bateson volume."

m.     To PS (4th July 1984) Confirm date of meeting. Enclose draft synopses of chapters and preface for Treasure Your Exceptions, and outline proposals for 2 other books.

n.       From PS (10th July 1984) Confirm meeting.

o.      From PS (8th Aug 1984) We are taking "outside advice" about your proposal for a volume on William Bateson.

p.      From PS (30th Aug 1984) Only has the chapter on University Politics. Referees would like to see more on WB's scientific work (mentioned in Chapters 4 and 9).

q.      From PS (5th Dec 1984) Repeat request for more material.

r.        From PS (11th Jan 1985) One referee positive and offers to read through in detail prior to publication. Could you send the extra chapters? 

s.       To PS (7th Feb 1985) Apologies. AGC encloses incomplete drafts for Chapters 6 and 9. Please do not send to referees until you have the accompanying notes, which AGC believes will be completed by March 31st. Difficulty is that all 3 draft chapters were written in 1974 and the last decade has been spent on archival work.

t.        From PS (12th March 1985) Will await notes before proceeding further.


6.      Neale Watson Academic Publications

a.       To M. A. Hoskin, Editor of History of Science Library (23rd Dec 1971; 3p) Enquiry concerning biography of WB who is seen "as the central focus of a 'case history' on the relations between different branches of biology." AGC has examined Cambridge Department of Genetics materials. Suspects more at the John Innes.

b.      From MAH (11th Jan 1972) The HSL (Macdonald Publishing) is having economic problems. MAH has forwarded AGC's proposal to Neale Watson in New York who specializes in History of Science.

c.       From Neale W.Watson (19th Jan 1972) Have forwarded documents to our History of Genetics advisor.

d.      To NWW (25th Jan 1972) Recently discovered major sources of material on WB.

e.       From NWW (7th Feb 1972) Please send offpring of your forthcoming paper in the Journal for the History of Biology. How will the new sources affect your schedule?

f.        To MAH (10th March 1972) Encouraging noises from NWW. Thank you.

g.       To NWW (13th March 1972; 2p) The JHB paper still in revision stages, but will send a copy of my latest revision. Would aim for book completion no earlier than March 1974. Progresses slowed because cannot get visiting scholarship to spend sabbatical at Cambridge, but should be accelerated by the Coleman microfilm.

h.       To NWW (27th Nov 1972) Now has the Coleman microfilm.

i.         To NWW with incomplete address (6th Feb 1973) Updates on previous letter.

j.        To NWW (12th March 1973) Undeliverable.

k.      To NWW (20th Feb 1974) Letters returned as "undeliverable." Are you still in business?

l.         From NWW (2nd April 1974) Science History Publications is in business. Hope to meet when you visit USA .


7.      Letters from the Steppes Revised Edition Proposal

a.       Proposal to Methuen (June 1983; 2p, typed) Proposal for a new edition of Letters from the Steppe (5p, handwritten). Also a handwritten draft labeled 'not sent' (5p)

b.      Proposal for "New Revised Edition" of C. B. Bateson's 1928 book. (Typed, 2p; hand 1p).

c.       Itinerary of WB's Steppe journey with dates "from the new calendar".(Types, 2p; hand, 2p)

d.      Index of places WB visited (from CBB's book) (Typed, 2p)

e.       Index of places WB mentioned (from CBB's book) (Typed, 1p)

f.        Omissions from CBB's book. AC's handwritten copies of several letters (6p).

g.       Two maps of the Aral Sea region.

h.       Copying (by Carol Newhouse, secretary) of WB's 1886-7 Notebooks. A bold beginning, unfinished (5p).

i.         Letter to Wilma George (13th Nov. 1987) concerning possible collaboration.

j.        Letter from Wilma George (17th Dec. 1987).

k.      Letter to Caroline Humphrey (25th March 1990) concerning possible collaboration.

l.         Letter from Caroline Humphrey (25th April 1990).


8.      The Bateson Letters - Full Publication of Letters Proposal

a.       Rosemary Harvey's Proposal (3p), with two attachments: Listing of "Items in the Bateson Letters Collection which are not Letters" (2p), and issue number 25 of The Mendel Newsletter (November 1985) with her summary of William Bateson's life (10p).

b.      Letter to AGC from Editor (Alan Crowden; Cambridge University Press) seeking advice on proposal (23 Sept. 1994).

c.       Follow-up letter to AGC asking for expedited review (10th Nov. 1994).

d.      AGC's letter of transmission of review to CUP (12th Nov. 1994).

e.       AGC's "Comments (5p) on Rosemary Harvey's Prospectus for the 'Bateson Letters'." (Nov. 1994).

f.        AGC's letter of transmission to Rosemary Harvey (15th Nov. 1994).

9.     Batesoniana: Correspondence with Other Publishers

a.       To Catherine R. Stimpson, Editor, Signs (14th June 1979; 2p) Is Signs interested in an article on the history of the women's liberation movement?

b.      From CRS (3rd July 1979) Pleased to consider your article "The Bateson Family and the Campaigns for the Admission of Women to Cambridge University 1865 -1947."

c.       Batesoniana (undated; 7p, handwritten) Draft for proposal for "a sources book on members of the Bateson family."

d.      Batesoniana (undated; 5p, typed) Draft proposal for "a collection of writings by or about members of the Bateson family."

e.       Batesoniana (undated; 5p, typed) Proposal for "a collection of writings by or about members of the Bateson family."

f.        Genealogies of Batesons and Aikens. AGC's tables in pencil (2p).


10.      Correspondence with V. Orel in Brno

a.       From VO (9 Feb 1974) Refers to "my late teacher Krizenecky" and William Coleman's paper on Mendel's nephew's letter to WB.

b.      To VO (12th Feb 1974) AGC mentions his own Viennese father-in-law.

c.       From VO (19th Feb 1974; in German) WB visited in 1904.

d.      To VO (25th March 1974) Hopes to visit Brno.

e.       To VO (7th Feb 1977) We plan to visit. Is there a conference I can attend.

f.        From VO (17th Feb 1977) Can arrange a lecture, but no financial help.

g.       From VO (17th Feb 1977) Shorter letter with essentially the same content.

h.       To VO (9th March 1977) Will talk on "William Bateson and Chromosomes." In this area I differ from Coleman. Will travel alone.

i.         From VO (14th March 1977) You may speak in English.

j.        To VO (21st March 1977) Will bring copies of 4 letters from Ferdinand Schindler, 1 letter from Alois Schindler and 1 letter from Clemens Janeschec. Also one of the original WB portraits.

k.      From VO (29th March 1977) Your gifts for the Archives of the Mendelianum will be much appreciated.

l.         From VO (18th April 1977) The 9 items you donated are numbered 2984 to 2992 in the Mendel archives.

m.     To VO (2nd May 1977) Thank for kind hosting. Notes on Miller's Gardener's Dictionary

n.       From VO (12th May 1977) German translation of Miller's book was in 1751. Has R. Boyle quotation.

o.      To VO (19th May 1977; 2p) Has now found the passage in Miller (1786).

p.      From VO (18th Oct 1977) VO asks for comments/corrections on his new paper on "The Influence of T. A. Knight on early plant breeding in Moravia."

q.      To VO (22nd Nov 1977) Returns manuscript with suggested amendments. Comments on AGC's recent attendance at Edinburgh conference.

r.        From VO (13th Dec 1977) VO believes that Mendel was not "out of the blue" but reflects some of T. A. Knight's ideas.

s.       To VO (31st Jan 1978) Will send you a photograph of T. A. Knight. AGC is working on 'Bateson's Pilgrimage to Brno.'

t.        From VO (2nd March 1978) Thank you for the photograph and for obtaining RS permission to reproduce.

u.       From VO (6th Sept 1978; 2p) WB influenced Niessl whose report (1905) is "very important," and we would like to publish an English version (enclosed for your translation) as an appendix to your paper.

v.       To VO (19th Sept 1978; 1p, perhaps 1p missing) Some of the information on the 1904 pilgrimage which will be included in the paper.

w.     To VO (2nd Nov 1978) AGC's letter implies an incomplete manuscript on WB's pilgrimage has been sent to VO.

x.       From VO (2nd March 1979) Folia Mendeliana no. 14 with your article is in press. Is it possible to get the Open University book?

y.       To VO (22nd March 1979) Concerning the Open University Genes and Development series that VO would like. Encloses a list of minor errors in the pilgrimage paper (1p) and a copy of his letter to the Open University (1p).

z.       From VO (6th April 1979) There is time to implement corrections.

aa.   From VO (25th May 1979) Sending a copy of Folia Mendeliana no. 9.

bb.  To VO (12th June 1979) AGC now has complete set of Folia Mendeliana.

cc.   From VO (17th Sept 1979) Thank you for arranging for the donation of the Open University Genes and Development. Here is proof of pilgrimages article.

dd.  To VO and A. Matalova (24th Sept 1979) Proofs received. Comments on Matlova's article in Mendel Newsletter in light of AGC's controversy with Darlington .

ee.   To VO (1st Oct 1979) Encloses corrected proofs. Note on WB meeting Kammerer in 1910.

ff.      From VO (4th Feb 1980) Encloses announcement for "Working Panel:" Document (2p, typed) on proposed meeting in August 1981: "TheWorking Panel for the Elucidation of the Role of Gregor Mendel in the Foundation of Genetics" for the XV International Congress of Genetics (1983, New Delhi ). Matlova says that Krizenecky's correspondence with Darlington and Huxley concerns the Mendel Museum in Brno.

gg.   To VO (5th Feb 1981) Thanks for Folia Mendeliana offprints. AGC has RS travel grant to come for the Working Panel in Brno and to the History of Science Congress in Bucharest.

hh.   From VO (20th Feb 1981) Working panel postponed to 1982.

ii.       To VO (22nd April 1981; 2p) AGC is arguing for a half-day session on the history of Genetics at the 1983 International Congress.

jj.      To VO (undated) Has found a WB letter on the 1910 Mendel celebrations.

kk.  From VO (16th June 1981) Thanks for copy of WB's 1910 letter. It should be published. At that time the Abbot was Bařina and Procurator was Janetschek.

ll.       To VO (10th Sept 1981; 2p) Last minute cancelling of trip to Brno and Bucharest due to ill-health. Encloses typescript of Bateson's 1910 letter with notes

mm.                       From VO (25th Sept 1981; 2p) Thanks for manuscript on WB's letter on the 1910 Mendel pilgrimage. Needs to clarify various points; (comments on AGC's "Notes" by Matalova 24th Sept 1981; 2p).

nn.   From VO (12th Nov 1981; postcard) Urgently need your final manuscript.

oo.  To VO (19th Nov 1981) The criticisms of Matlova and yourself have now been incorporated into the final manuscript (enclosed).

pp.  From VO (21st May 1982) Invitation to Working Panel in July.

qq.  To VO (2nd July 1982) AGC not coming to Brno.

rr.     From VO (17th Aug 1982) Encloses proofs and hopes AGC's health will improve.

ss.    To VO (1st Sept 1982) 

tt.      From VO (23rd June 1987) VO is organizing symposium in September.

uu.   To VO (6th Aug 1987) Wishes success of the Purkyne Symposium and encloses reprints on WB.

vv.   From VO (16th Oct 1987) Thanks for the WB papers.

ww.                       From VO (2nd Nov 1987) Query regarding N. I. Vavilov.

xx.   To VO (19th Nov 1987) Encloses some Vavilov material.

yy.   From VO (1st Dec 1987) Has been to Vavilov Symposium in Moscow.

zz.    To VO (1st Feb 1988; 2p) Concerning the Vavilov obituary of WB in Russian. Suggests write to Rosemary Harvey at the JII if needs more materials.

C. AGC's Essays, Lectures, Addresses and Displays

  1. "William Bateson, Mendelism and Biometry." Notes on address to History of Science Discussion Group (1 Feb 1972; 7p, handwritten)

  2. "Bateson and Chromosomes." Notes on talk (9 Dec 1975; 10p, handwritten)

  3. "Conservative Thought." Notes for Edinburgh Congress (Aug 1977; 4p, handwritten).

  4. "Bateson and Chromosomes: an Alternative View." (undated fragment; 1p, typed)

  5. "The Behavioural Ecology of Biologists. Some Biological Quarrels." Notes on talk (15 Feb 1979; 10p, handwritten).

  6. "Bateson's 'Styles of Thought' and Chromosomes." Address to Genetical Society (16 Nov 1979; 6p, handwritten).

  7. "Darwinism of Evolution." Unpublished letter to The Times (8 Jan 1982; 2p) plus rejection letter (1p).

  8. "William Bateson's Place in the History of Genetics." Address given at the Wellcome Trust (22 June 1982; 9p, handwritten, plus list of genetic words WB coined (1p) and photocopy (1p) of the two page letter Garrod wrote toWB on 11th Jan 1902.

  9. "Sermon: Evolution and Religion - the 1920s and Now." Address to British Society for the History of Science (14 May 1983; 5p, typed), plus a photocopy of speakers list; 1p).

  10. "Planck's Dictum on Opposition to New Theories. The Case of Bateson and Chromosome Theory." Notes (undated; 4p, handwritten).

  11. Address at Brno (undated; 17p, handwritten).

  12. Creationism Issue in the 1920s. (undated; last 4p of a 11p handwritten essay) Deals especially with the Dean case.

  13. Short Typed Abstracts for a Display on William Bateson (perhaps Genetical Society; undated):

a.       Headsheet (1p) "A Selection from the Letters and Ephemeral Writings of William Bateson." Notes the recent repatriation "currently in my care and will eventually be deposited in the University Library, Cambridge." [This implies date circa 1975-80.]

b.      "1 Family" (1p). (a) pedigrees. (b) survey of children.

c.       "2 Courtship" (2p)

d.      "3 Traveller" (1p)

e.       "4 The build-up to the Biometricians vs Mendelians dispute" (2p). "4a From the Steppe" (1p). "4b The Materials" (1p). "4c Cineraria" (2p). "4d The Evolution Committee" (1p). "4e Karl Pearson and Homotyposis" (2p).

f.        "5 The Bateson-Punnett Partnership" (1p)

g.       "6 Art" (1p)

h.       "7 Philosophy" (1p, handwritten)

i.         "8 University Politics" (1p, handwritten) On (a) admission of women, (b) compulsory Greek and (c) the sale of the botanic gardens.

j.        "9 The Genetical Society and the Society for Experimental Biology" (1p, typed).

D. AGC's Draft Chapters (with some annotations ?in another hand)

  1. "William Bateson - The Sceptical Geneticist." (undated, probably 1974; typed front page (1p) followed by chapter outlines (1p)).

  2. "William Bateson - The Sceptical Geneticist." (undated, probably 1974; 6p, typed first page followed by handwritten chapter outlines).

  3. "William Bateson - The Sceptical Geneticist." "Draft List of Chapters and Synopses (undated; 8p, typed first 3 pages followed by handwritten notes)

  4. "Treasure Your Exceptions: A Study of William Bateson (1861-1926" (June 1984; 11p, typed) Consists of front page (1p), quotation page (1p), draft prologue dated 1980 (5p), and list of 12 chapters with brief synopses (4p).

  5.  "Chap. 1. Genesis of a Geneticist (1861-82)" (Undated, half-page typed synopsis).

  6. "Chap. 2. From Virginia to the Aral Sea (1882-89)" (undated; title page with quotations (1p) plus synopsis (1p).

  7. "Chap. 4. Materials for the Study of Variation (1889-1900)" (undated, 1p typed synopsis).

  8. "Chapter 4. University Politics: Degrees for Women and Compulsory Greek." (undated; 1p, typed with two quotations) plus repeat (1p) with the "4" changed to "3".

  9. "Chap. 3. University Politics: Degrees for Women and Compulsory Greek." (undated; half page typed synopsis) plus first page (1p) of full chapter.

  10. "Chaper 4. University Politics: Degrees for Women and Compulsory Greek." (undated; 34p complete typescript).

  11. "Chapter 3 - Notes (incomplete)" (undated; 3p).

  12. "Chapter 4 - Notes (incomplete)" (undated; 6p).

  13. Chapter 4 "seems most recent - p1 missing" (undated; 38p)

  14. "Chap. 5 The Evolution Committee (of the Royal Society) (1894-1909)" (undated; half page abstract, plus two clippings.)

  15. "Chap. 6. Mendel's Bulldog (1900-1910)" (undated; 1p with quotation and abstract).

  16. "William Bateson - - Chapter 9 Mendel's Bulldog" (undated; 5p)

  17. "William Bateson - - Chapter 6 Mendel's Bulldog" (undated; 5p)

  18. "William Bateson: The Sceptical Geneticist. Chapter 9 Mendel's Bulldog" (undated; 5p)

  19. "William Bateson: The Sceptical Geneticist. Chapter 9 Mendel's Bulldog" (undated; 5p)

  20. "Chap 7. Chromosomes (1910-1926)" (undated; quotations (1p) and synopsis (1p).

  21. "William Bateson: The Sceptical Geneticist. Chapter 13 The Kammerer Affair" "Master" (undated;16p)

  22. "William Bateson: - - Chapter 9 The Kammerer Affair." (undated; 16p)

  23. "William Bateson: The Sceptical Geneticist - - Chapter 13 The Kammerer Affair" (undated; 17p).

  24. "William Bateson: The Sceptical Geneticist Chapter 9 The Kammerer Affair." (undated" 16p) with typescript (4p) attached with note "please delete p. 15 from the start of Chap. 13 sent in January 1985 and substitute these pp. 15, 16."

  25.  "William Bateson: The Sceptical Geneticist Chapter 13 The Kammerer Affair" (undated; 12p)

  26. "William Bateson: Treasure Your Exceptions by A. G. Cock Notes for the completion of Chapter 13: The Kammerer Affair." (undated; 15p)

  27. "William Bateson: Treasure Your Exceptions by A. G. Cock Notes for the completion of Chapter 9: The Kammerer Affair." (undated; 12p with note "start on p. 10 of this and p.7 of rough copy")

  28. "William Bateson: Treasure Your Exceptions by A. G. Cock Notes for the completion of Chapter 9:The Kammerer Affair." (undated; 12p)


E. Draft Papers

  1. "Chauvinism and Internationalism in Science." (undated; 46p)

  2. "Notes" for Chauvinism paper with transmittal letter to RS (28 Nov 1982; 15p)

  3. WB's pilgrimages to Brno (undated; 11p, handwritten draft manuscript).

  4. "William Bateson's Pilgrimages to Brno" (undated; 11p typescript).

  5. "Bateson's Impressions at the Unveiling of the Mendel Monument, 1910." (undated; 10p typescript with corrections)

  6.  "Bateson's Impressions at the Unveiling of the Mendel Monument, 1910." (undated; 9p typescript with corrections)

  7. "Bateson's Impressions at the Unveiling of the Mendel Monument, 1910." (undated; 12p apparent final typescript - paper with notes)

  8. "Collation of 3 Versions of Translations of Mendel's Main Paper." (undated; 15p, handwritten by AGC)

F. AGC's Notes on Coleman Microfilms made in Baltimore ("BPB")

  1. William Coleman's "Guide to Reels" (A-F) of his Baltimore microfilm (13 stapled sheets, 24p, in ink with penciled annotations).

  2. AGC's listing "Partials" (16p) beginning with an explanatory note (July 1986; 1p) declaring that the Coleman system was abandoned. States: "In the following catalogue sheets, numbers are entered for the Coleman items, but descriptions are given only for the items in the accompanying envelopes. The great bulk of the 'missing' items - - will have been catalogued elsewhere (i.e. in Section G)." The "Partials" concerns Coleman's A-F, but concludes with AGC's "Section H", being gleanings from various other sources.

  3. AGC's broad survey of "Coleman Microfilm (BPB)" (undated list; 7p ink with pencil).

  4. AGC's more detailed listing of BPB (34 sheets, in ink on either side of papers)

  5. AGC's apparent supplementary lists headed "C15b ECRS (1896)" (2p), "C15e ECRS" (1p), "C15f  ECRS" (2p), "E32e Reprints by Kammerer, etc." (2p), "E33 Letters from Punnett, etc." (1p)

  6. AGC's apparent alternative system of cataloguing (17p, yellow, legal size), beginning with Coleman's A-F and then dividing the WB materials up among remaining letters of the alphabet, and when these run out, continuing to AA, AB, AC, etc. For example, the materials relating to the Quick Professorship are here listed under "BG". This system seems not to have been generally applied.

  7. AGC's listing (4p) of individuals whose letters (to or from) may be found in Coleman's A-F.

  8. AGC's note to his secretary, Carol Newhouse (circa 1908; 2p, ink)

  9. AGC's notes on the contents of the BPB Reels (for more see 2 - Coleman Microfilm - in Bateson papers listing.)

1.      Reel A (19 sheets; in ink, often both sides used)

2.      Reel B (13 sheets; in ink, often both sides used)

3.      Reel C (42 sheets; in ink, often both sides used)

4.      Reel D (70 sheets; in ink, often both sides used)

5.      Reel E  Kammerer Papers (14 sheets; in ink, often both sides used)

6.      Reel F [AGC notes "Davenport I have inserted in F36c"] (62 sheets; in ink, often both sides used)


G. AGC's Notes (circa 1973) on BPN (Bateson Papers Norwich)

Bateson Papers not removed in 1926 by CBB from the JI Institute (i.e. theoretically the complement of BPH, apart from subsequent accumulations or deletions) were in boxes A to L at Norwich (presume WB's classification). In March 1973 AGC found some items missing.

  1. Synopsis of Headings A-L (5p, in ink)

  2. Items missing (2p)

  3. Rough notes (Jan 1973; 7 sheets, sometimes both sides used.

  4. Synopsis of Headings A-H (3p, pencil)

  5. Detailed notes on contents of boxes (in ink on both sides of paper)

    1. 14 sheets

    2. 9 sheets

    3. 4 sheets

    4. 9 sheets

    5. 14 sheets

    6. 3 sheets plus stapled photocopy of letter from R. Goldschmidt in German.

    7. 8 sheets plus photocopy of a letter from Breslau concerning samples of flax seed.

    8. 2 sheets plus several attached photocopies of letters to Pease from Punnett.

    9. -

    10. 24 sheets plus photocopies of:

a.       correspondence with John Farmer over the JI Institute appointment.

b.      documentation of the subsequent dispute with locals known as 'the rumpus' (23p, typed).

c.       Correspondence with David Prain at Kew Gardens concerning the JI Institute appointment

    1. 21 sheets plus signed original carbon copy of letter to Daniel Hall (23 Feb 1918; K4.3; 5p) which advises against public support of research (which necessitates strings attached)

    2. 8 sheets plus "Precis of Evidence to be offered by Mr. W. Bateson" to the "Prime Minister's Committee on Classics" (26 June 1920; 4p, typed).

H. AGC's Notes on BPH   (Section G, the "repatriated" WB papers)

  1. "Hancock Papers - G. Index of Catalogue" (undated; 3p typed with penciled additions). The name of each category is accompanied by the number of files

  2. "Hancock Papers - G. Index of Catalogue" (undated; 3p, duplicate without additions)

  3. "Bateson Papers Cambridge" Complete listing of file names beginning G1a to G9a with numbered files under each heading (undated; 152 sheets, ink, on one side).

  4. Note "To be added" (14th Aug 1985) A further list of files in the G category (5 sheets).

  5. "Xeroxes brought from Norwich Summer 1985. Checklist Nov 1986" (4 sheets, pencil and ink)

  6. "Hancock Papers" Description of the contents of files, beginning G1a and ending G4d (77 sheets). Whether incomplete or the rest lost, is not known, probably the former. Interleaved are photocopies and carbon copies of various letters.


I  AGC's Listing for Section H of Bateson Papers 

WB-relevant papers obtained by AGC from miscellaneous sources. A listing (12 sheets) as typed out in the WB papers list (see section H of Bateson Papers)

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