SNOLAB - Canada's World-Class Underground Science Laboratory

The construction of the original Sudbury Neutrino Observatory experiment.

SNOLAB is a unique research complex located in the Creighton Mine in Sudbury, ON. It consists of a surface research building and, more importantly, a 5000 m2 cleanroom laboratory space 2km underground. The depth provides shielding against cosmic rays that constant rain down on the surface of the Earth. These confound the ability to execute studies of ultra-rare processes. SNOLAB combines a unique depth profile with low-radiation and low-dust facilities to enable world-class international science programs in physics, astrophysics, chemistry, and biology.

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Visit the SNOLAB website

Visit the SNOLAB website

Going deep in the search for dark matter

Take a journey 2km underground with The Globe and Mail in search of dark matter's constituents.

Going deep in the search for dark matter

The Globe and Mail

Radon Emanation Studies at SNOLAB

Radon is a noble gas. It's also the only naturally abundant radioactive noble gas, produced from the decay of uranium and thorium found in rocks. Rocks surround SNOLAB, and just like in a subterranean basement you have to worry about elevated radon levels in the laboratory. These are not a risk to human health, but can be a severe risk to experiments that are searching for ultra-rare processes. Radon can blind such experiments. Learn how we assess the risks from radon in our scientific environment.

A look at the scientific process of understanding and assessing radon risks.