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  • 2019 OEC winners for Junior Design category

    Congratulations to the Queen's Engineering Team for winning top prize in the Junior Design competition category at the 2019 OEC! Now they are off to the national competition held in March. For more information on the winning design, visit 2019 OEC Junior Design Winners!

    From left to right: Chas Meadows (mining) , Connor Chappell (computer), Justin Bonal (engineering physics), and Matt Julseth(civil).
    Photo courtesy of: Justin Bonal

  • A group of 15 dedicated Queen's physics and engineering physics students who are passionate about their field as well as gender and minority equity in physics

    A group of 15 dedicated Queen's physics and engineering physics students who are passionate about their field as well as gender and minority equity in physics attend the 2019 Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CCUWiP) in Ottawa. Special congratulations to Hadiya Ma for winning the Delegate's Choice Best Talk! Please see 2019 CCUWiP for more photos.

  • Picture with 4 engineering students, from left to right, Sarah de Lazzari, Tiffanie Bankosky, Serena Corscadden, Kathryn Instrum

    Big congratulations to engineering students (from left to right)  Sarah de Lazzari, Tiffanie Bankosky (Engineering Physics), Serena Corscadden, Kathryn Instrum for winning the top prize at the 2018 International Project Management Conference in Toronto!

    For the full exciting story, please read All-female Engineering Student Team nets Top Prize at Project Management Conference.
    (Photo used with permission from Tiffanie Bankosky)

  • Prof. Hughes wins Humboldt Prize for outstanding research

    Huge congratulations goes to Prof. Hughes who received a prestigious Humboldt Research Award for his outstanding research!

    For more information, please visit Queen's Gazette. (Photo credit: Queen's Gazette)

  • Malcolm Stott Teacher Assistant Award winners, from left to right, Thomas Faour, 2017 Fall term, Prof Stott, Alex Pilounis, winner of Winter term and runner up for winter 2018, Kate Fenwick

    Congratulations Malcolm Stott Teaching Assistant Award winners! From left to right:Thomas Faour (Fall 2017), Prof. Stott, Alex Piliounis (Winter 2018), and Kate Fenwick(runner up for Winter 2018). For more details, please visit Malcolm Stott 2017-2018 Winners. (Photo credit: Prof. Dignam)

  • View of Grenoble France

    Peter Revington, an undergraduate student in the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics, & Astronomy at Queen's, participated in in the Ontario/Rhône-Alpes Summer Research Program in Grenoble, France, at L'Institut de Microélectronique Electromagnétisme et Photonique et le Laboratoire d'Hyperfréquences et de Caractérisation (IMEP-LaHC) during the summer of 2018.

    The Department was happy to sponsor Peter in this exciting opportunity. Read more about Peter's Summer Research Program experience. (Photo credit: Peter Revington)

  • Peter Carniglia at a tradeshow showing his research poster.

    This past summer, the department provided some financial assistance to one of our Eng Phys undergrads, Peter Carniglia, to assist him in submitting a paper to the IEEE Sensors 2018 conference.

    This picture shows Peter at his student tradeshow where he presented his project in poster format at Shirley Bay Centre in Ottawa. Peter had a great Internship experience working at Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) in Ottawa. (photo provided by: Peter Carniglia)

  • Graduates of 2018 Honours Physics Program

    Congratulations to the class of 2018 Honours Physics Program!

    (Photo credit: Prof. Mark Chen)

  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Visitor Centre in Stirling Hall

    Officially opening the Visitor Centre in Stirling Hall. From left: Barbara Crow, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science; Nathalie Ouellette, Communications, Education and Outreach Officer for the McDonald Institute; Tony Noble, Scientific Director of the McDonald Institute; and Benjamin Tam, a graduate student in the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy. (Photo by Bernard Clark)

  • Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) employees and their family members around the plinth

    Proving that research is a team effort, past and present Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) employees and their family members gather around the plinth.

    For more information, visit Commemorating the Nobel Prize-winning Research.
    (University Communications)

  • Prof. Dignam and Prof. Morelli wins teaching awards at the annual Physics Banquet 2018

    Congratulations to the winners of the annual physics teaching awards at the Physics Banquet hosted at the Kingston Brew Pub.

    Prof. Dignam (left) received the Geoff Lockwood Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching , Prof. Morelli received the Excellence in Instruction in the Engineering Physics Program award, and Prof. Martin Duncan, who was unable to attend, received the Excellence in Instruction in Pure Physics award.

    For more pictures of the fun filled evening, please visit Physics Banquet 2018. (Photo Credit: Lucy Lu)

  • Inline Coherent Imaging (ICI) technology co-developed with Prof. james Fraser goes global.

    Dr. Webster, who is a graduate of Queen's Engineering Physics, developed the key Laser Depth Dynamics (LDD) technology called Inline Coherent Imaging (ICI) during his PhD under the supervision of Prof. James Fraser. For more information about the purchase of LDD, please visit Inline Coherent Imaging Goes Global.

    (Image:University Communications Queen's Gazette)

  • Group photo at Prof. Duncan's retirement

    Congratulations on your retirement Prof. Duncan!
    From left to right: Prof. Duncan, Prof. Levison, wife Martha Hill Duncan, and daughter Claire Duncan at the Faculty Club retirement luncheon. For more pictures of the event please visit Prof. Duncan's retirement.

  • Prof. Noble, Prof. Hughes and CFI collaborators are awarded $4.8 million from Canada Foundation for Innovation

    Congratulations! The first CFI grant, lead by Prof. Noble, will be used to build a next generation detector, PICO 500L, that will search for dark matter, while the second grant, lead by Profs. Hughes and Fraser, will be used to establish the Queen’s Nanophotonics Research Centre, which will explore the behaviour of light and light-matter interactions on the nanometre scale. See full article on Queen's Gazette.
    (Photo credit: Queen's Gazette)

  • Prof. Spekkens shares in the $10 Million in New Research Funding

    Congratulations! Prof. Kristine Spekkens (cross-appointed from the Royal Military College of Canada) is part of a research team that has secured a $10 million CFI Innovation Fund award for the development of a radio astronomy data centre. Click for more details of the story.

    Image Credit: CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) showing the Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder

  • Dr. Schreiner with president of AAPM Dr. Martin in Denver 2017

    Congratulations Dr. Schreiner for being elected a Fellow of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine!

    Please click to see the Press Release.

  • SNOLAB receives $28.8 million in provincial funding

    SNOLAB receives $28.8 million in provincial funding from Minister of Research, Innovation and Science, Reza Moridi (center).

    (Photo credit:Queen's Gazette)

  • Queen's University students at the Hult Prize competition.

    Fourth year Physics student, Iain MacKenzie (left) was sponsored by the Department to participate in the Hult Prize held in Dubai. To read about this year’s focus, his team’s performance and their experience, please read the Hult Prize Sponsorship story.

    (Photo: provided by MacKenzie)

  • Professor Noble in his lab.

    The PICO Collaboration, co-led by Prof. Tony Noble of the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy, have found new exciting results from the operation of the PICO-60 dark matter detector which is a bubble chamber filled with 52kg of C3F8. To read the submitted paper, please visit online at arXiv. (Photo: Queen's Gazette)

  • Celebrating Prof. James Fraser's  3M National Teaching Fellowship

    Celebrating Professor James Fraser's induction to prestigious 3M National Teaching Fellowship. From left to right, Provost Benoit-Antoine Bacon, Director-Centre for Teaching & Learning Peter Wolf, Department Head Marc Dignam, Prof. James Fraser.

    (Photo: Queen's Gazette)

  • Dr. Art McDonald and the SNO Collaboration are co-winners of the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics!

    Congratulations to professor emeritus Arthur McDonald and the entire SNO Collaboration who have been awarded the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics! The $ 3 million prize is shared with four other international experimental collaborations studying neutrino oscillations: The Superkamiokande, Kamland, T2K/K2K and Daya Bay scientific collaborations.

    (Background image: Roy Kaltschmidt from LBL)

  • Dr. Art McDonald is the co-winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics!

    Congratulations to professor emeritus Arthur McDonald, the co-winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in physics!

    (Background image: Roy Kaltschmidt from LBL)

The Department of Physics at Queen's University is one of Canada's leading teaching and research institutes in Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy. Our faculty include high-profile, world-class physicists who work on cutting edge areas of theoretical, computational, applied and experimental physics.

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