TA Positions

Current TA Duties Available

Physics teaching assistants and markers should contact Professor Alex Wright, TA Coordinator, if there are any questions or conflicts.

TA Positions Available for 2023-2024

APSC 102 Labs Fall (Formerly APSC 100)

APSC 102 Marking Fall (Formerly APSC 100)

APSC 111 Tutorial Fall Physics I

APSC 112 Tutorial Winter Physics II

ASTR 101 Fall Astronomy I: Solar System

ASTR 101 Winter (Online) Astronomy I: Solar System

ASTR 102 Fall (Online) Astro 2: Stars, Galaxies, Universe

ENPH 211 Winter Applied Physics

ENPH 213 Winter Computational Eng Physics

ENPH 225 Winter Mechanics

ENPH 253 Winter Engineering Physics Lab

ENPH 336 Winter Solid State Devices

ENPH 353 Fall Eng Physics Experiment Design

ENPH 354 Winter Eng Physics Design Project

ENPH 431 Fall Electromagnetic Theory

ENPH 454 Fall Adv Eng Physics Design Project

ENPH/PHYS 239 Winter Electromagmatism

ENPH/PHYS 242 Fall Relativity and Quanta

ENPH/PHYS 316 Fall Methods in Math Physics I

ENPH/PHYS 317 Winter Methods in Math Physics II

ENPH/PHYS 321 Fall Advanced Mechanics

ENPH/PHYS 334 Fall Electronics for Physicists

ENPH/PHYS 344 Fall Intro to Quantum Mechanics

ENPH/PHYS 345 Winter Quantum Physics of Atoms

ENPH/PHYS 372 Winter Thermodynamics

ENPH/PHYS 414 Winter Intro to General Relativity

ENPH/PHYS 453 Winter Advanced Physics Laboratory

ENPH/PHYS 460 Winter Laser Optics

ENPH/PHYS 472 Fall Statistical Mechanics

ENPH/PHYS 479 Winter Computational Physics II

ENPH/PHYS 480 Fall Solid State Physics

ENPH/PHYS 483 Winter Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

ENPH/PHYS 490 Fall Nuclear and Particle Physics

ENPH/PHYS 491 Fall Physics of Nuclear Reactors 

PHYS 104/106 Fall/Winter Fundamental Physics/General Physics

PHYS 115 Labs Fall (formerly PHYS 117) Introductory Physics

PHYS 115 Tutorials Fall (formerly PHYS 117) Introductory Physics

PHYS 116 Labs Winter (formerly PHYS 117) Introductory Physics

PHYS 116 Tutorials Winter (formerly PHYS 117) Introductory Physics

PHYS 119 Lab Fall/Winter Introductory Physics Lab

PHYS 206 Fall Dynamics

PHYS 212 Winter Vibrations and Waves

PHYS 213 Fall Computational Methods in Physics

PHYS 216 Fall Intro to Astrophysics

PHYS 250 Winter Foundations of Experimental Physics

PHYS 315 Fall Physical Processes Astrophysics

PHYS 350 Fall/Winter General Laboratory

PHYS 432 Fall Electromagnetic Theory

PHYS 435 Fall Stellar Structure and Evolution

TA Duties (2023-2024)

There are two files you can download.  To have access to the files, you will need your Queen's credentials.

Access Files

Please submit a brief email stating your preferred choice(s) to Prof. Wright by Tuesday, August 2, 2023.

PHYS course descriptions can be found in the Arts and Science calendar.

APSC and ENPH course descriptions can be found in the Applied Science calendar and Engineering and Applied Science calendar respectively.