Getting to Kingston

Kingston is only a 2-3 hour drive from the major Canadian cities of Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. If you are arriving by airplane in one of those cities, you can get to Kingston by car, bus or Via Rail. There are also local flights arriving regularly at the Kingston (Norman-Rogers) Airport, which is roughly a 20 minute taxi ride to the Queen's campus.

Getting to the Queen's Campus

Directions to Queen's University

Getting to Stirling Hall

The Physics Department can be found in Stirling Hall, the unmistakable round building on Bader Lane. The administrative office (Rm 205) is located on the second floor. There are two ways to reach the offices:

  • When entering Stirling Hall using the north-west doors on Bader Lane, descend the stairs to your left. The office is located a short distance down the hall on the right.
  • When entering Stirling Hall using the north-east doors on Bader lane, turn left , walk to the end of the hallway and descend the stairs. Turn right, and then left at the next hallway. The administrative office will be on the left.

Interactive map of Queen's Campus and Stirling Hall