Physics Stores

Physics Stores carries a wide range of items for lab and research use including but not limited to:

  • liquid Nitrogen
  • fastening devices (nuts, bolts, set screws, machine screws, stainless, brass, threaded rods, etc.)
  • fittings (pipe fittings and connectors in brass and copper, plugs, switches, o-rings, dc motors, etc.) 
  • Swagelock fixtures
  • microelectronic parts and resistors
  • wire (hook-up wire, aircraft cable, coax, multi-conductor, etc.)
  • tubing
  • lab supplies (gloves, adhesive, wipes, sandpaper, etc.)

Stores also offers full-service special ordering and can get almost anything from a wide variety of companies such as McMaster-Carr, DKC Digi Key, Canadian Tire, Ottawa Fluid, Tenaquip, KBC Tools, ULINE, and the Home Depot to name a few. Please feel free to drop in and speak to our Stores Supervisor, Samantha Millard.

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