Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Human Rights and Equity Office (HREO) at Queen's University provides many training courses and modules to the Queen's community to engage and broaden the understanding of equity, diversity and inclusion. Working together with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Office of Indigenous Initiatives (OII), there are many resources available.

Resources from CTL, HREO and OII

The Physics Department

The Department is served by the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Indigenization Facilitation (EDIIF) Committee, which includes representatives from all areas of the department.

The terms of reference of the EDIIF Committee (PDF 125KB)

Emergency Menstruation Products Available in Stirling Hall

The Department of Physics, Engineering Physics, and Astronomy alongside the McDonald Institute are delighted to launch a pilot project offering emergency menstruation products in women’s and gender neutral washrooms on every floor of Stirling Hall. You may notice white boxes installed in the washrooms with pads and tampons, these products are available on a “Need one? Take one!” basis.

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Period box sticker



Gender Minorities in Physics (GEMINI-P) is a student-led group supported by the department. It is open to membership from all department members, and seeks to educate about, and improve the quality of life, research, and education for those in physics and related fields who experience additional barriers due to their gender.

Founded in 2020, GEMINI-P is currently chaired by Ezri Wyman (she/her or they/them) and Becca Van Drunen (she/her). Our faculty advisor is Laura Fissel (she/her).

Contact GEMINI-P at gemini-p@queensu.ca or on Instagram at @geminip.queens.


GEMINI-P logo. Gender Minorities in Physics (GEMINI-P) is a student-led group supported by the Physics Department at Queen's University.