Eclipse Glasses Distribution

We will be distributing a limited number of glasses to the Kingston and Queen's communities on campus, at no cost! These glasses will be available for pick up as of Monday, March 25, 2024.

Where to Get Eclipse Glasses in Kingston

Public Libraries

Get eclipse glasses or viewers from your local Kingston Frontenac Public Library location.


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Queen's Campus

Queen's staff, faculty, and students can get eclipse glasses and viewers on Campus. Note: Queen's ID required

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Tourism Kingston

Visitors to Kingston can also purchase glasses on the Tourism Kingston website. They are also available in-person at the Visitor Information Centre (209 Ontario St., Kingston, K7L 2Z1). These glasses can be purchased for $2.50.

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How to Use Eclipse Glasses or Viewers

Step 1

Turn away from the sky and find your shadow. With your back facing the sun, place your eclipse glasses or viewer over your eyes. You should not be able to see anything through the filter(s), so be careful of your surroundings!

Step 2

With your eyewear in position, turn back toward the sky and look around for the (now much fainter) Sun. If you can’t seem to find it, don't remove your eye protection to look! Ask someone for help.

Step 3

During full totality, it is safe to temporarily remove your eclipse glasses/viewer, but you must put your lenses back on before totality is over. When in doubt, always keep your lenses on.

If you want to buy glasses...

Please note that sunglasses, no matter how dark, are not safe to use during an eclipse. If you are planning on purchasing your own eclipse glasses or viewers, it is recommended you buy them as soon as possible.

We do not recommend buying eclipse safety equipment from Amazon, as they cannot ensure their products meet required ISO-12312-2 safety standards for solar filters.

Here are a few trusted companies for up-to-code eclipse eye protection:

Rainbow Symphony   American Paper Optics   Lunt Solar Systems

For instructions and tips on how to safely view an eclipse, see this American Astronomical Society (AAS) article

NOTICE: We have found that COUNTERFEIT eclipse glasses are being sold online to people in Kingston – faked to look like glasses sold by Solar Eclipse International, Canada (SEIC).  These glasses do NOT stop enough sunlight to be safe.  You can tell by looking at household lights – if you can see the lights easily, these should be DISCARDED.  For further details, please visit this page

The Monarch Butterfly Project

If you are looking to support a good cause with your eclipse glasses purchase, see The Monarch Butterfly Eclipse Project! Their mission states that "100% of net profits will go to The Monarch Butterfly Eclipse Foundation", which will help protect Monarch habitats and population health.

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Queen's University Relations and the department of Physics, Engineering Physics, and Astronomy have partnered to put together this amazing brochure that summarizes safe practices when observing a total solar eclipse alongside some interesting eclipse facts!

Plans are in motion to have these distributed throughout the Kingston community, and included below is a PDF version for download.


Eclipse Safety Brochure