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The Department of Physics at Queen's University provides excellent undergraduate programs in Physics and Engineering Physics. The Honours Physics program (Arts & Science) allows students to Major in Physics or to Specialize in Physics, Astrophysics or Mathematical Physics.

The Engineering Physics program offers a study of fundamental physical principles and modern experimental techniques. The core courses in this program will prepare students for professional practice or graduate studies in applied or engineering physics.

The Department houses student lounge and study areas, an undergraduate computer lab, and experimental laboratories and equipment. There is an on-campus Astronomical Observatory for student research and public tours. Queen's University has an extensive library with an impressive collection of undergraduate and graduate textbooks, journals and special collections. Extensive computing facilities and study areas are also available.

The Department of Physics has a student-run Physics Club and a Department Student Council. Students have access to undergraduate advising in Physics through the Department's Chairs of Undergraduate Studies in Physics and Astronomy (Faculty of Arts and Science) and Engineering Physics (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science). The Queen's University Career Planning and Placement Office and the Department's teaching faculty are able to advise students about career or graduate opportunities in their field of interest.

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