For Us By Us: Resource Toolkit

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2SLGBTQ+ Self Care Tips and Resources

Whether you are experiencing the overwhelming stress of being
around family, and/or distanced from queer friends and chosen
family, and/or facing isolation, please know that I and the folx at
Yellow House care and are here to support you. The information
that follows provides some self-care tips for this season.
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Yellow House is a safe, comfortable and accountable space for queer, racialized and marginalized students to create community, to feel empowered, to empower others, to celebrate and to honour their histories. We seek to engage students in initiatives that actively dismantle oppressive, racist and colonial ideologies and practices.

We work together to serve students through four major goals:

goal one graphic, yellow houseWe are a safe space for queer and racialized students to create community.
The ability to create community is integral to student wellness. The Yellow House is a safe space for marginalized students to be. A space where QTBIPOC students can connect with one another to benefit from the power of community to support, to uplift and stand together.
In action: social hangouts, drop-ins, cookouts, book clubs


goal two graphic, yellow houseWe connect marginalized* students with university resources that are tailored to their needs.
The Yellow House is a resource centre for marginalized students. A space to get connected to university resources, with a focus on connecting QTBIPOC students with QTBIPOC service providers. A space where queer and racialized students feel comfortable to access university resources as a community or as individuals that are tailored to their needs.
In action: office hours with therapists, career counselors and other service providers



goal three graphic, yellow houseWe uplift the voices of queer and racialized students
Yellow House student clubs and all marginalized students engaging in student-centered anti-oppression work have a valued role within the university. Students have formalized opportunities to share their ideas and perspectives, shaping university policy in meaningful ways to encourage an inclusive campus culture. Students are appropriately recognized for their work.
In action: YH Scholarship, included in university policy consultations related to EDII, Workshops



goal four graphic, yellow houseWe are committed to growth
We meaningfully engage marginalized students in development opportunities that support personal, academic and professional growth. The Yellow House curates a suite of co-curricular programs and tools designed to develop acumen that foster future changemakers who will make an impact on inclusion at Queen’s and beyond.

Connecting marginalized students to opportunities that build their skills and connections to jobs after graduation is an important aspect of dismantling frameworks that impede equitable opportunities and advance the socio-economic status of marginalized people.
In action: mentorship, case competitions, leadership development, toolkits for engaging in anti-oppression work, panel discussions

This mandate and set of goals reflects the specific vision of Yellow House. The clubs placed in Yellow House each have a unique mandate and mission to reach a variety of students. Learn more about the Clubs.

*Note: We use the term marginalized in replace of a commonly used term equity-seeking with a specific purpose of stepping away from the implied onus on individuals who identify as QTBIPOC to actively seek out and engage in work that advances their equity within professional, political and social spaces. While we fully acknowledge the power imbalances that require a global shift of socio-economic factors to produce equity for people who identify as QTBIPOC, the Yellow House is a space for QTBIPOC to simple be. If by choice, students want to engage in advocacy work, this is a safe place with connection to resources. It is also a safe space for QTBIPOC people to find community.  

Permanent name is pending formal consultation planned this academic year.​