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Yellow House's programming and services are designed for BIPoC and/or 2SLGBTQ+ students by BIPoC and/or 2SLGBTQ+ students and staff. We honour the intersectionality within equity-deserving communities and welcome students to engage with our programming with their many identities as their full selves.

Throughout the year we offer programs for a variety of communities, sometimes creating space for students to connect across identities and lived experiences for a wide audience; other times we hold space for specific communities (e.g.: Black student spaces, trans and non-binary student spaces, and so on).  Identity is complex, and thus these decisions are made with care alongside the community we are seeking to serve. We make clear in our promotions and programming calendar who the intended audience is and welcome any questions you may have if you are looking to connect with a specific community.

Interested in hosting or co-hosting an event at Yellow House? Reach out to!

Well-being Initiatives

Our array of well-being programs are for students both new to and experienced with counselling. Our offerings are led by professional practitioners who aim to meet you along your well-being journey. Explore tools, conversations, and trainings tailored for flourishing.


  • BIPoC art class facilitated facilitated by an Art Therapist
  • "Black Hair Check-In/Loving Our Skin" with local, Black-owned businesses  
  • "Gender Splendor": gender-diverse support group facilitated by Shannon Gendron
  • "Queer Your Mind": meditative space facilitated by Shannon Gendron

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Black @ Queen's

A program series for Black students looking to build community and find a sense of belonging at Queen’s.


  • Monthly Queen’s Black Club Caucus
  • "Hang Go with the Fro": opportunity for Black students, staff, and faculty to connect over casual lunch hangouts
  • Tianna’s weekly office hours


This program series focuses on opportunities to develop a range of life skills and to share knowledge from community members.


  • "A Taste of Home" cooking classes  
  • Safe shop nights
  • Headshots

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Organizing for Change & Social Justice

This series provides BIPoC and/or 2SLGBTQ+ students the opportunity to explore practices that engage and empower equity-deserving communities through activism and social justice. Learn from activists at Queen's, from Kingston, and other postsecondary institutions who are making changes in their communities. The experiences shared seek to support one another by harnessing the power of community to make change.


  • Advocating for Change as Alumni
  • Equity Student Leader Summit

What a Drag

Join us and learn about the history and role of drag in the queer community. Break out to practice, view, and discuss drag at our performance and screening spaces!


  • Screenings
  • Drag Performance Space
  • Drag Cycling

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Joy in the Community

This series focuses on joy and low-commitment social events - just show up and be yourself! Student-led and often paired with food, these events aim to connect and foster community, to celebrate and bring joy.


  • Gaymes Nights
  • Movie and TV screenings
  • Art spaces

Academic Success

This program series supports academic success and encourages skill development through peer to peer and role model connections.


  • BIPoC Study Hal
  • Queer Book Club
  • Workshops

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Fierce Movement

This program series offers safer and affirming spaces for BIPoC and/or 2SLGBTQ+ students to engage in physical activity and build community.


  • "Solidarity Swim" for gender-diverse folx
  • Hikes, tours, and medicine walks
  • AfroBeats Dance Classes
  • Queer Yoga


Join this series of events that bring together BIPoC and/or 2SLGBTQ+ student communities with student clubs, community organizations, faculty, and more and to connect, learn and uplift one another. Looking to host an event? Reach out for planning support!

Past Collaborators

  • Queers4Peers
  • Rainbow Jews
  • ASUS Equity
  • SGPS
  • SHRC
  • Interfaith Chaplain
  • Levana Gender Advocacy Centre

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