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Resources for QTBIPoC individuals to connect with their communities and strengthen their identities.


Committee against Racial and Ethnic Discrimination (CARED; under AMS SIC). An anti-racist activist and educational committee that holds events throughout the year to discuss "race," racism, and the effects of discrimination. CARED is in the process of restructuring.

Queen’s Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies (QJERS; under ASUS). An annual interdisciplinary publication that strives to promote a better understanding of race, racialization and settler colonialism.

Black Luck Collective. An organization with a focus on fostering a visible and close-knit Black community in Kingston. IG: @blackluckcollective.

Toronto Black Media Association. Volunteer run organization of uplift Black creatives from Toronto.

Cold Tea Collective. A new media platform by the Asian diaspora for the Asian diaspora.

“A Newcomer’s Introduction to Indigenous Cultures in Canada”. An article providing introducing Indigenous cultures to non-Indigenous persons unfamiliar with the diversity of histories and traditions in Canada.

Indigenous Allyship Toolkit (PDF 4.03 MB). A brief guide to being a meaningful ally to Indigenous persons and communities for non-Indigenous people.

PoC Online Classroom. More resources relevant to Persons of Colour.

Canadian Federation of Students' Anti-Racism Toolkit (PDF 2.01 MB). A document that outlines how to pursue anti-racism in a university campus setting.

“What to Say When Facing Racism” (PDF 1.20 MB). Eleven flashcards with different responses to racism.

Canadian Race Relations Foundations. A Crown corporation committed to fighting racism in Canada by supporting, enabling and convening community groups and organizations through our grants, services and network of public, research and community partners.


Yellow House's Queen's Name Changing Guide (PDF 922 KB). A guide to update your name within the technical platforms at Queen’s, tailored for 2SLGBTQ+ students.

Education on Queer Issues Project (EQuIP; under AMS SIC). A student initiative aimed at promoting education and action around queer issues in the Queen's and Kingston community in addition to the national and international scale. EQuIP is in the process of restructuring.

Beers for Queers. A longstanding weekly event in Kingston where Queer folx in Kingston can met and make community.

TransFamily Kingston. A diverse group of Transgender people, family members, friends and allies who share stories and experiences, provide peer support, and assist each other in navigating various barriers.

Reelout Queer Film Festival. Annual Queer film festival in Kingston where Queer film makers show their works to the public as well as other events held throughout the year.

Trans Joy Club Kingston. Instagram page focused on fostering Trans joy, community, and connection by safe creating spaces for Trans people through events and social media posts.

Beyond the Binary. A Facebook community group created for Non-binary and other gender diverse folx in Kingston. Meets every other Tuesday in person.

Families in Transition: A Resource Guide for Families of Transgender Youth, 2nd ed (PDF 11.7 MB). A collection of research-based and community resources about LGBTQ youth.

Kingston Pride. The site for Kingston Pride.

FUSE Youth Group. A group for LGBTQQIP2SAA youth to hang out, talk about important issues, develop life skills, learn from community members, watch movies, make art, have fun and meet new people.

EngiQueers. A nationwide non-profit organization that offers professional development opportunities, education and advocacy, and social connection in engineering for Queer folx.

Intersectional & General

The Shift Project (Queen's). A Queen's initiative that offers events and initiatives with the goal of centering equity-deserving student experiences, providing opportunities for dialogue around topics outlined in the survey, building allyship, and creating a safer and more inclusive campus culture at Queen’s.

Collective Reflections (CoRe; under AMS SIC). An anti-oppressive publication about identity, personal experience, creative expression, and their interrelations.

Queen’s Equity Conference (QEC; under ASUS). A one-day conference that strives to educate members of the Queen’s and Kingston communities on issues of social justice, while fostering the skills necessary to create a safer and more accountable social climate.

Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) Kingston. An organisation that uses its research to inform our educational campaigns, events, and demonstrations and engages in advocacy work.

#MyStoryOutLoud. Digital storytelling project focusing on the stories of QTBIPoC youth and their experiences coming out.

Anti-oppression Network: “Allyship.”  A brief guide to how to pursue allyship.


The Yellow House houses currently houses four student clubs, but we work with all QTBIPoC-relevant clubs and student initiatives. This is a resource of all AMS-ratified student clubs that serve QTBIPoC communities. For a complete list of Queen's clubs, please visit the AMS Clubs Directory. Last updated July 2023.

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Black, African, & Caribbean

African & Caribbean Student Association (ACSA)

Queen’s Black Academic Society (QBAS)

Queen’s Black Fashion Association (QBFA)

Smith Black Business Association (SBBA)

Queen’s Black Premedical Association

East & Southeast Asian

Queen’s Asian Students’ Association (QASA)

Kingston Asian Christian Fellowship (KACF)

Queen’s Chinese Student and Scholar Association (QCSSA)

Association of Korean Canadian Scientists and Engineers (AKCSE)

Queen’s Hong Kong Students’ Association (QHKSA)

Japanese Relations at Queen’s

Queen’s Korean Student Association (QKSA)

Korean Christian Fellowship (KCF)

Queen’s Vietnamese Student Association (QVSA)

Queen’s Pinoy Association

The Great Panda Society (GPS)

Chinese International Volunteer Organisation

South Asian

Queen’s South Asian Association (QSAA, not to be confused with Queen’s Student Alumni Association)

Queen’s Indian Students’ Association Dance (QISA)

Queen’s Pakistani Student Association (QUPSA)

Queen’s Punjabi Student Association (QuPunjab)

Queen's Sikh Students' Association

Queen’s Tamil Students’ Association (QTSA)

Association of Indian Graduate Students at Queen’s (AIGSQ)

West Asian, Middle Eastern, & Muslim

Queen’s University Muslim Student Association (QUMSA)

Arab Students' Association (ASA)

Islamic Relief at Queen’s

Queen's Ismaili Muslim Students' Association (QIMSA)

Queen’s Arab Association of Scientists and Engineers (QAASE)

Egyptian Students Association at Queen’s (ESAQ)

Iranian Association of Queen’s University (IAQU)


Queen’s Native Student Association (QNSA)

Organisation of Latin American Students (OLAS)

Queen’s Spanish and Latin American Students' Association (QSALSA)

Queen’s Student Diversity Project (QSDP)

Queen’s Cultural Exchange (QCE)

Queen’s Women of Colour Collective

Queen’s Racial Considerations in Epidemiology Research (RaCE)

Levana Gender Advocacy Centre (LGAC).

QueerMed (not AMS-ratified)

Queerspace (a part of ASUS)