QHEAT group

The Queen’s High Energy and Astroparticle Theory group (QHEAT) explores many open questions in fundamental physics including the nature of dark matter, the origin of the matter-antimatter asymmetry, new properties of neutrinos and new physics at the terascale and beyond. We are particularly interested in early universe cosmology, high-energy astrophysics, and novel observational signatures at underground and large-volume experiments.

QHeat Group members at dinner
(A photo of a subset of the group, from the pre-matrix times: from bottom left clockwise, Simran Nerval, Avi Friedlander, Aaron Vincent, Ningqiang Song, Adam McMullen, Alan Goodman, Neal Kozar, Javier Acevedo, Joe Bramante, Beth Gould, Amit Bhoonah)

Queen’s High Energy and Astroparticle Theory


Joe Bramante, Aaron Vincent



Chris Cappiello, Melissa Diamond, Qinrui Liu


Grad Students

Andrew Buchanan (MSc), Leo Kim (PhD), Lucy Sansom (MSc), Narayani Tyagi (PhD), Yilda Boukhtouchen (PhD)  ~~[advised by Joe Bramante]

Neal Avis Kozar (PhD),  Audrey Fung (PhD), Zahra Basti (PhD), Han Wu (PhD), Stephanie Beram (MSc)   ~~[advised by Aaron Vincent]









Amy Browne (UG)
Howard Hong (UG)
Eva Amary (Master's)
Rashaad Reid (UG)
Ivanna Boras (UG)
Karen Macias (MSc)
Avi Friedlander (PhD)
Beth Gould (PDF)
Gopolang Mohlabeng (PDF)
Sarah Schon (PDF)
Ningqiang Song (PDF)
Luke Fraser-Leach (UG)
Eesha Lodhi (UG)
Matthew Swaerdens (UG)
Adam McMullen (MSc)
Amit Bhoonah (PhD)
Brian Courtman (UG)
Andrew Buchanan (UG)
Henry White (UG)
Mike Jafs (UG)
Madelynn Mast (UG)
Javier Acevedo (PhD)