Research Group

Current Graduate Students

Keir Darling (PhD Candidate)
Galactic dynamics, machine-learning 

Haochuan (Kevin) Li (PhD Candidate)
Phase space distribution of stars from the Gaia Data Release 2

Robin Joshi (MSc Candidate)
Warps, spirals, and bars in galactic disks

Patrick Nelson (MSc Candidate)
Local velocity field from Gaussian process regression

Recent Former Students

Jacob Bauer (PhD Candidate)
Cosmological simulations, disk-halo interactions, bar formation

Matthew Chequers (PhD 2018)
Riding the Waves: The Formation and Evolution of Vertical Bending Waves in Milky Way-like Disc Galaxies. 
Matt is currently an intern with Shopify

Gwendolyn Eadie (MSc 2013) 
Measuring the Mass of a Galaxy: An evaluation of the performance of Bayesian mass estimates using statistical simulation 
Gwen received a PhD from McMaster and is currently a postdoc at the University of Washington

Nathan Deg (PhD 2014) 
The Methodology of Modelling the Milky Way with Stellar Streams
Nathan is currently a postdoc in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Cape Town