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Important Admission Updates

New for this year

Ontario requirements for Arts-based program(s)

Ontario high school students applying to any of our Arts-based programs will now have their admission average calculated using English 4U, plus their next best five 4U/4M courses. This same calculation will also be applied to the Award Average calculation for our automatic admission scholarships for all Ontario high school students. Please visit the Student Awards website for additional information about automatic scholarships.

QuARMS application deadline

In order to reduce barriers to medical education, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the School of Medicine have updated the eligibility requirements for the QuARMS pathway. This educational initiative selects up to 10 high school students who are Indigenous or who self-identify as Black African, Black Caribbean, Black North American or multi-racial students who have and identify with their Black ancestry.

The deadline to apply for admission to the QuARMS pathway is December 8, 2021. Applicants who are interested in QuARMS must apply to Arts, Science, Life Science and Biochemistry, Computing, or Health Science and indicate QuARMS as their “Subject of Major Interest” in the drop-down menu by December 8 when submitting their OUAC application. Applicants currently studying outside of Ontario will also be required to have their transcript(s) to Queen’s by December 8, 2021, to be considered for this pathway.

You can find more detailed information about QuARMS here.

Equity Ambassadors Program

The Equity Ambassador Program is one component of an overarching strategy at Queen's University to promote equity, diversity, and an inclusive environment. The Queen’s Equity Ambassadors consists of a diverse group of undergraduate students who connect with prospective students to share their unique experiences as BIPOC/Racialized students at Queen’s. Equity Ambassadors are available to discuss topics such as financing post-secondary education, on-campus supports, choosing a major, and life as a student. If a student wishes to connect with an equity ambassador they can be contacted at equityambassador@queensu.ca

Supplementary Essay

Admission to Queen's is very competitive, and we may use Supplementary Information, including the Supplementary Essay (SE), to help make admission decisions. Applicants to Commerce and Health Sciences are required to submit the SE. Submission of the SE is optional, but strongly recommended, for applicants to Nursing Science.

The deadline to submit the SE is February 15. New for this year, once an applicant accesses their SE, the essay questions will remain valid for 30 days. If the applicant does not complete and submit their SE within those 30 days, the questions will refresh and the applicant will have another 30 day period, or until February 15, whichever comes first, to submit their responses. More information is available here.

Admission Awards

Major Admission Awards


  • Qualified students may apply for Major Admission Awards by submitting a single Major Admission Award (MAA) application (qualifications can be found here). The MAA application is submitted ONLINE through the student’s Queen’s SOLUS Student Centre
  • Access to SOLUS is given once we receive a student’s application from OUAC. In order to meet the application deadline, students are encouraged to apply through OUAC by mid-November.
  • A practice copy of the MAA application is available on the Student Awards website.


The deadline for students to submit the MAA application is December 8, 2021.

Chancellor’s Scholarship Nominations

  • Students applying for the Chancellor’s Scholarship must make sure they have confirmation that their High School will be nominating them.
  • They will need the name and email address of the High School Official nominating them when they submit the online MAA Application in SOLUS.
  • Upon submitting their application, an email will be sent to their High School Official requesting they submit the High School Official form electronically. The student will then receive an email confirming the High School Official form has been received by their High School Official.
  • The number of nominations per high school is based on graduating class size:
    • Less than 250 - 1 nominee
    • 250 - 499 - up to 2 nominees
    • 500 or greater - up to 3 nominees

Please Note: In order to be considered for a Chancellor's Scholarship, the applicant must receive a nomination from the high school where they most recently attended full time study. Nominations from institutions where the applicant is enrolled in part-time studies will not be accepted.


Commitment Scholars Awards

The Commitment Scholars Award celebrates and recognizes demonstrated leadership in, and commitment to, racial justice, social justice, or diversity initiatives by a student in their high school or in their community. Eligible candidates will be entering first year of any first-entry undergraduate degree program, who self-identify on the application as a member of an underserved or underrepresented group, including Black, Indigenous and other racialized students, persons with disabilities, and LGBTQ2S+ individuals. The application deadline is 15 February 2022. More information can be found here.

Additional Admission Pathways

Indigenous students pathway