A winter flashback

A 1961 photo of a campus snow sculpture entitled "Cold War" featuring Uncle Sam and Khrushchev fighting over a globe.

Queen's Tricolour 1961 yearbook

Snowball was a student-organized winter carnival at Queen’s that ran for several years in the 1960s. The weekend featured a variety of activities, including concerts, ski outings, an inter-faculty football game (the “Toilet Bowl”), and a snow sculpture competition that saw gigantic snow creations pop up all over campus. In 1961, this was the winning sculpture, created by members of Sc’63. “Cold War” featured Uncle Sam and Nikita Khrushchev splitting the globe in two. Below, two more sculptures from the 1961 Snowball. (All photos: 1961 Tricolor yearbook]

If you have memories (or photos) of Snowball activities, let us know.


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