Homecoming October 17: United by Moments

Virtual Homecoming 2020

On October 17, we gathered to celebrate moments that unite us. 

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Learn how Queen's alumni are confronting COVID-19 on the frontlines and in their communities.

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Jane Philpott, Anne Duffy, Brooke Linden, Heather Stuart
Jane Philpott, Anne Duffy, Brooke Linden, and Heather Stuart.

Mental Health in the Era of COVID-19

For months now, tuning in to the news has meant unleashing a deluge of coverage about the coronavirus pandemic.

Jayevan Foster, President of Empire MGNT

Jayevan Foster Artsci’13 Celebrates His Sport Agency’s Five-Year Milestone

Jayevan Foster, Artsci’13 is helping football players get to the CFL and helping them navigate life after football with his sports agency, Empire MGNT.

Homecoming October 17. United by moments.

Rogers, Garcia to co-host Queen’s 2020 virtual Homecoming

Two Queen’s alumni have agreed to co-host the first ever Queen’s virtual Homecoming.  

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