No matter where your path takes you, you can always find a Queen's connection. View the map below to see where around the world Queen's alumni have established branches.

(Brockville, ON)
(Halifax, NS)
(Hamilton-Halton, ON)
(Kingston, ON)
(London, ON)
(Montreal, QC)
(Okanagan, BC)
(Ottawa, ON)
(Peterborough, ON)
(Sudbury, ON)
(Toronto, ON)
(Vancouver, BC)
(Boston, MA)
(Denver, CO)
(New York City, NY)
(San Francisco, CA)
(Portland, OR)
(Seattle, WA)
(Beijing, China)
(Hong Kong, China)
(United Kingdom)
(Seoul, South Korea)
(Shanghai China)
(Sydney, Australia)
(Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)