Code of Conduct

General Conduct and Expectations

  • Volunteers are expected to uphold the mission of the Queen’s University Alumni Association:  “To reach out and foster a lifelong association with Queen’s, to engage our members in the life and work of the University, and to serve the alumni community in all its diversity”.
  • While engaged in any official capacity related to the Alumni Association, volunteers are expected to uphold the highest standard of ethical behaviour and personal conduct at all times.
  • Volunteers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, and are responsible for respecting and maintaining the confidentiality of all information to which they are exposed to during the course of their volunteer duties. Equally, the Alumni Association and the Department of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving are committed to ensuring the protection of any confidential information shared by volunteers with the university.
  • Volunteers are expected to respect the personal dignity of others, and to refrain from all forms of harassment, intimidation, and discrimination.  For additional information see the Queen's University Harassment / Discrimination Complaint Policy and Procedure
  • Volunteers will often be partnered with a staff member and / or fellow volunteer, who will provide role-related training, supervision and support. Volunteers are encouraged to reach out to their staff or volunteer partner to request additional assistance and training as required, and to provide constructive feedback on their experiences to assist with ongoing quality improvement.

Conflict Resolution

When a volunteer is in conflict with another volunteer and/or staff member, s/he is first encouraged to raise the concern with the person directly. If this is not feasible, the volunteer may seek advice from the President of the Queen’s University Alumni Association and/or the Associate Vice-Principal (Alumni Relations & Annual Giving) with a view to reaching a solution.

Formal Complaint Process

If the volunteer wishes to initiate a formal complaint, s/he will consult with the President of the Queen’s University Alumni Association and/or the Associate Vice-Principal (Alumni Relations & Annual Giving). 

Formal complaints will be handled within the framework of the university’s policies and procedures.

Resignation from a Volunteer Role

Volunteers have the right to resign from their volunteer duties at any time. The Queen’s University Alumni Association requests that volunteers provide written, advance notice of their resignation to either their Staff Partner or the Associate Vice-Principal (Alumni Relations & Annual Giving) at least two weeks prior to their departure. Wherever possible, a member of the QUAA Board of Directors or a member of staff will conduct an exit interview.

Removal from a Volunteer Role

Volunteers whose behavior is inconsistent with the Association’s Guidelines for Conduct, or who fail to satisfactorily perform their agreed-upon volunteer assignments, may be subject to removal from their volunteer role.

Volunteers will be provided with an opportunity to discuss the reasons for removal from their volunteer role with the President of the Queen’s University Alumni Association or designate.

Grounds for immediate removal from a volunteer role may include: abuse or mistreatment of colleagues, failure to abide by organizational policies and guidelines, misuse of confidential information, theft or deliberate misuse of property or equipment, financial mismanagement, or being intoxicated while volunteering.