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Seen at INVIVO are Sarah Collins, R. Brian Chafee, Jessica Adams, and Kristina Sauter (in the back row); Adam Zunder, Jenny Jun, Yelena Markovic, and Dan Eliasoph (in the front row). Joining the company too late to get in the photos was Avesta Rastan.

Seen at INVIVO are Sarah Collins, R. Brian Chafee, Jessica Adams, and Kristina Sauter (in the back row); Adam Zunder, Jenny Jun, Yelena Markovic, and Dan Eliasoph (in the front row). Joining the company too late to get in the photos was Avesta Rastan.

Sarah Collins, Artsci’08 (English and History). “As a member of the project management team, I am responsible for planning, workflow process, financial health, and execution of projects at INVIVO. Most recently, I managed the rollout of a multi-platform, cross-functional eLearning curriculum that covers five therapeutic areas in the rare genetic diseases space. It has been exciting and fulfilling to work on a project that we know will impact patients around the world through collaboration with our client!”
R. Bryan Chafee, Artsci’20 (Computer Science). “I’m an interactive media developer on the unity team. I develop software that brings together every faculty of INVIVO: animation, design, UX, and medical content. Projects I work on range from 2D to mixed reality experiences that are designed to entice and educate health-care providers and audiences at global conferences. Recently, I was the lead developer on two projects deployed to the 2019 American College Rheumatology conference, and I assisted development with several other pieces deployed to the 2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology conference.”
Jessica Adams, Artsci’02 (Life Sciences), ConEd’03, MSc’06 (Biology), (PhD, Molecular Genetics, U of T). “I am a senior medical writer and team lead on the translational medical content team. I write the science content for our apps, animations, eLearning modules, and slide decks. Because our clients are a diverse group (from academia to pharmaceutical companies), this can cover a wide range of medical content; I've worked on rheumatology, dermatology, rare genetic diseases, biologic therapeutics, gene therapy, and nephrology projects, to name a few. Every day, I collaborate with other members of our production team (graphic designers, user experience designers, developers, and animators).” 
Kristina Sauter, Com’95. “As a senior vice-president at INVIVO, I lead the client services team. I am responsible for providing strategic leadership, as well as operational and tactical oversight for all our health-care clients. Our work is very fulfilling as we try to solve our client’s communication challenges by accelerating the understanding of data and science.”
Adam Zunder, Artsci’13 (Biology and Psychology). “As a medical animator I use technical animation skills, scientific knowledge, and a love of art and design to bridge the gap between art and science. I am responsible for bringing the beauty of the natural world to light in ways that are captivating, informative, and scientifically accurate.”
Jenny Jun, Artsci’07 (Life Sciences). “I'm a medical editor on the translational medical content team. I'm responsible for reviewing medical content for clarity, consistency, and accuracy. My work involves distilling complex high-level scientific information into clear and concise language for effective communication.”
Yelena Markovic, Artsci’02 (Biochemistry). “As a director of medical content, I lead a team of medical writers and oversee the development of content for a wide range of medical communication pieces, which can include slide decks, digital data visualization tools, animation scripts, and medical education programs. I use my scientific knowledge and experience in the medical communications field to help ensure that content is compelling, accurate, consistent, and aligned with client strategy.”
Dan Eliasoph, Sc’06. “As the systems administrator, I ensure the network, systems, servers, and computers are up online. I’m responsible for anything that has a power button! I'm also the photography guru for the office. From creating new users to backing up infrastructure, I love my work at INVIVO! I'm also head-over-heels that I get to bring my pup Oakley (a tiny golden doodle) to work with me, where he has many other little (and big) friends! Working in a dog-friendly office is the best.”
Avesta Rastan, Artsci’17 (Life Sciences and World Language Studies). “As a creative innovation associate at INVIVO, I combine my background in life sciences and technical training as a biomedical animator/ illustrator to come up with novel communication media for the health-care and pharmaceutical industries. During my time at Queen’s, I helped co-found the NeuGeneration Conference on Neuroscience and worked as the graphic design manager at Studio Q – both of which were integral experiences that exposed  me to the creative intersection of art and science!”

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