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  • Guide to Martin’s Annual Criminal Code

    Lance Triskle, Law’00

    Lance Triskle, Law’00, is the author of Guide to Martin’s Annual Criminal Code (third edition). The book assists students and professionals to successfully navigate Martin’s Annual Criminal Code. Examples from Martin’s are reproduced for the reader, including excerpts from the Criminal Code, the Offence Grid, and the Table of Cases. The Guide also includes exercises for readers to practise skills required for their research. Through learning how to review Martin’s more effectively, users learn to read other annotated texts. The Guide is ideal for students studying criminal law and criminal procedure.

  • Cover of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Ham

    Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Ham: a medieval miscellany

    T. J. Radcliffe, Sc’84, PhD’91

    T. J. Radcliffe, Sc’84, PhD’91 (Physics), is the author of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Ham: a medieval miscellany, a modern romance in verse inspired by the medieval tale of King Arthur’s famously courteous nephew, Sir Gawain, and his adventures fighting the Green Knight. A new story, rather than a re-telling, this work is both ribald and serious, sober and fun, creating a tale that is accessible to modern readers while paying homage to one of the great medieval romances.

  • Cover of Capital Recollections

    Capital Recollections: A Baby Boomer Growing Up in Ottawa

    Bruce MacGregor, Ed’70

    Bruce MacGregor, Ed’70, is the author of Capital Recollections: A Baby Boomer Growing Up in Ottawa, a humorous, affectionate look at Ottawa in the 1950s and ’60s. These should ring a bell for Ottawa boomers: Cradle League Hockey; Elvis rocking the Auditorium; Squirrels vs. Yohawks; the Ottawa Exhibition; Saturday Date on CJOH television; the Pigskin Parade at Lansdowne Park; and much more. Revisit the birth of television and rock ‘n’ roll, and remember the many Ottawa personalities in the media, music, and sports from that unique period of astonishing growth and change.

  • Cover of Down Inside: Thirty Years in Canada's Prison

    Down Inside: Thirty years in Canada’s Prison Service

    Robert Clark, Ed’79

    Robert Clark, Ed’79, is the author of Down Inside: Thirty years in Canada’s Prison Service. During his career with Corrections Canada, Robert Clark rose through the ranks from student volunteer to deputy warden. He worked with some of Canada’s most notorious prisoners, including Tyrone Conn and Paul Bernardo, and he dealt with escapes, lockdowns, murders, suicides, and a riot. But he also arranged;ice hockey games in a maximum-security institution,sat in a darkened gym watching movies with 300 inmates, took parolees sightseeing, and consoled victims of violent crime. In this book, Mr. Clark challenges the popular belief that a “tough on crime" approach makes communities and prisons safer, arguing instead for humane treatment and rehabilitation and for an end to the abuse of solitary confinement.

  • Book cover Against My Will

    Against My Will: Lithuania to Freedom

    Artur Zylinski Arthur

    Many people at Queen’s will remember Artur Zylinski Arthur, an emeritus professor of psychology who died in 1990. But few of his colleagues or students would know about his life as a teen in Lithuania during the Second World War. Artur was conscripted, against his will, to work for the Nazis. He escaped and was helped by the French Resistance before fleeing to the U.K. and joining the Polish Forces. Artur’s daughter-in-law, Sandra Arthur, has written a historical novel based on Artur’s early life. Against My Will: Lithuania to Freedom was written using anecdotes from family members as well as historical research. after 15 years of piecing together Artur’s story, Sandra Arthur used the opportunity of being in quarantine to finish her novel. The work was a true family project; husband Richard Arthur, Sc’87, helped edit and proofread the manuscript, and their son Alex designed the book cover.

  • Church in Society: First-Century Citizenship Lessons for Twenty-First-Century Christians

    Don Hutchinson, Artsci’82

    Don Hutchinson, Artsci’82, has published his second book: Church in Society: First-Century Citizenship Lessons for Twenty-First-Century Christians. In storyteller style, he shares a real how-we-live-life-today narrative, applying lessons from the teachings of Jesus and life of the apostle Paul to our understanding of Christian exercise of citizenship. The text weaves its way into lessons on generosity, business practices, politics, media engagement and environmental stewardship. Mr. Hutchinson studied history and politics at Queen’s, law at UBC (JD’88), and theology with the Salvation Army and at Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies. Church in Society is available from major booksellers and at

  • The Psychology Missive: A Memo to Law Enforcement Officers in a World of Stress and Violence

    Allan Hedberg, PhD’69

    Allan Hedberg, PhD’69 (Psychology), has completed his 12th book, The Psychology Missive: A Memo to Law Enforcement Officers in a World of Stress and Violence. Dr. Hedberg examines the high-stress occupation of law enforcement and offers practical advice for successful careers in the field

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