Why study with us?

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Elevate and accelerate your learning

Put simply, Bader College provides a truly exceptional Study Abroad opportunity for First and Upper Year undergraduate students. The student experience at Bader College is defined by the immersive living and learning environment, robust student support, interactive and innovative experiential learning, and international and intercultural focus.

Special emphasis is placed on learning by doing. Our outstanding experiential and active learning and career-ready workshops encourage you to develop the skills you need to succeed through active participation and personal contact with primary sources, outside of a traditional classroom environment.

Bader College is a small, vibrant community, where all members are encouraged and supported to fulfil their academic potential and discover their place in the world. Come and be part of the community now and find the program that will lead you forwards on your academic journey!

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Herstmonceux Castle, the home of Bader College, combines the fascinating history of one of the UK’s most architecturally significant 15th century castles, with the cutting-edge learning tools of a modern university campus.

Our small classrooms mean that class sizes are limited, facilitating strong connections between professors and students more akin to a graduate program.

Our average size of a First Year is 18 and our average Upper Year class size is 10 students. The small class sizes also allow for dialogue and debate which help with the development of your academic skills, such as critical thinking, analysis, and effective writing - skills that will set you on the path to academic success.

International & Intercultural

True to our benefactor Dr Alfred Bader's original vision, the Bader College experience is deliberately international and intercultural, to help you develop an understanding of what it means to be part of a globalized world.

You will have opportunities to travel independently, with exciting city of London being within two hours of the campus, and the vibrant city of Brighton, just 40 minutes away from the nearest train station.

Our academic courses and co-curricular workshops help students build intercultural competency, a key skill in today’s global world. And while the majority of our students are from Canada, around 30% of our student population hold passports from other countries and we have a number of core academic partners across the globe including Japan, China, South Korea, Australia and the USA.



Experiential and Active Learning

At Bader College we recognize that not all learning can, or indeed should occur just within the four walls of a classroom. You will learn in a variety of settings such as museums, moot courts, debates, walking tours and guest lectures.

Our close proximity to London is vital for supporting experiential learning which provides you with the opportunity to learn in a hands-on environment from key practitioners and officials. In doing so we help you connect classroom learning and skill development to the realities of our globalized world.

In previous terms, Mid-Term Trips to cities such as Oxford and Edinburgh have brought students to governmental organizations, historical sites, and cultural institutions. Cities such as these, with diverse cultures and important roles in national and international affairs, create the ideal setting for experiential and interdisciplinary learning.

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