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Set within the 600-acre Herstmonceux Castle estate, Bader College, Queen’s University, is the only campus that gives its students the opportunity to study, research and focus on their chosen field within an environment that promotes sustainable global impact.

Located in rural East Sussex in the UK, with good transport links to London and Brighton, Bader College is the global hub for students who want a unique and elevated learning experience within an academic community of excellence. 

We offer a study abroad opportunity like no other. Learn, grow and connect with your peers, teachers, and scholars in an intimate working environment with small class sizes.


Welcome to Bader College, the UK campus of Queen's University, Canada.

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Welcome Dr Janine Griffiths-Baker

The UK Campus of Queen's University, Ontario, Canada

Welcome to Bader College

An outstanding opportunity in your very first year of University!

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With a diverse range of programs exploring subjects such as engineering, commerce, music, history, science and more, there's a program for you at Bader College! All our students benefit from our small class sizes and graduate-style level of contact with our professors.

Our classes and experiential learning take full advantage of our location and scale to catalyse dynamic learning and creativity in our students. Your Bader College experience will set you up for success in your degree and a wide range of possible careers.

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Queen's University is the only university in Canada where students can complete their entire first year of study overseas. Take advantage of our small class sizes and start university life with us. Find out more about our First Year programming here. 

Upper Years? Take one of our specialized course clusters and accelerate you degree. Free up your next semester and delve deeper than ever before into the subjects you enjoy the most. Find out more about our Upper Year programming here.

Bader College (Queen’s University, Canada) is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment that is fair, positive, and supportive for all members of our community.

We strive to ensure all members’ views are valued and shared in a secure environment through a commitment to upholding equity*, diversity**, inclusion***, and advancing indigenous initiatives.

Bader College supports the fair treatment and opportunity for all by asserting the importance of non-discriminatory treatment either directly or indirectly on the ground of age, disability, gender identity, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.   

*Equity: Substantive fairness for everyone thereby ensuring that members of equity-seeking groups are able to achieve full participation in the university (Bader College). 

**Diversity: The representation of the population with respect to designated groups. 

***Inclusion: The climate and acceptance of differences that comes with diversity i.e. different ways of living and working. 

Land acknowledgement: Queen’s University, Canada is situated on Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory.