College Committees

An aerial view of the Castle and moat

Bader College has a number of standing committees which are chaired and staffed by Bader College faculty members. Where appropriate, we also appoint student members to serve in order to give the student voice to these important forums. The aim of each Bader College faculty committee is to promote innovation and excellence in all areas of academic work at the castle.

Faculty Committees

The Bader College Educational Standards Committee

This committee meets at least twice a term to: review draft syllabi, make suggestions for revisions, guide the Bader College Executive Director on the selection of courses offered in each term and suggest new possibilities for our curriculum.

The Research Committee

This committee meets regularly and hosts research events to develop the college’s research potential in all of its dimensions: these range from initiatives taken by students in their courses and independent studies to the original research projects of faculty members. The committee supports full academic freedom.

The Experiential Learning Committee

This committee aids the Experiential Learning Department by meeting with its staff at regular intervals and producing reports. Among its duties, the committee reviews field studies policies, suggests new possibilities for experiential learning and checks safety procedures on field studies.

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